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Select a kitchen set - not an easy task. The more customers dive into the depths of the widest range of modern furniture, the more difficult it is for them to choose exactly what is necessary and what will decorate the interior. A variety of models of kitchen cabinets, which can now be seen, plunges into a whirlpool of unique designs of its kind, beautiful facades and quality fittings. Sometimes you want to buy everything at once, but how not to make a mistake and give yourself real joy?

For people who love to cook and spend the lion's share of their time in the kitchen, it is important that this place is properly equipped, comfortable and with comfortable furniture.

Facade Requirements

The facades of furniture modules are the face of any kitchen unit, because their choice directly influences the impression of the kitchen.

If you decorate kitchen modules from time to time with different facades, you can notice how the aesthetic perception of the room changes. The fact is that the facades set the tone, affect the perception of the kitchen of guests and residents of the house.

In addition to the decorative assessment, the doors of kitchen cabinets must meet many operational requirements. If we compare kitchen furniture with other interior items, it is in much worse conditions. It is under the influence of constant humidity, suffers from temperature fluctuations, drops of water and hot fat often fly on the facades. It is the worktop and kitchen doors that stand in the foreground, which means that they take the brunt of themselves, protecting the rest of the kitchen furniture.

The operational requirements for facades in the kitchen are reduced to the following criteria:

  • Moisture resistance and resistance to sudden temperature changes;
  • strength: the doors, even after several years of operation, should not be deformed;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • ease of care.

Types of designs

In most cases, there are kitchen sets with hinged doors; it is they who are most often bought; meanwhile, equally successful options are: hinged, sliding, folding, tambour doors. Sometimes in one headset two types are combined at once.

Swing doors are easy to use, they are beautiful, functional, although many consider them to be a relic of the Soviet Union. When opening such doors take up a lot of space, there is no opening limiter in them, they make it difficult to move quickly around the kitchen. Although it should be noted that this is the cheapest option for the design of facades, it is simple and easy to maintain, if there is a need for repair, and assembly takes place very quickly.

Hinged doors are ideal for arranging cabinets in the top row. They do not steal the space when opening, do not interfere with the hostess. They are equipped with a hydraulic mechanism that allows you to raise and hold the door for an infinite time in the open state.

After opening, folding doors fold down independently, no effort is needed for a person, and thanks to the low-mounted handle, the doors also close easily. More often, these facades are installed on cabinets with a dryer for kitchen utensils, a trash can on the door of such a plan cannot be hung.

Mounted structures are less popular than their predecessors.They are used only if there is a need to hide a niche or close the shelves of a cabinet with something. They open on the principle of blinds - up.

Sliding doors - the best solution for small kitchens. Sometimes it is necessary that kitchen cabinets are constantly open, but there is no extra space, so the above options are unacceptable. In this case, the installation of doors on the guides will save the situation. Fastening such facades allows the doors to open from the center to the side, so they will not interfere with the household to freely walk around the kitchen.

Radial doors - the spirit of modernity. Now curved and smooth lines are in vogue, as a result, it is often possible to see radial facades concave or convex in corner kitchens. Such designs look stylish and original, and the kitchen, decorated by them - very attractive. It is convenient to use the doors, but they have a minus - a high price.

Advantages and disadvantages of popular materials

Modern facades are represented by different materials of execution: solid wood, laminated chipboard, MDF, plastic, and various combinations thereof.


Fans from the array will seem to admirers of classic kitchens the best option for decorating a room. In kitchens with such facades there will always be atmospheric, beautiful and cozy, but for small rooms such designs are not suitable, since their thickness is more than other base options, they look cumbersome, which means they will visually make the kitchen even smaller.

The advantages of natural wood facades include:

  • environmental friendliness of the material;
  • kitchens with solid wood look rich;
  • long service life.


  • high price;
  • high care requirements;
  • susceptibility to environmental influences;
  • A small selection of designs, as a rule, have a standard size.


Currently, MDF has become the most common and popular material among consumers. This circumstance is explained by the characteristics of this material: high strength and resistance to negative environmental factors (moisture, elevated temperature), the ability to give MDF any shape. In addition, MDF facades can be lined with different materials: paints, PVC films, plastic, natural veneer, so that these facades can be installed in kitchens of different stylistic directions.

The only drawback of MDF is the high price, such products, as well as wooden and even plastic doors, will cost not cheap.


Chipboard - the most affordable version of the framework of kitchen modules. It is undesirable to use this material for facades, because kitchens will look very cheap and not fashionable. Moreover, chipboard does not satisfy the main requirements for kitchen furniture. A set with a facade of chipboard can be used in rented apartments, or in the country, as a temporary furniture option.

DIY repair

Both the material of manufacture and the fittings on the doors of kitchen cabinets are constantly subjected to heavy loads and negative environmental influences, so it is not surprising that they fail. If the door began to work poorly, does not close or there are difficulties with opening, this does not mean that it needs to be thrown away, it is enough to replace the fasteners or lubricate the hinges.

To fix or repair a module is quite simple, as a rule, it does not require a call of the furniture master.

If the lifter broke, alignment will not save it, full replacement is necessary. Repair of the door closer is also impossible.It has a solid body, so it’s impossible to disassemble the structure. If the device is broken, you will have to change it.

Adjusting the loops is easy. Adjustment screws and skillful hands will be needed. It is enough to tighten or vice versa, to release the screw to the required level, and the door will return to its original state.

Ways to strengthen the door are also simple, you need to arm yourself with a screwdriver, and tighten all the screws of the hardware. It is quite easy to fasten and tighten the loose nuts if you have the necessary tool at hand.

But, if the breakdown is more complicated, and the replacement of the door is inevitable, you need to clearly measure out its size and come with it to the master behind the new doors.

Decorating the facade

From time to time every homeowner has a desire to update the furniture in the kitchen, but not everyone can afford to buy a new headset. How to be in such a situation, to refresh the kitchen set, without spending a lot of money on this venture. Designers advise in such cases to make a complete replacement of old facades with new ones, but as an option, they also recommend repainting annoying facades or decorating them with patterns from self-adhesive film.

Most importantly, all these activities can be done by hand. Thanks to fantasy and with the help of simple improvised means you can drastically change the appearance of the familiar kitchen.

The first version of reincarnation - painting. Kitchen facades can be painted in any color, as long as there is no discrepancy in style.

You can also use stickers for decoration or trim all kitchen fronts with aluminum tape.

Thus, the kitchen will play in a new way in the eyes of its owners and guests invited to the house.

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