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The kitchen in any house has always been a special place, which is distinguished not only by its specificity, but also by the atmosphere. The special aura of the room - its comfort and charm - can often be recreated with the help of various plants. But it is important to understand that it is for this part of the home that suitable representatives of the flora will not only complement the interior, but will also be able to survive all the temperature and humidity differences.

Criterias of choice

So, not every copy will be able to survive in the extreme climate of the kitchen, so when choosing landscaping in this part of the house, first thing to do is pay attention to the nuances of caring for the plant and the degree of its whimsicalness.

There are several main criteria when choosing landscaping for the kitchen:

  • It is best to choose flowers with leaves that will be easier to clean from dust or grease settled, because in the kitchen the flowers become soiled much faster;
  • it is most convenient to use compact plants, because they take up less space - in the kitchen it is not so much and large pots will most likely interfere;
  • shade-loving and unpretentious indoor plants will perfectly complement the interior - they will not require special care and will tolerate changes in temperature and humidity, when this becomes a real challenge for capricious representatives of the flora.

It should be noted that there are a large number of potted flowers, which take root in the kitchen thanks to carbon dioxide - it is necessary for their vital activity.

Where to place

To place the pots with flowers on Feng Shui, you need to take into account some of the characteristics of the room - its size, light, as well as the location of the sink and stove.

It is important not to overdo it with flowers in the room. If the kitchen is small, then let the flowers be small, and they should not be too much.

It is impossible to have a plant near the sink, since even the most unpretentious with constant moisture and contact with soap spray can die or get sick. The same applies to the arrangement of flowers next to the plate. Splashes of fat, high temperatures - all this can ruin your plant.

Flowers that are located on the upper shelves or in the fridge will require frequent spraying and watering, as dry air will rise.

If you choose between flowering and deciduous plants, it should be noted that the first will require more careful care, for example, in parts of the world. Hardwoods are perfect for not very bright rooms.

A great place for flowers in the kitchen will always be the windowsill, no matter how trite it is. However, if the plant does not tolerate drafts well, then you can come up with a special planter or shelf - here the air temperature and humidity will be more optimal. Of course, if the kitchen is large or combined with a dining room or living room, then you can use a couple of outdoor plants. Putting a small flower in the original pots on the dining table, you can give comfort and harmony, and it looks beautiful.

Popular plants

In the changeable climate of the kitchen, unpretentious plants that can easily tolerate dry and moist air, cold, heat, draft, overabundance or lack of watering will feel great. The most popular today have the following names:

  • Chlorophytum - this flower, among other things, perfectly moisturizes the air and also cleans it of harmful substances,which appear when working gas stoves.
  • Kalanchoe does not require special care and attention to itself, but it has a very beautiful flowering.
  • Decorative pepper - shade-tolerant plant with bright fruits will be an excellent accent in the kitchen interior.
  • Sansevieria (or “Teschin tongue”) is a fast-growing, unpretentious decorative and deciduous plant that is easy to clean from dust.
  • Geranium has a great variety in the choice of colors and aromas, it disinfects and purifies the air with the help of substances released into the atmosphere.
  • The fat woman is unpretentious, but in low light it can shed leaves.
  • Orchid - perhaps the most trendy plant. It has many varieties, suitable for both amateurs and professional florists. A variety of varieties, colors, smells, forms is amazing.
  • Zamioculkas is another incredibly fashionable flower today, which is popularly known as the “European Tree”.

Garden on the windowsill

One of the most fashionable trends is the cultivation of edible plants in the kitchen, because they are always useful in cooking and they can be grown all year round. In addition, these plants will always smell good, filling the room with the aroma of spicy herbs.

Each housewife can choose her favorite herbs for her mini-garden: basil, thyme, parsley, rosemary, lemon balm, dill. Mint is perfect for growing at home - this spice grows in any conditions, but requires careful watering.

Pots with fragrant herbs can be placed on special shelves near the window, and on the windowsill itself. Here the main presence of light.

Flowering plants or simple deciduous plants are not only beautiful, but also useful - they purify and refresh the air, bring comfort, mood, make the room habitable, and the design is complete. But it is worth remembering that the kitchen is not the best place for plants, therefore, choosing gardening, you need to focus not only on the beautiful appearance. After all, not every beautifully blooming specimen will be adapted for living in the kitchen.

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