Depth of the upper kitchen cabinets

Standard sizes

Optimizing the space in the kitchen is one of the main tasks of interior designers involved in the development of kitchen sets. In most cases, onni use ready-made modules developed by designers with a predetermined depth.

The standard depth of wall-mounted kitchen cabinets is 30 cm - the body and 2 cm fronts, and the result is 32 cm. In this case, the useful depth is 28 cm. This size may increase or decrease depending on the model of the kitchen unit and the wishes of customers.

It should be borne in mind that reducing the depth may lead to a decrease in the functionality of wall cabinets. In this case, it becomes impossible to install the hood, drying dishes and gas lift. Increasing the depth of the cabinets makes them heavier and they can take up too much of the working area. When they enter the work area there is a risk of a head hitting the facades.

How to choose the right size

To determine the depth of the upper cabinets usually use two methods.

  • The first method. The main goal of this method is to end up with a neat and beautiful wall cabinet. This option assumes that the depth of the upper cabinet is half the depth of the tabletop, that is, 30 cm.

In this form, the upper cabinets not only fit beautifully into the general kitchen line, but are also quite functional. The depth of 30 cm allows to place on the shelf standard plates with a diameter of 30 cm. Smaller depth is not very convenient and not so practical. At the same time, it is worth noting that if the width of your countertop is 80 cm, then the best for you will be the depth of the upper kitchen cabinets 40 cm.

  • The second method. This method implies that the depth of the upper kitchen cabinets, the optimality of which was determined by the owner. In this case, the functionality of the cabinets can be different: from the storage of plates to various small kitchen utensils. The depth of each cabinet may be individual and different from others. At the same time, it is worth noting that the recommended minimum depth of the cabinet should be 30 cm?

Hinged top cabinets "Our brand"

The company "Our Brand" specializes in the manufacture of kitchen sets. The advantage of the factory is the full production cycle and regional location, which allows to reduce costs. The company does not buy ready-made facades and parts, but manufactures them independently. Due to this, designers have great opportunities for creativity, and also reduces the time of manufacture of furniture.

Our Brand manufactures kitchen cabinets of standard and non-standard depth. All the nuances are discussed with the designers, who competently approach each of their projects. All cabinets perfectly open and close. A significant role in this is played by high-class German fittings and, of course, the professional work of assemblers.

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