Elements of kitchen cabinets and side tables

The kitchen is one of the most important and frequently visited places in any home. It is not surprising that every housewife dreams of a beautiful, comfortable and cozy kitchen. Regardless of the size and shape of the room, there are always cupboards in the kitchen. Of course, they must be visually appealing, functional and roomy. Consider the types of kitchen cabinets and their features.

Suspended and outdoor


Pedestals most often have space for washing, countertops and built-in appliances (for example, oven, hob). Basically, these cabinets are used to store pots of various sizes, frying pans, kitchen appliances (for example, a combine or juicer) and other large and heavy items. A curbstone on adjustable legs would be a good solution, allowing you to leave the space between the floor and the cabinet itself. This space will help facilitate the cleaning of the kitchen and minimize the contact of the lower cabinet with water when cleaning floors and, therefore, will increase the life of the furniture.

Wall mounted

Upper cabinets are used to store items, access to which should be as fast and convenient as possible. Whether it is dishes or dry foods, all this will get along perfectly in a hanging closet. The height of such cabinets can be different and vary from 360 to 920 mm.

At first glance, the upper shelves of high cabinets may seem inconvenient and completely useless due to their inaccessibility, but this problem is easily solved by storing little-used things on them. Part of hanging cabinets can be made open. Beautiful dishes will be pleasing to the eye every day if stored in open shelves. The composition of the kitchen can be supplemented with various elements of decor. Most often on hanging cabinets are flower pots, figurines, photo frames. Any design solution will perfectly fit into an open hanging closet, allowing you to show imagination and create an atmosphere of comfort.


If you are the owner of a small-sized kitchen, but at the same time adherent to ergonomic design, then corner cabinets will help you to optimize the space to the maximum. They are both lower and upper. By activating the corner, you will free up space and visually make the kitchen softer,comfortable and cozy. This wardrobe is quite roomy and allows you to easily arrange a huge amount of kitchen utensils.

Externally, the cabinet will look very organic, without cluttering up the kitchen space. Most often, the corner cupboard is located closer to the work area and the sink, which gives the hostess additional convenience, because everything you need is now at hand. Less commonly, the corner cabinet is adapted for washing or hob surface. The “fillings” of corner cabinets can be varied: from elementary shelves to the carousel system. Hanging corner wardrobe can be made open and diversify the design with cute cozy things.

Separately, it is worth noting that high corner cabinets can perfectly hide room flaws: defects, wall irregularities, hide wiring. In short, this option is great for those who like to use the space with benefit and who are interested in the aesthetics of the kitchen room as a whole.

Materials for kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, of course, are made of various types of materials. The choice depends largely on the amount you plan to spend on the purchase of kitchen furniture and personal preferences.Consider some of the materials.

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Kitchens from this material are one of the most popular types of kitchens. MDF is quite inexpensive, reliable and durable material. Its advantages also include resistance to temperature and humidity extremes, which increases the service life. Moreover, the manufacturing technology of MDF (namely, those not included in the composition of lignin and formaldehyde) makes it environmentally friendly, which should also be taken into account when choosing a cabinet.


This material is also inexpensive, and its main advantage is the possibility of choosing a variety of designs. Chipboard perfectly imitates various types of wood and stone. The material is easy to clean, practical, durable, resistant to various detergents (including abrasive), to moisture and temperatures.


Natural wood is reliable, durable, looks great and is considered to be the elite. For the manufacture of furniture is usually used solid birch, pine, walnut, oak and mahogany. The advantages include environmental friendliness, which is also an important factor. But, unfortunately, it requires careful maintenance, is afraid of damage and is quite expensive.

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At first glance, it may seem to you that the choice of kitchen cabinets is not such a difficult task, but this is not at all the case. The most popular place in the house requires a competent approach and a well-thought-out interior solution. Choosing kitchen cabinets, you should pay attention not only to its appearance, design and accessories, but also to the strength of materials, fixtures, spaciousness, compactness and much more. In short, take into account many different factors.

For a start, it is worth noting that even before buying cabinets and kitchen furniture in general, you need to decide how many interior items you need. For example, whether the dining area will be included, how it will be constructed: the letter “p” or at an angle along the perimeter of the walls.

It is important to choose what equipment will be built into the cabinets, determine the layout, make measurements of the room, indicate how much money you are willing to spend. You should not be guided by the cost "per meter", as the price will be fairly approximate. After all the nuances taken into account to do the most interesting - the selection of furniture.

Picking up cabinets. It is worth considering their style, material texture, size and functionality.Next, we calculate the height of the hanging furniture, given the growth of the hostess. In order for the kitchen to become multi-functional, it is necessary to determine the arrangement of interior items. It is important to understand that kitchen utensils that facilitate cooking and the life of a family chef are simply necessary. A variety of shelves, boxes, containers, lamps, hanging tubes for hanging spices and knives. Proper distribution will allow you to use every inch of the kitchen area.

Approaching the choice of cuisine wisely, you get a place where you not only cook food, but also arrange family celebrations, get-togethers with friends and celebrate holidays. This is the place from which the day of any person begins.

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