Kitchen with fireplace

Types of kitchens

Today, the fireplace in the kitchen interior designers put very often. This element of decor will be the final detail, will give comfort, warm the room. For a private house is the ideal solution, while in the apartment there may be certain difficulties. Options like where and what is better to choose a fireplace very much.

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For a dining room with a kitchen, it is best to choose a real hearth. A fireplace with a stove will not only decorate the room, but will also delight food lovers. The fireplace will be an organic addition to the large massive dining table.

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Living room

A large hall in an apartment or house is a place where friends and relatives come together. Installing a fireplace will help to make such gatherings more comfortable. The room with the help of the hearth can smoothly move into the kitchen.

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A small kitchen is not a sentence. For her fit electric fireplace. It must conform to the general style and direction.Instead of a fireplace, you can use imitation, install a portal and decorate it. Or choose the angular design of the fireplace.


The fireplace can not only heat the room, but also be the boundary between the kitchen and the living room, thus creating a studio. There are many solutions. Together with the bar counter, a fireplace can be made or built into the column.


What could be better than lunch in the fresh air. Happy owners of their own home should think about the arrangement of the summer kitchen. Outdoor option with a barbecue will be a favorite place to gather fun company. You can build a small arbor or large-scale construction. In both cases, the center will be the hearth - the place of cooking.

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Interior style

The rating and popularity of interior design styles will help to understand and orient in the whole variety of design solutions. Today you can find things made in any direction - from classic to modern and high-tech. The fireplace in this case will complement the interior and make it cozy, unique. Someone will arrange in the living room sofa in front of the window to admire nature and watch the life around.Philosophers and romantics should better arrange a warm corner near the hearth, watch the fire and dissolve in peace.


This style is harmoniously combined with others and gives them individuality. Classic style dictates its own rules. The fireplace should be without elaborate details and harmoniously complement the interior of the entire kitchen.

Above the hearth, family photos or vintage watches will be well located. For this style it is better to choose a fireplace made of brown brick.

Country music

Fireplace will be the perfect complement and style solution for country music. It is allowed to use large, heavy models that take all the attention on themselves. About elegant and elegant things in this case it is better to forget. A country style fireplace should be massive and even coarse.

Above the hearth, you can hang trophies or forged items. White brick, stone, facing from sandstone, shell rock will be suitable as a material for the fireplace.

High tech

Fireplace kitchen in the style of high-tech should be neat, with a minimum amount of detail, without unnecessary decorations. The stylish image of the kitchen is created thanks to the unusual materials of which the fireplace is made, or the unusual shape of the hearth.Prefer metal and durable glass constructions. Also suitable colored ceramics. About portals for fireplaces should be forgotten if you are making a high-tech kitchen.


The minimalist style does not welcome experiments, the fireplace should be concise. Discard large and expensive looking fireplaces. It is better if it is a decorative model without unnecessary details. As a finish, use natural materials. Simplicity and conciseness are the main rules of minimalism style.


Art Nouveau style implies chic and precise details. For such a kitchen, you can choose a fireplace in the classic version, as well as in the most original, with stained glass windows.

Types of fireplaces

For the kitchen, you can choose any kind of fireplace, especially if you are going to install it in your own home. With your own hands, without the help of specialists, it is quite realistic to do this with a little skill and knowledge. For special aesthetes and connoisseurs, a real fireplace, which is heated with firewood, is suitable. For lovers of modern design and residents of city apartments it is better to consider other options.

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Natural wood

This is the classic and most popular type of fireplace.He will allow to spend cozy evenings sitting by the fire, to watch him, to listen to the crackling of logs. For your own home is the perfect option. You can also choose instead of a fireplace stove. In a city apartment this option is difficult to bring to life, it is better to opt for a decorative center.


Without a chimney, special permits and unnecessary worries in the apartment, you can install such a model. The electrofireplace with ease will warm the room. It is environmentally friendly, safe and easy to use and maintain.


Gas fireplace is not inferior to wood, the flame in it is alluring and burning. The difference is that no firewood is needed for this hearth. To mount such a structure in the apartment, you will need a certain permit. In addition, you will need to take care of the fireplace extract, to choose a suitable model. The gas fireplace is very mobile, it can easily be moved to another place if desired.


Imitation of fire in the fireplace will help save on fuel and will save you from unnecessary trouble. Ceramic tile, which is widely used in the kitchen, will be suitable for a decorative fireplace as a finish.Decorative fireplace can be easily decorated with rich vintage tiles. This will add color to the interior. The fire in such fireplaces is not inferior to the present.


Choosing a fireplace and reflecting on its location, you need to determine what role it will play. Only decorative or more global. For city apartments the electrofireplace will be ideally suited, and for the house it is already possible to choose the real model, with firewood and fire. The fireplace in the room should be positioned so that it can sit comfortably with friends and family. It is not necessary to place it between the windows or against the outer wall.

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This option is the location of the fireplace is the most successful. Typically, the hearth is located in a niche or column. This will save space in the room. As a built-in gas fireplace or imitation.


Such an arrangement of the fireplace fits perfectly into any interior style. Suitable for a kitchenette or a small room. It will help to save space and not make the space heavier.

Wall mounted

Electrofireplace or gas model can be placed on the wall. Pick height to taste.The interior in a minimalist style will complement an electric fireplace, and a plasterboard portal is suitable for country music.


This design of the fireplace allows you to make the hearth a central part of the room. For this fit an electric model, gas or wood. The design of the room in this case must be developed taking into account the location of the fireplace.


Fireplaces island design will help more efficiently heat the room. Electrofireplace can try to arrange on the ceiling, if you are a fan of futurism.

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