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The old wardrobe can be updated with an unusual decor, and you can make a new one yourself. If you have never assembled furniture, but you want to try, then make a trial wardrobe - it is suitable for giving or a country house. It's okay if the model of your brilliant idea does not meet all the requirements - you can always find the use of the cabinet. But if you want to assemble the perfect kitchen cabinet, you will need manual dexterity, enthusiasm and instruction at hand. The rest will follow.

The subtleties of the work

Fact: home-made cabinets do not break and serve several times longer than factory furniture.

In order to confirm this statement in practice, it is necessary to know the nuances of the work. A cabinet, for example, may differ in its design, but it does not affect the installation method. Furniture in the kitchen is supported on the floor or suspended on the wall.

In addition, you have a choice of exactly how to arrange the structure: in the corner, between other furniture, or embed it in the finished frame.

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Tips from professionals to help avoid common mistakes:

  • Installing a kitchen cabinet with your own hands will require some accuracy from you: the cabinet door must match its size, match the color and style of the furniture;
  • if you only need easy restoration, replacement of furniture or such parts of furniture as doors and lower shelves - it is better to purchase them separately. You can not replace the cabinet, and make easy repairs. Saving money, in this case, several times;
  • If you are thinking about where to install the wall cabinet type, then the best place is to hide unnecessary kitchen parts: wires, a boiler or an exhaust pipe. The frame of the wardrobe can be used as an analogue;
  • to make the cabinet assembly comfortable - contact the workshop. Sawing all parts of the structure, at home, will not work. When you turn to professionals you can save your time.


The assembly will require the following materials:

  • wood chipboard (DSP) of special hardness - needed to create a frame. If you want to extend the life of your furniture as long as possible, choose a chipboard with a protective coating;
  • veneer and laminate for finishing - for sanding the frame and cabinet doors;
  • MDF of various density and design - layers with lacquer, laminated and matte coating for the inner frame;
  • natural wood for decoration of external elements. Layers of wood are an expensive material, so you need to minimize costs: use glass or veneer for exterior decor. Wooden doors from the inside need to be rubbed and coated with waterproof varnish;
  • multiplex is needed to secure the frame. This coating is a special purpose, which consists of pressed wood species. Possesses big firmness and does not absorb water;
  • plywood is a cheap and practical material from which the shelves and the back wall of the cabinet will be made;
  • PVC or acrylic - additional coatings, thanks to which the decor of the furniture will look noble;
  • varnish - a protective agent that is applied as the last to the entire area of ​​the cabinet. It will give a finished and laconic look to the product.
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In order to determine exactly what materials will be needed, pay attention to the overall style and shades of the kitchen. The color palette will tell you the right decision.

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If you have all the tools listed below, then you can cut all the parts for the cabinet yourself. In the absence of something you need to contact the workshop.

The list of modern master includes:

  • screwdriver;
  • milling mechanism;
  • staples and stapler;
  • several screwdrivers;
  • hinged hinges;
  • building angle;
  • sandpaper.
  • PVA and measuring tape;
  • improvised tools.
  • pencil.

Cabinet design

The drawing of future furniture needs to be made correctly - the service life of the cabinet and its stability depend on it.

All measurements should be as accurate as possible - up to 1 millimeter. You can not cross out the back of the cabinet from the drawing. When constructing a model resting on the floor, it should be remembered that the side parts transform into legs. Therefore, the lower shelf, it is desirable to place a little higher, and the unevenness of the floor can be covered with a plinth.

And here's a couple of facts:

  • the table for the floor cabinet needs to be taken out of wood - this will give a noble look to the furniture;
  • plywood shelves are better to do a little less than the frame area - then they will not hit the door;
  • select the depth of the design taking into account the built-in furniture - there will not be noticeable transitions, and the new cabinet will “fit” perfectly into the design.

A little trick: to simplify the assembly process, you can provide the workshop drawings of the future locker. After that, it remains only to pick up the assembly, and to design from it a cabinet.


The height must be adjusted to the overall dimensions of the entire headset. It is also necessary to choose suitable hinges and handles that will be in harmony with the rest of the furniture. Fortunately, the range of modern stores of building materials is ready to offer a wide range.

In your project of the future cabinet, think in advance about the coating materials of the product. It is good, if it will not be the first varnish on eyes. Choose a coating without odor and hazardous substances.

Preparation for the collection of furniture

You still do not know where to begin work on the design of the cabinet? Then it is recommended to read the following items.

The first thing to do is to clear the place where the cabinet will be placed from garbage and rubbish - a visual picture will help you to understand the true dimensions of your design.

Recheck all the drawings and general layout again before you start cutting the wood into parts.

Mark the length of the parts and small notches in the place of their joining with a pencil - this will simplify the assembly of the cabinet.


After all the parts are cut and ready to be assembled, they need to be put in the correct order and numbered - simplify the work to the maximum in order to enjoy the process of joining all the parts into one whole.

Next, you need to drill holes for internal shelves, and on the doors to designate a place for hinges. For this you need a special drill with a round nozzle.

Use bolded construction. They are the basis of a strong frame of furniture. To mount the mechanism, you will need a milling flat type - shkanty glued into it. Wait a few minutes before they increase - so the clutch will be as tight and almost invisible. Then - place your mini assembly in the mounting hole perpendicular. Similarly, all parts of the cabinet are assembled.

It is desirable to fix the skeleton of the furniture during the assembly by the confirmators and cover with a cap.

If you can not use the above system for collecting furniture, then you can use ordinary nails.No one will know about this, since they will not be in a prominent place.

Go ahead:

  • Install the back wall of plywood on the frame with brackets. A sheet of plywood will allow you to secure the frame in the correct position without bias. Cabinets that are hung on the wall, you need to equip the holes for the backlight wires (if provided). Measure the corners and fix the cabinet on the wall. Mill and staple the back panel;
  • fix the module on the wall using a metal angle. Screws for fixing should be 4x15 millimeters;
  • The final stage is the installation of doors. Do not forget to adjust the hinges before this, since the holes are made with a drill when you are eight to ten centimeters from the edge. In order to avoid through holes, make them before assembling.

Check all fasteners and roll loops. Install the shelves inside and connect the shed structures to each other.

It remains only to paint the cabinet with paint and cover it with protective varnish.


Decorating at the last stage homemade wardrobe is not difficult. Can be used:

  • paint the color of the furniture or bright accents in the form of carved glass with small inserts;
  • small door openers - small windows. Under each window you can make the thread, after covering it with varnish. Russian-folk art can sometimes beautifully highlight the frame of the furniture, and this should be used;
  • several light bulbs to highlight the new installation;
  • fabric patches for decoration on the perimeter. This method is suitable if the kitchen is made in the style of Provence. For a bright accent, you can use patterned bandages along the edges of the furniture - this will bring slight negligence to the overall design;
  • glass and metal structures that can be installed in the case. Bright details will not go unnoticed, and your furniture will truly be a unique filling of the kitchen.
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The main thing - create with pleasure, and then your homemade cupboard will serve you for a very long time.

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