Facades of kitchen cabinets

When you enter the kitchen, the first thing that catches your eye is the kitchen furniture, and in particular, the facades of the kitchen unit. They are the face of the room and the beauty of the whole set and the overall impression that the kitchen room makes depends on the right choice of their appearance, color, design features.

Coverage Requirements

In the process of selecting a kitchen unit, homeowners are faced with not only the problem of choosing the perfect layout, but also the problem of choosing high-quality and at the same time beautiful facades of this kitchen furniture.

Facades - this is the part of the kitchen, which is constantly in sight. Therefore, an important request to the facades of furniture for the kitchen is their external attractiveness.

The furniture in the kitchen is constantly in harsh conditions: frequent temperature changes, high humidity, settling of sticky drops of fat, burning. Material that can serve for years in the living room or bedroom is not suitable for use in the kitchen.Proceeding from this, you need to know exactly what requirements the kitchen facade must meet, so that it does not have to be replaced immediately after purchase:

  • Resistance to high humidity (the kitchen belongs to the category of rooms where the humidity indicators reach high levels and it is the facades of cabinets that often come into contact with water and other liquid solutions);
  • resistance to high temperatures (especially near the gas stove);
  • durability;
  • endurance to mechanical stress;
  • resistance to sagging (frequent opening and closing of doors of cabinets may cause deformation of the panels);
  • ease of care.


The range of modern kitchen furniture is so large that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice in one day. Designers are constantly trying to surprise consumers with original products, and manufacturers - using a variety of materials for their production. Standard solutions are not in fashion for a long time. Masters now and then try to invent new tricks to attract the attention of buyers, so modern kitchen furniture pleases the eye with a variety of shapes, colors and styles.

Traditional materials for cabinets and other items in the kitchen are:

  1. natural wood (furniture structures made from pine, beech, ash, oak);
  2. Chipboard (postforming technology - facing chipboard, used to create the cheapest countertops);
  3. MDF;
  4. plywood.
  5. Aluminum profile with different inserts: metal, glass, plastic, wood.

The facades of solid wood are considered the most expensive, but they are the most durable, so their price is fully justified. Constructions made of wood and other materials, even less expensive, strike with an abundance of color, they are printed with prints, decorated with vinyl coating, PVC film, sometimes there are hand-painted models.

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Consider the types

When carrying out repairs in the kitchen, each homeowner wonders what it will be like later, what to choose headsets and what should be the facades: frame or solid (solid), how many parts should make them. The structure of these elements affects the mood of the owners, and most importantly - the life of the entire kitchen.

Solid or solid facades are divided into:

  • Panels without joints, which can be attributed to shield systems. Such facades and doors are made from a single raw material. At the final stage of production, the final coating is applied and the lining is produced, if there is a need for it.
  • From solid wood. Today, such facades are extremely rare, since for their manufacture it is necessary to spend a huge amount of trees. Now the most commonly used veneer - thin wood plates. They cover the furniture facade, which is no different from that made of wood.
  • Wood boards. The main number of solid facades is made of chipboard or MDF. Models with MDF are fully laminated with film or coated with plastic. Furniture with MDF laminated with enamel applied in several layers. With this design ensures reliable use of the kitchen for a long period of its service. Enamel can be glossy or matte.

Facades of frame or paneled type are squares with a window. In a rectangular or square frame consisting of four slats, insert a panel. All parts of the frame are attached to each other in several ways.As a rule, slats are cut from the pogonazh - wooden boards or from MDF.

Bent or radius facades do not externally differ from a solid facade, but they are made of multi-layer plywood or MDF sheets.

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What to consider when choosing

The facades are the highlight of the kitchen, its face, the detail that sets the mood. There are certain factors that influence the choice of kitchen furniture. Among them:

  1. Taste preferences of homeowners. First you need to decide in what style the kitchen will be decorated. Some prefer the classic, others like the modern style, someone is in love with discreet high-tech. You need to choose what you like best and based on this buy furniture.
  2. Operational features of the production of raw materials. Kitchen furniture is most affected by the influence of the external environment (here there are temperature fluctuations, and high humidity, and frequent splashing of boiling oil, various liquids). Therefore, the facades must be strong, resistant to any environmental influences (thermal, mechanical, chemical), be durable.
  3. Simplicity in care and operation is also an important factor. Housewives often choose facades for which it is easy to care.
  4. Price policy. The cost of the product depends on the material from which it was created. And often it is the price that becomes the main factor determining the choice of buyers.

Design solutions

A variety of kitchen fronts allows you to create the most amazing and sometimes unpredictable interiors. For example, the kitchen with the facades of natural stone, stainless steel and composite material is chosen by few, but such solutions will certainly indicate the taste and status of their owner. In combination with the appropriate decor of the kitchen with facades of unusual raw materials will be remembered for a long time.

Most of these products have a high cost, however, these stylish models often buy. They become the decoration of the whole house, its bright and original accent.

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