Kitchen shelves: features and benefits

Kitchen for many women remains a favorite and the main place of stay in the house. Delicious lunch, a pleasant tea party, cleanliness and order in everything distinguishes the kitchen of a good housewife. It is easy to get close to this, because you can find your place for each cutlery and accessory by conveniently placing them on a stylish shelf.

Features and benefits

Modern designers are increasingly inclined to abandon kitchen sets with wall cabinets, visually narrowing the space. An alternative are the various shelves, which are conveniently located spices, jars of cereals, cutlery and many other kitchen utensils.

Advantages of shelves in the kitchen:

  • open shelves optimize cooking in the kitchen;
  • there is no need to look for something in the far corner of the cabinet;
  • kitchen area expands;
  • a wide range allows you to choose the shelves for the kitchen in any style decision.

There are other features of the shelves in the kitchen, which many are accustomed to attribute to shortcomings. So, on the open surfaces of dishes quickly settles dust, fat droplets from cooking. On the other hand, open shelves are designed for dishes of frequent use, which means that in any case it will often have to be washed. Cutlery located on the table only on the occasion of the arrival of guests, can be located in convenient pull-out shelves.


The amazing variety of shelves allows you to hide from prying eyes extra dishes or, conversely, to show it in all its glory, placing it on all the canons of style.


Probably, each owner of deep and capacious boxes is familiar with the situation of extracting the required pan from the far corner. First you need to pull out the dishes on the first line, remove the pots of the wrong size ... Stop. And here we stop at the fact that it is better to cook in a saucepan that is not the most suitable size in order to save your time and eventually order. As a result, the volume of cooked food is more or less, you have to cook more often or throw out stale portions.

How to optimize a deep roomy but uncomfortable locker? It is enough to purchase retractable shelves with a "carousel" design with several tiers. Immediately I would like to note that such a shelf will not increase the amount of ware placed in the drawer, however, with it even a small bowl will have its place. The best place to install are corner cabinets with immense space inside.

Retractable shelves "carousel" can be semi-oval shape or repeat the corner of the locker. An interesting solution would be a round shelf with a mount in the middle. It allows you to place the dishes around the entire circumference and with the help of a rotational mechanism to get the right one at a certain moment.

A practical solution would be a roll-out shelf. Its feature lies in the withdrawable mechanism located at the bottom of the box. For the location of the design, a narrow but deep closet will be suitable, from which it is especially inconvenient to get distant objects. The shelf has several steps with vertical stops. The design is indispensable for glasses, glasses and other utensils that do not differ in large diameter.

Shelf on wheels is another solution for spices and storing numerous jars of cereals.To place it, there is enough small space between the kitchen unit and refrigerator, refrigerator and stove. The color of the shelf may match the tone of the furniture. A sort of shelving with numerous horizontal shelves accommodates many containers.


An option for the release of the dining table will be the installation of a desktop shelf. The model with several tiers is installed against the wall. This is possible if the table takes a corner in the kitchen, as often happens in small apartments.

Here there is a place for a sugar bowl, a set for spices, salt and even a vase with flowers will be able to please the owner of the kitchen without taking up space on the table. Also on the shelves of the desktop look good jars for cereals, made in a single style.


If all the necessary utensils fit on convenient multifunctional shelves, it's time to think about the decorative design. Carved wood and metal shelves with ornate patterns are perfectly combined with small stylistic accessories. So, for the kitchen in the style of "Provence" is suitable carved metal shelf with a bunch of lavender.

Another interesting solution will be glass shelves of various shapes. The shelf can be in the form of steps or waves. In the kitchen in the style of "hi-tech" and "modern" glass is additionally decorated with lighting.

The main rule of a harmonious type of decorative shelves is their non-zaklamymaemost. A bunch of dried flowers, a couple of culinary books - everything you need to add to the interior of the kitchen "highlight".


Illuminated shelves extend the functionality of the kitchen. What had to be looked for in the twilight for a long time, being afraid to wake loved ones with a bright light from a lamp, can now be found in a matter of seconds. Particularly relevant light shelves for families with young children, where there is still a night diet.

Illumination can be carried out in the following ways:

  • LED module system;
  • Spotlights;
  • sconce

At the same time, the rear walls of the shelves are made mirror-like, filling the kitchen with a soft diffused radiance.

Closed and open

Owners of a small kitchen will suit a stylish alternation of closed and open shelves, because rarely used appliances are more practical to store in dust-free places. For example, designers skillfully place glasses and wine glasses in closed shelves with mirrored doors.

Open shelves are good for everyday tableware and decorative jars and containers.Today designers are honored by shelves made of natural materials, whether it is an array of oak, pine and others.

The combination of open and closed shelves in one design looks stylish. So, on top can be placed shelves for infrequent use of dishes, and below - the other necessary items. There are also complex models, for example, two closed shelves connected by several open ones.


For the kitchen in a modern style fit sliding models of shelves. Increasing diagonally, metal models allow you to fit all the dishes, and if necessary become miniature. These shelves have been used for drying dishes, equipment space for cleaning products and detergents under the sink, as well as an addition to the kitchen.


Floor shelves - robust design that can withstand any load. They are ideal for a microwave, multicooker and other household appliances. Such models are often made of wood or metal.

The advantage of the floor shelf in front of the kitchen set is its mobility, because many of them are equipped with wheels.Corner shelves occupy a minimal amount of space at all, being placed in a small free corner of the kitchen. On such models pots with flowers, stylistic accessories organically look like.


The hinge mechanism formed the basis of the shelves, roundabouts, which is a shelf of several round tiers. Rotating the shelf like a rack in a supermarket, you can easily get any dishes, and the problem of distant corners disappears altogether.

It is worth saying that for kitchens with a large area, you can purchase a floor construction with many sections and tiers with limiters. Condiments, jars, sauces and thousands of little things can fit in this original piece of furniture.


Aesthetes and lovers of good and noble wines are trying to replenish their collection, acquiring all new types and trying interesting tastes. Bottles of such wines, as a rule, are distinguished by their sophistication, and sometimes even the original design. To hide such a collection behind the cabinet door would be, at least, stupid, because it is possible to turn it into a stylish element of the kitchen interior.

Every wine-savvy person takes into account the fact that it should be horizontal when storing wine. Then the loss of taste and unforgettable notes does not threaten him.And if there was no space for the bar counter, use the wall shelf with numerous recesses for each bottle. It looks very stylish and colorful.

In the absence of a goal to store wine for several years, you can also use horizontal shelves with stops, in which the bottles will be placed vertically. Designers prefer models made of aged wood.

To store a small amount of drinks fit a narrow wine shelf, located in the space between the set and the refrigerator. It is a panel with tiers of small plates, supplemented with limiters. The bottles are arranged horizontally, and the stoppers prevent them from rolling.

An interesting and simple option would be a single open shelf of wood with openings for bottlenecks. Additionally, it can be supplemented with glasses. The design can be placed both horizontally and diagonally, because the holes securely fix each copy of the collection drink.

There are also small table shelves for wine. The most common form is a multi-tiered wave.

With glass doors

Shelves with glass doors combine the advantages of open and closed shelves. They do not eat up the already small kitchen space, at the same time protecting dishes from dust, greasy spray and other inherent stains in the cooking process.

The framework of the shelves is made of wood or plastic. The back wall can be mirrored, visually making the space even larger. Installing spotlights inside the shelves will provide the interior with additional radiance, gently diffused thanks to mirrors.


In every kitchen there is a corner with a wasted place. This may be a place above the sink or above the dining table. For the first option, a corner shelf with several tiers, made of materials that are not afraid of moisture, is suitable. Stylish dispensers for soap and detergents will certainly decorate the interior.

Corner shelf above the table can be made in a variety of materials. Wooden shelves in two tiers and interconnected by slats. They are suitable for storing accessories for experiments in the kitchen, for example, a collection of cookbooks.


Different materials for the shelves allow you to experiment with styles, save the budget and individually find the optimal solution for kitchen design.

If the kitchen is made in a classic style, the arrangement of wooden shelves would be a good idea. This material looks really luxurious, giving the kitchen a breeze of warmth and warmth. In addition, the tree is an environmentally friendly material, and the restoration can be easily replaced.

However, wooden shelves have their significant drawbacks that can become problems in the absence of care for them. So, without paint or varnish a tree can quickly darken. This material does not like moisture, slowly but surely collapsing in such an environment, giving the interior careless. Also, the tree is loved by rodents and insects, which is especially important in the summer season. Fire hazard at wooden shelves is high.

Metal shelves for the kitchen today have a large scope in modern styles. Designers advise to stay on this option, if there are already several metal parts in the interior. Contrary to stereotypes, such shelves can look airy and not make the space heavier, if there are 2-3 small ones in their kitchen than one massive one.

Apply metal options and romantic interiors. Art forging with the creation of amazing patterns and motifs, for example, a regiment in the form of a bird cage in the style of "Provence", will be remembered by friends and relatives for a long time.

Choosing a shelf for the kitchen above the sink, give preference to stainless steel models. Stainless steel is a unique alloy of metals, resistant to moisture, temperature, mechanical damage, high loads. Many of the models have a decorative coating that prevents the appearance of fingerprints on the shelf.

Stainless steel models with decorative trim look very attractive, however, the cost of good stainless steel is high and exceeds the price of glass or plastic products. In any case, buying a stainless steel shelf, you can be sure of a long service life.

Experts advise when choosing stainless steel shelves to give preference to chrome products. These shelves are particularly durable and quite impressive weight. Light chrome shelves - a sign of poor quality and deception by the seller.When placed on chrome shelves of detergents, it is important to monitor the cleanliness of the structure, because later it will be difficult and sometimes impossible to remove soap spots.

Glass shelves look airy and weightless. Their thickness varies from 6 to 12 mm. There are also thinner shelves, however, with a decrease in thickness decreases the strength of the structure. Despite its light appearance, glass models withstand up to 15 kg, which means that it is easy to place practically any kitchen utensils on them.

Shelves made of plasterboard - a convenient and fast option to update the situation of the kitchen with his own hands. Corner structures will help to avoid bending of this material. Spotlights can be placed at the bottom of each shelf. Drywall in most of its varieties does not like moisture, so on such a shelf it is better to have small accessories that carry the style load.

Plastic shelves - affordable option available to many. Shelves made of plastic can often be seen in the form of floor structures with numerous tiers. Also, rolled plastic is used to cover more durable structures and is used for all types of shelves.Plastic shelves can represent a pastel range, for example, white designs fit organically into almost any interior. Color options are also presented in a wide variety.

To emphasize the distinctive kitchen will help carved shelves made of wood. All sorts of patterns of this warm and cozy material are harmonious in combination with clay pots and wooden cutlery on them.

How to choose

Every woman dreams of a large and roomy kitchen, but what to do if it remains to be content with a small area? There are plenty of ideas for a small kitchen that transform space.

So, a small kitchen just needs open shelves on top. The best color solution will be light and white tones. Best of all, if one of the surfaces of the shelves is mirrored, take care of additional lighting.

Do not be afraid of numerous shelves on the upper surface, try to arrange them in free corners. But in any case, do not litter the structure, because then the effect will be completely opposite.

For the lower part, lockers with functional shelves will be the best solution.It can be sliding designs, regiments - "roundabouts". Use every 10 cm of space, with narrow shelves between the stove and the refrigerator.

Large kitchen - the scope for creativity. Wooden and metal shelves look great here, however, it’s still not worth overburdening with excessive abundance. Shelves in the free space of the premises can be very rich colors. So, the black-and-white kitchen in the “high-tech” style is transformed with small patches of red shelves.

How and where to hang

Placing shelves is another important aspect for a successful kitchen interior. Shelves should be located conveniently and accessible to each of the household. At what height to hang the shelf - an individual question. The lower tier of the shelf should be at eye level, and the upper one should not exceed 25 cm in height. For items of rare use, you can place the shelves above, however, the principle of accessibility is violated.

The choice of materials depends on the location of the shelves. For the shelves under the sink fit metal models, under the sink will provide the functionality of sliding models.Shelves above the worktop should ensure comfortable work in the kitchen, you should not hang them below shoulder level.

Surprisingly, even a small distance between the ceiling and the window can be converted into a functional area. For this fit one open shelf made of wood or plastic. You can hang such a design above the curtain ring, and in its absence, just above the window. Placing on the shelves above the window is best rare items, pots with flower arrangements, jugs and vases.

Also when installing shelves, it is important to consider the length of the pendant lamp. They should not come into contact with the shelves, so it is important to place fixtures at a distance of twice the distance from the walls, that is, the walls for the shelves will be free and accessible for convenient installation.

It is no secret that one shelf will not be enough to install. Properly selected mount - a pledge of aesthetic appearance. So, metal brackets are not suitable for wooden shelves, so special models of wood are made for them.

For the shelves of the closed type are used fasteners such as mounting rail and furniture hinges.The first option provides maximum accuracy and evenness in work, although it will require a greater amount of money. Furniture hinges - an affordable option, but more time-consuming. So, hanging the shelves on the hinges alone is almost impossible.

The holder and fixture must be selected according to the wall material. For a wooden surface, ordinary nails are suitable, for a brick and concrete wall one cannot do without a perforator, anchors and dowels. The most difficult is the situation with the walls of plasterboard and foam concrete, because their strength is low. Using a thin drill, you need to drill a hole, then hammer a dowel with a Christmas tree profile with a hammer. It is important to use the lightest materials for such a surface, for example, plastic or glass.


If your kitchen is made in a certain style, it is important to responsibly treat the bright thematic elements of the decor. So, open shelves in the style of French villages “Provence” can be decorated with cups, jars with floral motifs. The plates made in the decoupage technique with images of wild flowers printed on them will also be suitable.Bouquets of lavender will also complement the delicate interior.

And the kitchen in the style of "Provence" like all sorts of cute crafts. Small felt accessories, delicate hearts in pink and white colors can be gracefully suspended from the shelf.

Design shelves for the kitchen in the style of "modern" requires additional lighting. The modules and spotlights are located on each tier of the shelf, playing with highlights on glass vases and jugs. Glass, it should be said, is also an important element of the decor in this style.

How to decorate the shelves in a non-standard style "hi-tech"? To do this, it is enough to purchase glass containers of unusual shapes in the form of large-diameter glasses with lids, place bright spices in them and enjoy juicy accents against the background of restrained tones.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The small kitchen expands due to the white tone of the open shelves. Bright dishes add to the overall interior of the saturation of colors.

Open shelves of wood and metal of unusual shapes are beautiful in the frame of flowering plants. Ornate patterns of metal shelves are distinguished by the Provence style.

The loft style in the small kitchen is complemented by a shelf with many sections,made in black colors. The large size helps not only to place all the necessary accessories, but also to make the hood less visible.

A stylish wooden tabletop shelf allows you to make room on the table, conveniently arranging jars of spices on it. Two tiers make the shelf not only aesthetic and attractive, but also very practical.

Vertical shelves with openings for wine allow you to ensure the horizontal position of the bottles and transform the interior of the kitchen.

A multi-tiered and multi-sectional white shelf is complemented by spotlights. The glass decor is saturated with light, gently dissipating and bringing to the kitchen a special tenderness and elegance.

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