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Modern life imposes requirements for housing, among which there is not only beauty, but also functionality. Everyone knows that multifunctional appliances have a high cost, as well as an aesthetically furnished kitchen. Modern kitchen set of good quality will cost a lump sum. Despite the fact that for each person the concept of “inexpensive” has different limits, a family with average incomes cannot afford such a purchase. For this reason, many families are trying to make their own kitchen furniture. In this article you will learn how to assemble a kitchen set with your own hands and what you need for this.

Features and benefits

To make furniture yourself, it is not necessary to have a carpenter or carpenter education. You only need the desire and the availability of free time, as well as tools. When you create furniture with your own hands, you will receive the following benefits:

  • individual project of exclusive quality;
  • finance savings;
  • new experience;
  • getting pleasure from handmade;
  • Of great importance is the fact that the kitchen created according to certain brands will perfectly fit into the interior of your kitchen.

There are several ways you can carry out your plans. For example, you can contact a specialized company, where you will be provided with cutting and hemming services, or you can buy ready-made components. The last option is the easiest. However, in this case, your headset will have standard sizes. There is a third option, which is concluded in the full manufacture of kitchen furniture on their own.

How to do it yourself

You can make a homemade table for the kitchen using the available materials. Initially, you need to decide on the size, and how to prepare a sketch in any other work. You can draw a sketch from scratch yourself or use the finished option. You can take a drawing as a basis or draw the necessary details.

With your own hands, you can create not only a kitchen set, but also a transforming table, a high chair for the kitchen, or furniture for the dacha.More information about the instructions for the manufacture of furniture you can below.


First of all, you should decide on the material from which you will make the furniture. In the modern world there are a lot of solutions, and each product has its own features and advantages.

As a rule, wood is the basis of any furniture. Many use in their work chipboard of European production, because it has the best performance compared with Russian products. If you prefer MDF, remember that it requires further painting.

MDF more expensive chipboard and better in quality. From this material, you can create decorative elements, it is also convenient for molding. In some cases, MDF exceeds natural wood in density, so it is in demand in the Russian market.

If you are a supporter of natural and healthy materials, you can make a kitchen set of wood. Remember that this furniture will be sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. Each blank will need to be processed using a special impregnation and antiseptic.

Countertops are made of chipboard, MDF and natural wood. The main load falls on this part, so many experts advise to use in their work natural or artificial stone.

Some elements, such as the bottom of the boxes, can be made of plywood, as well as the side parts.

To date, gained popularity furniture panels. They are a piece of wood, made in the form of a shield. A similar shield is glued together from several parts with the help of special glue. In the role of the material can be several trees:

  • oak;
  • Birch tree;
  • Pine;
  • larch;
  • aspen;
  • beech;
  • spruce;
  • cedar.

Kitchen set of furniture panels is more convenient, because there is a wide selection of sizes.

Plates of RSD are suitable as a decor, for example, for covering an apron zone, or for creating an original shelf. Of them also make openwork lockers and bookshelves in other rooms.

It is also possible to make furniture for the kitchen from plasterboard. The advantages of this material include low cost and availability, along with ease of operation. HL sheets can take any mount, even glue.You will only need to calculate the load. Each product should be decorated with the help of finishing materials, because in its original form the gypsum plasterboard is not very attractive.

Special attention is given to furniture for the kitchen of brick. This style is called "muted." He is not very popular, but he still has fans. Brick furniture looks impressive in the room and gives it solidity. Best of all, such material will look great in the kitchen, since it will be difficult to place full-size lockers in a small space.

Required tools

For self-production of furniture you will need to prepare the following tools:

  • electric drill;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • screwdriver.

Do not forget about furniture hinges, Confirmants, screws, dowels, drills, pencil and tape measure.

Preparation of all the necessary components will help you to quickly cope with the task and not be distracted by work on trips to the shops.

Step-by-step instruction

With the help of this manual you will be able to assemble the kitchen set yourself and prevent possible errors that may arise in the process of work:

  • The first step is to take measurements and create a sketch.Take accurate measurements of the room and fix them on paper. Draw a room at a scale that is convenient for you so that the finished kitchen set fits into it with maximum benefit.
  • Decide where the sink with the stove will be located. If the current arrangement of furniture does not suit you, indicate on the drawing the place where you will transfer them. The question of the location of the plate should be thought out to the smallest detail, because the size of kitchen furniture depends on it. Consider the size of the refrigerator and its location.
  • Now it is necessary to enter kitchen furniture in the received free space. Consider not only the bottom row, but also the upper cabinets, hood.
  • If you have the opportunity, you can order the required components for the kitchen, taking into account the chosen dimensions. When calculating the parameters, pay special attention to the size of the drawers. The size of the decorative facade will depend on these dimensions. The solution to the issue of the location of the shelves will help you decide on the required amount.
  • Do not forget to record all the measurements in your sketch and decide what type of material will be optimal for your kitchen.


Most people agree that only the most patient person can restore old furniture, since this process is comparable with real art. Not every person will enjoy working with the headset, gradually restoring the old look of products.

To make a decent product out of old furniture, you will need to carry out the following activities to create a new design:

  • carefully disassemble the product;
  • clean and rinse;
  • to eliminate defects of a varnish surface;
  • to work with wood defects;
  • repair and strengthen the attachment;
  • wood should be painted and primed;
  • to decorate the look of the furniture with the help of “aging”, varnishing, painting and polishing.

The most difficult task is the restoration of the table, or rather the alteration of its legs. To do this, you need to remove the old veneer, restore the former shape with the help of liquid wood.

Assembling the finished headset

Sections of the components must be pre-edged. Pre-grind them with sandpaper. After that, the edging tape is applied to the place of the cut and glued with a hot iron or a building dryer.

If you use a regular iron, then when gluing it is necessary to attach a piece of thin matter to the edge.

Cut the edges of the edge when it is cool. This technique is able to give the furniture an attractiveness and keep it from bloating at high humidity.

The next step is to mark and drill the mounting holes and shelf holders. Do not rush to work with a drill, because the error will lead to a through hole.

Lockers are assembled as a box. Vertical side walls should be attached to the lower horizontal surface. The cover is screwed last.

Roller guides must be installed using a building level. They should be placed horizontally and parallel to each other. Otherwise, the boxes can not be put in the allotted place.

Installation of the legs is made on a fully assembled and turned cabinet. Putting the front part is required last, after which they are attached to the hinges on the side wall.

Interesting ideas in interior design

To update the interior, you can use simple decor techniques:

  • themed stickers on the wall and porcelain tile;
  • ornament with stencil;
  • different panels and plates;
  • painting furniture and walls.

Such decorative elements can give a bright accent to furniture or individual elements. Interesting stickers are sold in various stores or you can cut them yourself from self-adhesive film. The decorated area above the table, on the apron area or above the work surface, will add style to the kitchen interior.

In small rooms, you should select jewelery with small and elegant elements, and for large or empty walls, you should purchase large parts.

Stencil painting looks very stylish on kitchen furniture. You can make a piece of thick cardboard or plastic and make an original ornament. Painting of artistic character will look very stylish.

The following items will look great in the interior of the kitchen:

  • various small plates;
  • cutlery;
  • corks from wine;
  • seashells and pebbles;
  • paper and silicone molds, and pasta.

If your kitchen furniture differs from beautiful and fashionable interiors, you should not be upset.With the help of creative ideas that you can realize with your own hands, a standard headset will turn into a real work of art.

How to decorate the furniture:

  • staining;
  • decoupage;
  • non-standard fittings;
  • plastic decorative plates with imitation thread;
  • film.

You can transform the old refrigerator or the buffet with the help of painting. This will require sanding and degreasing the surface, after which you can begin to paint. For these purposes, special cartridges with a coloring fluid are sold in stores. The adjacent surfaces and handles should be taped with masking tape.

On the doors you can draw a pattern using a stencil or contrasting stripes.

Also available is the craquelure varnish, which gives the surface an effect "antique". With the help of decoupage napkins, you can draw more complex patterns.

Unusual hardware gives the original appearance of the furniture in the kitchen. For example, you can make handles from cutlery or with the help of small coffee cups. The stores sell various curly borders, lining, imitating wood carving.

If you want to decorate the interior of the summer kitchen, you can use the tips from designers. Experienced experts recommend installing a stove in the room, which will be the main piece of furniture, or install an ordinary stove. Without this device it is impossible to imagine any kitchen, because it is intended for cooking.

Do not forget about the lighting. Different lanterns and pendant lights in the open summer kitchen should be carefully selected, because they should have auxiliary protection against water.

Do not install upholstered furniture in the summer room. Replace it with lightweight and practical wooden products. You can also make them yourself. Pay attention to the furniture made of brick, it will look very impressive in such a room.

With the help of these recommendations, you can decorate your kitchen, give the furniture a "new breath" and renew the atmosphere. When working on the decor, remember that the kitchen should be nice to be and relax in the company of your close friends over fragrant tea.

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