Bronze Kitchen Railing

What it is?

Each hostess seeks to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in her kitchen, but in order to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible to cook, and all the equipment necessary for cooking is always at hand. To this end, and were invented kitchen rails. With their help, you can perfectly organize all kitchen utensils.

Translated into Russian, the word "railing" can be translated as a rail or crossbar. In fact, the railing is a rather narrow tube of metal that is attached to any kitchen surface - a wall, a ceiling or a tabletop. To this tube with the help of certain mounts adapt various shelves and hooks. And already on them you can conveniently and compactly arrange all kitchen utensils - ladles, spoons and many other kitchen accessories that will always be at your fingertips.

One of the most important advantages of rails for the kitchen is the ability to move, move and swap any kitchen utensils.


Rails for the kitchen are made of various materials, on which their price directly depends. Often the following materials are used - aluminum, brass, plastic, stainless steel and even wood.

Steel models of rails are most in demand, which is not surprising, since they are as strong as possible and will certainly serve you for a very long time.

But the rails are not made of pure bronze. This is due to the property of this metal to oxidize over time, which directly affects its appearance. However, it is the kitchen rails of bronze color that are now at the height of fashion. To solve the problem of metal oxidation, but still to give an attractive bronze look to the railings and other kitchen accessories, they are made using stylish spraying - bronze, copper, gold and others.

Kitchen accessories "under bronze" are visually no different from the original bronze ones, however they are much more practical, they have much better properties and characteristics.

Bronze railing and accessories that will be placed on it should certainly be combined with each other in style and color.And if you chose bronze rails, then pick up to him and bronze accessories.

Bronze rails are ideal for a kitchen made in the “classic” style - bronze in combination with wooden cabinets will create an unrivaled atmosphere of ancient Italy.

But for the kitchen in the style of "high-tech" the best option would be chrome rails.

A very original, stylish and convenient solution will also be the use of a cold-toned backlight for the railing.


A huge selection of railing systems in bronze of various types, from different materials, of any styles and colors is on sale. Therefore, you can easily choose a railing that fits perfectly into the design of your kitchen.

Horizontal rails are the most popular, it is practically a classic. They are a long tube that can pass through all the walls of the kitchen. Sometimes they consist of several tiers. A horizontal bronze rails are often mounted below the wall cabinets. Using special hooks for railing you can attach various shelves and holders for kitchen utensils.

Vertical rails (bar tube) bronze color is often mounted above the table top and can reach almost to the ceiling. This type of roof rails is conveniently located in the corner of the kitchen or at the bar. They often hang shelves for fruits and glasses.

Sometimes there are also suspended models of rails, which have the form of a lattice, and they are attached directly to the ceiling. Often used in kitchens with bar counters, it is convenient to place glasses, glasses and cups there. The color of the bronze metal in this case will be the most relevant.

How to choose

When choosing a railing for your kitchen, it is worth considering some of the main nuances:

  • If your kitchen has quite a bit of space, then you should not place a lot of utensils on the railing with a rhyme, this can create a clutter effect. Place only the most necessary accessories on the kitchen wall.
  • If an angular sink is installed in your kitchen, then in this zone, you can use special railing sections for storing detergents and drying dishes. But try to eliminate the contact of the metal with bronze coating with moisture to extend the service life of the rail.
  • If the wall on which you would like to place the railing is not very long - use multi-level rails, sections of which can be placed at different heights.
  • For a large spacious kitchen, feel free to choose a long railing. On it you can very conveniently place all the kitchen utensils.
  • If you can’t make a final decision whether to install a railing in your kitchen or not, use such an interesting life hack. Instead of a railing, attach a flat paper to the wall with a scotch tape, and paper layouts of the planned kitchen accessories to it. This will help you to more clearly imagine what the railing will look like in your kitchen and you will be able to make the right decision.
  • Before buying a railing, consider how many kitchen utensils you want to place on it and what size they will be. You need to make sure that all the accessories you need will fit on the future of the railing, but will not create a feeling of clutter.
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