Doors for kitchen cabinets

An important place in the kitchen interior is set. Facades and cabinets attract high priority, so you should carefully consider the choice of kitchen furniture.

Material for kitchen set

Doors for kitchen cabinets set the tone for the entire headset, making it beautiful and stylish. Kitchen furniture is made of various materials: wood, MDF, laminated chipboard, plastic.

Wooden doors from the natural array look very beautiful, moreover, these doors are durable, environmentally friendly, reliable. Made of wood in the same tone as the entrance doors, the doors of the cabinets are used to create a solid design in the kitchen interior. The only thing - wood, even treated with a special composition and varnished, is very susceptible to deformation. Steam and hot air can make it dry or, conversely, the material may swell. The price of solid wood kitchen is very high, given the low wear resistance, such expenses are not entirely justified.

The kitchen set from MDF differs in the enviable durability.This material is resistant to moisture and fire resistant. Its surface is smooth and ideal for the most daring design decisions. Kitchen from MDF will serve you for a very long time. There is only one major drawback - since in Russia the production of MDF is not very well established, then the price of such furniture is high. More applicable as a material for kitchens chipboard and laminated chipboard.

From chipboard

The most popular are the doors for the kitchen cabinet of chipboard. This material is always available from the supplier, and is inexpensive. A wide range of chipboard of various colors and textures will undoubtedly attract the attention of a wide range of consumers.. The abundance of material allows you to choose any component of kitchen furniture: a cabinet or cabinet. Find parts for repair or make their own installation.

There are various design options for doors and cabinets for kitchen furniture made of chipboard. For example, laminated chipboard panel special films:

  • Chipboard coated under pressure with melamine film to the color of the tree. The film must be measured out according to the size of the plate. Such a laminated coating is cheap, but the quality of such a headset leaves much to be desired.The film can easily peel off under the action of water and steam, especially in places near the oven or near the sink. Such a headset requires a very quick update of some elements, or even some lockers will have to be replaced, or even the entire kitchen.
  • Chipboard covered with PVC film in the same way. By the life of the door with such a coating less fade in the sun and its structure is more like wood. To care for such furniture is simple, but you can not use powder detergents.
  • For lamination chipboard using acrylic film. Acrylic coating protects doors from high temperatures and moisture. Repairing a door with such a coating is more difficult, but care is simpler: you can wash this furniture with water with almost any chemical means. Acrylic coating has a high degree of gloss.
  • Veneered chipboard. The usual chipboard covered with a cut of a tree, by sight does not differ in anything from a usual integral array. Such doors on the appearance is no different from wooden, resistant to steam exposure and temperature differential. But it is not recommended to wash veneered doors - they will not withstand wet cleaning.

Other types of coverage

As a coating for a kitchen set of chipboard, high pressure plastic is widely used. Plastic coating has durability, water resistance, the ability to remove scratches and other minor defects, can withstand significant temperature differences. Plastic has a wide color palette. And the shine of plastic doors is pretty dim.

This type of coating, like acrylic glass, is not afraid of moisture, and photo printing decor does not change its color and pattern quality over time.

The use of UV varnish as a coating for chipboard provides the doors of the kitchen cabinet incredible shine. The peculiarity of the technology lies in the fact that each layer of varnish is dried and hardened under a special UV light. The covering turns out bright, differs in the saturated color, durability and ease in cleaning.

Of course, such material will be expensive.

Facades for kitchens can be painted in any color. This coating has a high price. But the painted facades are environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, have the ability to correct minor scratches and have a high degree of gloss.

Furniture made of chipboard is convenient because it can be repaired even by a novice.

Remove the old door, fasteners and hinges and replace it with a new one with better hardware. You can easily perform and adjust the door. It is quite capable of changing the style of the kitchen by yourself - to select other doors in the desired design.

Today, more and more manufacturers are using a combined coating for a kitchen set, for example, the facades are made of MDF, and the body is made of laminated chipboard. There are other ways to combine different materials, the main thing is that the overall design of the kitchen does not change, and the price is noticeably reduced.

Types of mechanism

The functionality of the kitchen can be enhanced by the convenience of opening the doors of the headset and drawers.

Swing doors are well suited for the kitchen in a classic style, and this facade is considered traditional. Since such opening of doors is inconvenient and occupies a lot of space, manufacturers use sliding doors, folding, on roller mechanisms, using a lifting system "microlift".

Sliding doors on the rails, when closed - line up, and in the open position, move one after the other.The mechanism of movement of the door can be adjusted independently. The disadvantage of this system is the lack of access to the contents of the box while simultaneously opening several doors.

Folding doors with a lifting mechanism are very popular in European models of kitchens. They open without effort.

The mechanism of sliding doors is aimed at opening the leaves from the center of the cabinet, which provides wide access to the contents.

Coupe doors are very convenient when working in the kitchen, as they exclude the issue of injury. They are easy to operate. The only disadvantage of such cabinets is their frequent adjustment and leveling, moreover, it is better to install an opening limiter.

Tambour doors allow you to successfully hide small household appliances. The principle of opening of such doors consists in vertical sliding from below-up.

Corner boxes are increasingly winning the love of customers, especially for furniture for small kitchens. When the boxes are located at an angle of 90 degrees, a lot of space is saved, and the full-roll mechanism allows you to get the object hidden in the depth of such a cabinet.

Today, kitchen furniture manufacturers combine various mechanisms in the same headset for the production of drawers.

Selecting a kitchen set, pay attention to the material from which the doors and ends are made, choose a convenient way for you to open. Such a kitchen will undoubtedly last a long time and become a wonderful element of your interior.

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