Kitchen with sink by the window

Modern Western-style kitchens are often complemented by a sink located directly below the window. This solution is typical for kitchens in flats, and for rooms in country houses. Such a sink will be the center of attention in your room. And due to natural lighting you can save on electricity.

Advantages and disadvantages

A kitchen with a small sink located by the window has many advantages and disadvantages. First of all, it allows you to expand the workspace. On the windowsill you can place your dishes or decorative items. Do not be afraid to use the space between the table top and the window sill - there it is possible to hang a bar on which all your kitchen towels will be placed.

The sink located under the window is a design solution that collects a lot of positive feedback due to its functionality and practicality.

Such placement of the car wash can significantly save electricity. Most often, sinks are installed in a dark corner or in front of a window. In this case, the work area needs additional lighting. But installing a sink right under the window will solve this problem. In the daytime you do not have to use electric lighting.

Another nice bonus is that by setting the sink under the window, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery while washing dishes. So, you will not be so boring while working. In addition, natural ventilation will allow you not to worry about the spray of water accumulating near the sink. Yes, and unpleasant odors will disappear much faster.

However, there is such an arrangement for washing and its disadvantages. First of all, it will be difficult to install it. And when opening the windows inside, there may be problems when airing the room due to the high tap.

If you have a classic window with wooden frames, then it is better to replace it with something more modern. Double-glazed windows with plastic frames are the best option for such conditions of high humidity. Remember that a wooden frame can deform over time and lose its appeal. Especially if before installing it is not treated with special water repellents.

Another disadvantage is that when washing dishes splashes of water and drops of fat can fall on the glass and curtains. So, you will often have to clean the windows and wash your curtains to keep the kitchen tidy enough. It is also advisable to choose the shortest possible curtains so that their lower part is not constantly splashed with water.


The sink located under the window is suitable for many kitchens. In the "Khrushchev" such a stylistic decision will significantly save space. When the sink is located directly below the window, and dishes and decorative elements are placed on the windowsill, more cooking space is released.

The design with the sink next to the window in the cottage will also be good. In this case, right before your eyes will be beautiful natural landscapes.

How to install

It is not much more difficult to install a sink or move it from another place under the window than in any other place.Transferring or installing a round sink under the window does not require any additional permissions.

The most difficult thing in this process is the elongation of pipes and all the necessary communications. In order to organize the normal operation of your car wash, the drain pipe must be raised a few centimeters. You can extend it in several ways.

  • The first - This is to hold the pipe and hide it behind your kitchen set. In this case, you will have normal access to the kitchen pipes at any time.
  • Another variant - install the pump. This will solve the problem of blockages. To do this, you do not even have to install the pipe at a certain angle. The only major drawback is that pumps of this type do not always work quietly.

Deciding to install a sink right near the window, you need to determine for yourself what level your work surface will be at. This issue is especially relevant for kitchens, where the windowsills are high.

Best of all, the work area is at a level convenient for you. It is also important to understand that there should be enough space between the window frame and the sink. Too small an opening will provoke the appearance of splashes and grease stains on the surface of the glass and curtains.

Here it is worth clarifying that the tabletop you choose should be of high quality and made of stone or marble. These materials perfectly maintain the increased humidity and other adverse conditions, unlike wood.

When installing the sink near the window, consider also the location of the window frames. It is desirable that the windows open outwards. Otherwise they will constantly touch the faucet. Another good option is a window with one flap.

Kitchen Design Ideas

The location of the sink by the window makes it possible to turn many creative ideas into reality.

If you have long wanted to have your own garden, then this does not necessarily buy a private house. It is enough just to set up a few pots of flowers, herbs or other plants on your windowsill.

The fact is that when washing dishes it is almost impossible to avoid splashing water. And it will benefit your plants. You do not even have to bother with watering your flowers. And the presence of natural light gives the plants a fairly good natural light.

If you do not want to grow natural flowers in pots, then you can simply install on your windowsill a few vases with cut flowers. Thanks to this arrangement, you will not forget about changing the water in the vases, because it will always be at your fingertips.

Another interesting option is the location of the sink under the window in the kitchen of a non-standard size or shape. In this case, you will significantly save space. Another additional plus is that this design will mask the battery. Complement the vacant space cozy corner sofa with a small table where you can have dinner with family or friends. A more practical option is to install a corner cabinet for storing all the utensils you need.

The sink located under the window will perfectly fit into the interior in modern style. Bright window frames or stylish blinds covering the windows will help you to make the room more interesting and original. If there is a lot of space between the window and the table top, you can close it with an apron. Glass, plastic or tile factor with a beautiful design will perfectly complement your room.

And if you are not satisfied with the boring landscape outside the window, then you can hide it. Having laid a wall with brickwork, or having installed an opaque apron, you will receive an original and comfortable niche above the sink. There you can store your dishes, put up ornamental plants or hang towels.

If you have the opportunity to install a sink under the window that connects the kitchen with a dining room or living room, then this is an additional room for imagination. By removing the glass, you will connect two rooms into one. In this case, the window sill can be used as an alternative to the bar or dining table. This will greatly facilitate the process of cleaning, because from the dining area to the sink will be within reach.

If you have a small-sized kitchen and you diligently save every square meter of free space, then you will definitely like the layout with the sink located under the window. Design the sink and window sill in the same style, add bright details to the interior, and your kitchen will be as close as possible to a stylish room from western interior design magazines. And in the beautiful kitchen and the inspiration to cook delicious meals for the whole family appears much more often.

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