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Kitchen planning takes time. You need to think about every detail, ranging from the general style of decoration and ending with handles for the cabinet. It is important to plan everything so that the kitchen has a lot of useful space. A variety of floor cabinets and cabinets will help you - you can store everything you need in them: dishes, some products, and detergents.


The range of cabinets for the kitchen is quite wide, but to understand it is easy. Pay attention to the main differences. Tall wardrobes (from 90 cm) are suitable for hostesses with impressive growth. Little girls should prefer low cabinets (height of embedded equipment). Standard cabinets are versatile and rise 85 cm from the floor.

Cabinets can be purchased separately, but modular purchase is more convenient. In the second case, there are some variations of the countertops. They can all be located on the same level or have a multi-level structure.This makes it possible to set the hob to a safe height and lower the sink. This is especially convenient for families with children, you can think about the safety of the location of various headsets and technology.

Floor kitchen cabinet may have doors or cabinets. Combined cabinets are great for dishes. An interesting option for a floor cabinet - pencil case. A certain column of shelves will combine the lower and upper space. There you can add a lot of things and this use of space is quite rational.

In some styles, the relevance of the case increases significantly. It is there that you can hide all household appliances. In such a design can even accommodate a refrigerator. So, if your decor involves the absence of home appliances, just hide them.

Special attention should be paid to corner and end cabinets. The first will add usable space, because the corners so often remain untapped. And end cabinets are located on the edges of modular designs. Such a cabinet with a tabletop can replace a desktop.

We should also talk about cabinets for built-in appliances.It can be a small refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and more. Various small appliances are mounted in the cabinet itself. The washing machine can be simply built in under a table-top, but not to do the additional case. For refrigerators, choose a special column cabinet. This niche is suitable for vehicles of any size.

Practical types of interior design kitchen cabinets:

  • Retractable shelves. Guide pivots work wonders. The cabinet for such shelves should be deep and spacious. These shelves are suitable for storing pots, pans and lids for them.
  • Built-in baskets. Several baskets can be built into the cabinet. Such containers are ideal for storing vegetables, fruits, herbs. Install such containers under the countertop in the work area and then the products will be on hand. You can install containers for cereals and different varieties of vermicelli, salt, sugar, flour and other things.
  • Capacity for cutlery. In cabinets for dishes long drawers for forks and spoons are provided, but you can go further. Near the hob, you can install a box with built-in containers for blades, skimmers, ladles and other necessary accessories. Such an arrangement is convenient and saves time, space.
  • Mobile bollards.A mobile bookcase on wheels will serve to store items that are always necessary when cooking. In order not to run between the stove and the shelves, just move the shelf where you need it.
  • For household appliances. Hidden niches in the worktop can serve as a great place to place coffee makers, kettles, microwave ovens and similar appliances. Usually they are placed on the countertops, but this method is not very convenient and safe. Increases the risk of ingress of water, exposure to temperature and the formation of fatty deposits.
  • Retractable for overall fragile items. Dishes and trays, bowls and salad bowls made of glass or crystal are fragile items. Place them in the overall drawers in the floor cabinets. In this case, nothing will fall, it will not be damaged. This method of storing large dishes is very safe.
  • Drainer. Most people have washed dishes in the top cupboard, but this method of storage is not very convenient. The plate may slip out of your hand and break. Place the retractable dish dryer in the lower drawer. Retractable design provides access to all items, and the lower configuration provides convenience.
  • Built-in trash can. Garbage bags are located near the sink. Under the sink you can embed garbage containers for sorting garbage. Cap covers can be attached to the cabinet door so that they open automatically. Another option is to place the containers themselves on the door, which is also quite convenient.
  • Separate compartments for bottles. Next to the refrigerator, you can install a narrow pencil case and store various oils, vinegars and sauces there. This option will help to organize the location of such things and a little free the refrigerator itself.
  • Seasoning storage. A drawer with multiple sections can be installed near the hob. This arrangement of spices will save time and space.

Materials and decor

Properly selected materials are of great importance. The kitchen has a rather aggressive environment. Here and high temperatures during cooking, high humidity and a high risk of pollution. So your cabinets should be quite durable, washable and not sensitive to the factors listed above.

Furniture for "economy" class is made of chipboard or painted plywood. In such cabinets often use low quality fasteners.It is especially risky to purchase similar cabinets with drawers. Cabinets of this type are trimmed with plastic or paper. The latter is able to create an imitation of various more expensive materials.

Cabinets are made of wood-based panels and wooden arrays. There are designs with aluminum or steel facades. Such a cabinet can be installed under the sink. Countertops are also made of wood, stone, wood-based panels. Different types of glass, wood, metal, plastic, and ceramics can be used for decoration. Glass is more often used in cabinets with doors.

Let us examine in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of popular materials:

  • Chipboard is used in combination with laminated protection. Appearance of furniture from this material is quite attractive. The main problem: the material reacts poorly to fasteners. Bolts and hinges loosen quickly. Such furniture needs frequent maintenance.
  • Furniture shield is made of pieces of natural wood. Such material is often used by craftsmen in the manufacture of furniture to order. The main disadvantage of furniture made of natural wood is that the aggressive kitchen environment provokes the material to expand and contract.This can cause cracks.
  • Plywood combines the advantages of natural wood, but does not have such disadvantages as chipboard or slab. Cabinets of this material can be decorated with staining. The durability of the material pleases. Choose fairly thick sheets of plywood and then the cabinets will last you for a long time.
  • MDF - ground and taped wood fibers. The material does not expand and does not taper from the aggressive kitchen environment. The degree of strength of the material is similar to chipboard. Self-tapping screws and screws are a bad option for fasteners, it is better to choose spiked joints.

Requirements and specifications

Cabinets for the kitchen must meet certain criteria. Compactness and spaciousness are very important for maximum utilization of storage space. High-quality fixtures between the cabinets will ensure safety. Moreover, all components should have one stylistic design. Only this way it is possible to combine the aesthetic and functional accessories of kitchen cabinets.

Lower modular cabinets have standardized dimensions:

  • The total height of the closet from the floor to the top point is 80 cm.
  • Base height about 15 cm.
  • The depth of the cabinets is from 46 cm. If the cabinets are with drawers, they will occupy 45 cm, and 1 cm will provide free space between the back of the cabinet and the drawer. The most popular are cabinets with a depth of 50-58 cm.
  • There are three options for the width of the table top: 60 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm.
  • The reliability and cost of the tabletop depends on its thickness. In the standard version of the table top is from 2.8 to 4 cm in thickness.
  • Countertops protrude from the front by 3-5 cm and from the rear by 5-10 cm. The increased stock at the back provides a convenient location for pipes and wires that run along the walls.
  • The width of one facade is 30 cm. Sometimes this figure may increase to 45 cm. Wider facades are not convenient to use and experts do not recommend them.
  • The height between the inner shelves is from 20 to 40 cm. This parameter is notable for its loyalty. Each owner can choose the most comfortable option, which will differ from the stated standards.

All parameters are related. The height of the furniture can be slightly adjusted by unscrewing the legs. The depth of the cabinets directly depends on the size of the table top. Inside the cabinets have narrow shelves in one tier. So space is used as efficiently as possible.

Worktop 60 cm - the most common and typical. With this table top depth is 46 cm.Smaller countertops are practically not used, it is extremely impractical. All built-in appliances are designed for furniture from 46 cm. If your kitchen does not allow placing furniture of such dimensions, then the tabletop can be reduced. In this case, preference should be given to miniature models of washbasins and cooking plates.

90 cm wide worktops are suitable for spacious kitchens. The depth of such cupboards is 76 cm. If your kitchen is small, then such furniture will look too bulky. The largest worktops of 120 cm are used in kitchens in cafes and restaurants. Such modules are often located in the central part. Such cabinets are convenient only if you have access to them from all sides.

The cabinet under the sink can serve a good functional role only with proper planning. Sliding closets are not the best option. Use the cabinet with doors. If you still want to divide the space under the sink, then install internal shelves.

Design examples

The original idea would be a wardrobe under the window. This space is rarely used. In order not to block access to the window, it is necessary to mount the cabinet under the window.In some houses of the old layout, “Khrushchev refrigerators” are located under the window. You can organize something similar on your own. To do this, you need to remove a few bricks or continue a niche in the concrete wall.

Install wooden frame and narrow internal shelves. The temperature inside during the cold period will not exceed + 10 ° С. In a similar cabinet you can store vegetables and fruits. With this cabinet you can add useful space. It is important to note that the mounting of the shelves does not harm the wall and does not impair its bearing properties.

An interesting example of design - built-in wardrobes. Such furniture is placed in the niches of the walls. This is a great way to expand the space. Curbstones, wardrobes and cases can be positioned in this way. This design solution is convenient for small-sized kitchens, because it saves space.

Small kitchen complicates thinking through the design. To save space, install a table on wheels or a folding table. You can combine a table with cabinets, to do this, install a double cabinet. Cabinets with frosted glass will be an interesting detail of your interior. If the fragile details do not attract you, then you can place accents by painting the drawers in different colors.

White furniture in the kitchen looks quite nice and fresh.To clean such surfaces it was easier to use films for furniture. In this way, you can not only protect the surfaces, but also paint them. There are films with imitations of expensive materials. A few more tips on design:

  • Carving and monograms look quite attractive, but to care for such furniture is difficult. Install cabinets with a refined finish away from the hob or take the habit of wiping furniture once a day.
  • Corner cabinets above the standard will help to hide the irregularities of the walls in this area. It is not necessary to install a corner case, it is inconvenient. Fit the cabinet with drawers and use this space to good advantage.
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