Kitchen project with furniture arrangement

Before you begin to finish the kitchen, many people immediately think about a lot of factors: what material to use for repairs, what to make an apron, what size to choose a tabletop and how to arrange furniture in space. Any project can be equipped with the kitchen as comfortable as possible, using simple rules of location and knowing the types of furniture placement.

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A certain order in the kitchen can be achieved thanks to the rules of dividing the space into zones, each of which will be responsible for its own functions. The space is zoned to the following parts: working and dining area and storage space for kitchen utensils.

The working party is the part where the hostess is engaged in cooking. Additional installations for storing food and utensils should be located in this area. In this way, designers are advised to do, and not to place this part near the refrigerator.

The dining area, at best, is located in the next room, at worst in the same room with the kitchen. In this case, with the help of chairs or table shape, you can conditionally restrict this part.

The place of storage of products implies the presence of a refrigerator and an adjoining additional module or canister. Food, spices and herbs are stored in such a zone. Here also place the dishes and small accessories: napkins, containers and packages.

Be aware: it is not recommended to place a table with chairs in the working part of the kitchen - details on the way the hostess will only interfere.

The division of space into zones is possible with the help of a cabinet located across the room. However, if there is not enough space for such an installation, you can tune a small arch or a bar counter. Zoning methods are enough: plants, lighting, wall decoration. It all depends on imagination.

Space saving

Despite the size of the kitchen, before finishing it is necessary to make a plan on the sheet - this is a kind of check-list, which will allow you to mark all the details of the work ahead. When transferring all measurements to a sheet, do not forget about the rules of placement of the headset: if they are followed, the stay in the kitchen will be as comfortable as possible.

Basic rules for the placement of accessories.

  • Table - standard located at a height of 85 centimeters. Since the worktop is a work area where any person spends most of the time in the kitchen, its location and height depend on the person's height. With a standard height of 170 centimeters, the above figure is considered optimal. However, if the height is above the average, then the table must be selected with a height of 90 centimeters. The optimal indicator is easily determined: it is necessary to bend the elbow perpendicular to the floor, and measure it down centimeters 15.
  • Meal area. The table for this part of the kitchen must be chosen so that its size matches the tabletop in the work area. It is better if the height will be 75 - 85 centimeters.
  • Brass stove. In order to protect the space from undesirable consequences, the stove must be placed 55 centimeters from doors, balconies or windows. Air can easily blow fire. You should know that it is better to refuse to place the oven in the corner: firstly, it is the loss of free meters (the wall must be at a certain distance from the stove), and secondly, it is possible contamination. Since cooking spray can fall on the wall, it is harder to clean them than from the countertop.
  • Exhaust hood It is installed at a height of 65 - 75 centimeters from the plate.These measurements correlate with the growth of the owners of the apartment. If family members are higher than 170 centimeters, then it is necessary to raise the height of the location by 10 centimeters. It is worth knowing one thing: the higher the hood is located, the more power it should have - especially in the kitchen-living room.
  • Wash. The sink should be deep and with a long faucet. Washing options vary, but the deeper it is, the better it copes with its functions: it is easy to wash pots of large size in it.
  • Dishwashing machine. The optimal location is near the sink. Dishwasher should be installed as close as possible to the sockets - the connection to the communication should be simplified.
  • Fridge. The most suitable place for him is the angle. For ease of use, you can move the door so that it opens to the nearest wall (modern models have the ability to change the direction of the door).

Types of projects

Few people know that there are rules for placing zones through a triangle. What includes such a project, with the arrangement of furniture around the perimeter, you will learn below.

The triangle forms the geometry of placement, connecting important parts in the room:

  • the department where foodstuffs and kitchen utensils are stored;
  • part of the working space where the sink is installed;
  • cooking zone with hob.

For comfort, it is necessary to arrange all parts of the triangle at close range from each other. Equipment must be installed at a safe distance from this triangle, approximately 65 centimeters. Sink in such a system is central, and on the sides of it is a refrigerator and stove.

How does the rule of the triangle in different projects:

  • linear diagram view. The arrangement with such a pattern occurs on one side of the space. The triangle is completely moved to one part of the kitchen. In the central area there is a sink, and on either side of it is a tabletop and a fridge with a stove;
  • kitchen dvuhryadovaya. The headset is distributed on the sides of the room, and therefore the sides of the triangle as well. Correctly arrange the fittings can be from one edge (oven and sink), and the refrigerator on the other edge. It is better if the distance between the sides is not less than 125 centimeters;
  • U-shaped layout. The set is placed on three walls, it follows from this that the vertices are arranged in the same way.The middle side is perfect for the mixer, the opposite sides are used for the oven and the fridge;
  • g-shaped placement. Is the most popular option for the location of furniture in the kitchen. In the corner part, in the center, the sink is installed, and the hob and fridge on opposite sides.

In addition, there are certain types of projects. The implementation of such schemes in practice often occurs in spacious rooms, as the arrangement of furniture in it outside the box:

  • island layout. At its core, as the name implies - the island. This is the central part of the kitchen, in which the sink and adjoining tabletop are located. A kitchen set, table and stove are located on the sides of this separate part. As a rule, the location of the functional parts can be changed, but it is not recommended to install an oven in the middle of the kitchen - this contradicts the fire safety rules and is expensive in terms of cash investments;
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  • peninsular layout. Almost the same option as above, only an island from the functional part can be extended to the wall. This layout is possible only in the kitchen of a large footage.

Unusual ideas for the kitchen

If there is a kitchen, the size of 5-6 square meters. meters, the question of saving every centimeter is very concerned about the owners. Small apartments were built in Khrushchev times (such small rooms in small spaces). At that time, no one thought about the uniqueness of the interior - everything was the same, typical. But now the situation has changed, and in order to apply modern projects to such a “Khrushchev” it is necessary to go through a number of difficulties. However, even here you can cheat and use all the space:

  • window sill can be extended to the tabletop. This is not so difficult;
  • extra centimeters between the lockers can be adjusted to fit all kinds of shelves;
  • headset selection must be selected by the rule of functionality;
  • the doors of the drawers should be moved apart or raised - it looks modern and aesthetically pleasing;
  • furniture must be selected with a glass design, transparent inserts. Fittings of this type is unusual for the kitchen, however, it will allow not only to add airiness, but also to visually expand the kitchen;
  • the door to the kitchen is better to install built-in, offset to the side. You can also consider an example in the form of an arch;
  • convenient to use a washing machine or dishwasher under the table. Functional parts can also be hidden behind lockers;
  • for the microwave oven, a place is suitable behind the façade of the lower tier;
  • walls with a balcony door can be used in height: hinged panels can be installed there;
  • cabinets must be changed to pendant cases.
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It is possible to use not only manipulations with the headset, but playing with color, texture and coatings.

For example, visually expands the space using bright colors in the room. You must understand that the kitchen, an area of ​​9-10 square meters. m, will look much more harmonious and wider, if the overall color of furniture and walls - white. The apron, in this case, is created either lighter or in tone with the headset.

Do not forget about the lighting - the right lighting will help bring the necessary accents and visually continue the kitchen, due to light reflection.

Mirror surfaces also contribute to the "breathing" of space. If you use the wall of a lacquered headset, the reflection will minimize the effect of the filled kitchen.

The style for a small room should be appropriate: there should not be extradetails and elaborate accents, striking. Best for the kitchen is suitable Scandinavian or minimalist style. They are distinguished by the absence of additional accents and help to free up and fill the air with space.

An interesting fact: the horizontal straight lines around the kitchen perimeter stretch the space, and the vertical ones visually add depths and heights. In order to properly use the geometry, you can trim a room with a special laminate, so that the elongated parts are perpendicular to the width of the kitchen - this will increase the space. To emphasize the visual depth, you should use vertical lines along the walls. It is not necessary to glue the wallpaper - you can accentuate the verticals with elongated paintings, tapestries and fittings.

If the space itself is decorated in pastel shades, and you want brightness, then you can install colorful chairs, ottomans, pads and shelves of active colors. This will diversify the solid design and will cheer up.

All the above-described layouts, ways to save space, style solutions are designed to help you choose the right, multifunctional kitchen project.Learn, combine, do - and the kitchen of a dream will come true.

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