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The modern interior of the kitchen provides not only the beautiful appearance of the room, but also the convenient placement of all the necessary items for it. In order to kitchen appliances, dishes and products are always at hand, use a variety of cabinets. Wall cabinets deserve special attention. They are universal, harmoniously fit into the overall design of the kitchen. To date, the furniture market is represented by a huge selection of wall cabinets, they are all easy to use and ergonomic.

Corner constructions also look good in the kitchen, they not only cover the corner of the room, they are roomy, but also occupy a minimum of space. Although the main material for the manufacture of kitchen cabinets is considered to be natural wood, most often in furniture production they use MDF and chipboard. This material is inexpensive, environmentally friendly and characterized by durability.


A wall cabinet in the kitchen is considered the most versatile piece of furniture.It fits compactly into the interior of the room and allows you to functionally accommodate many things. In addition, kitchen cabinets are presented in a huge range. There are both floor and hinged models with glass doors, allowing beautifully arrange the dishes and souvenirs. Wall cabinets are in the greatest demand in kitchen design, because, in contrast to bulky lower cabinets, they take up little space and have the following advantages:

  • The possibility of convenient placement. Wall cabinets are usually hung over the entire vertical surface. Considering the particular layout of the room, these structures are installed either under the ceiling itself or closer to the floor, where they can be complemented by separate tables.
  • The variety of colors, textures and materials in the kitchen allows you to create an unusual interior, for this use a combination of glass, wooden, plastic or metal cabinets. Wide range. There are narrow, angular, deep cabinets.
  • Huge selection of systems opening sash-down, up, over, sliding options. Of particular note are wall cabinets with automatic doors, decorated with lighting inside.
  • Wall cabinets are well suited for minimalism, as they are compact and have a traditional finish using beige, gray, white or black. The presence of different shapes and sizes allows you to install furniture in any convenient place.


Today, hinged cabinets are considered to be the main element of modern cuisine. They can have both standard dimensions and depth, and can be made to order. In the kitchen, vertical and horizontal cabinets with glass look special. Depending on the design features, the following types of wall cabinets are distinguished:

For dishes. This type of cabinet is an integral part of every kitchen. This is a great furniture option for those housewives who prefer a minimal set of tableware in the kitchen. In the complete set of such cabinets there are special grids designed for storing cups and plates. They look stylish and harmoniously fit into the interior of small kitchens.

With a dryer. Convenient wall cabinet, through which you can store and dry dishes. In addition, the dryer built into the cabinet is considered an important accessory in the kitchen, as it provides reliable drying of dishes.When using this design, the dishes after washing will always be clean and without streaks. The following types of dryers: wood, metal and plastic. Often, a dryer consisting of several metal parts (for drying cups and plates), fixing systems and a tray where water is collected is included in the kitchen cabinet.

With open shelves. Recently, in the design of the kitchen began to use cabinets with open shelves. This is not only the most fashionable trend, but also a piece of furniture that allows you to free up a small kitchen space from bulky wall cabinets. In addition, such models provide a convenient placement of dishes and visually increase the size of the kitchen. Open shelves look original in the kitchen, decorated in the Scandinavian style and Provence style. Such cabinets are well suited for combining kitchen and living space. It is recommended to install open cabinets on walls of monochromatic colors, while the base of the walls can be decorated with ceramic tiles and plastic or wood paneling.

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Manufacturing materials

A special place in every home is the kitchen, it should be not only beautiful, but also functional, as it often serves as a dining room.Therefore, the choice of kitchen furniture must be given special attention, in particular, this applies to wall cabinets. The appearance and period of operation of kitchen structures primarily depends on the quality of the materials that were used in the production process.

The case of kitchen cabinets is mainly made of chipboard, as for the front panels and the facade, they can be made of MDF or chipboard. Also, when designing the facade of wall cabinets use a variety of decorative strips, solid wood and aluminum profiles. More durable and expensive material is laminated chipboard. It is usually used in the design of the frame, as it is not afraid of the effects of steam, heat and water.

Not less popular material in the furniture industry is MDF. This type is characterized by excellent resistance to temperature extremes and humidity. Therefore, it is ideal for use in the kitchen. Externally, MDF is coated with both a laminated layer and a special PVC film, often having the appearance of wood.

As for the panels and casement hinged cabinets, they are made of pine, acacia, alder, oak and beech.Natural wood is characterized by a beautiful appearance, but often swells from moisture and begins to rot from dampness. Therefore, cabinets with this type of finish should not be installed in places where comfort and high humidity work. Recently, facades made of artificial materials have been used as an alternative to wood, they are much stronger and, thanks to their unique structure, fit harmoniously into any kitchen interior.

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To make the kitchen simpler, wall cabinets are additionally completed with various elements of fittings. Of course, fittings can not significantly increase the space, but makes the furniture as comfortable and versatile as possible. The internal organization of the lockers allows you to rationally place all the necessary accessories and dishes in the kitchen, while saving space. The main elements of the furniture include handles for cabinets, withdrawable baskets, door hinges, dishwashers, furniture legs, lifting and sliding mechanisms, and plinths connecting cabinets to worktops.

The duration of operation of kitchen furniture directly depends on the quality of the furniture.Therefore, all raw materials must be environmentally friendly and safe. When choosing wall cabinets, it is recommended to give preference to those kits in which the shelf holders are made of natural wood, as they securely fix baskets and drawers.

A special place among the items of accessories occupy sliding mechanisms. Swing doors have long gone, so now drawers and shelves are in great demand. The modern design not only allows compact placement of all the necessary kitchen utensils, but also saves time for its searches. Retractable shelves are suitable for storing food, plates, cutlery, oversized household appliances, cans and bottles. Pull-out mechanisms are also present in roll-out baskets.

If there are small children in the house, the kitchen cabinets must be equipped with shut-off mechanisms. They are used to store dangerous items on the castle. Thanks to this type of hardware, storage of loose and sharp objects in the kitchen has become safe.

Types of mounts to the wall and their features

To date, it is impossible to imagine a kitchen set without a complete set of wall cabinets.Thanks to their convenient design, they help to save space, are characterized by good spaciousness. In order for the lockers to be comfortable in operation, it is enough just to hang them up at a certain level and fill them with all the necessary things. In addition, modern methods of fastening allow this type of furniture to be easily assembled and removed in minutes, without resorting to outside help.

Fastening of wall cabinets is performed by a variety of methods. You can hang the cabinet on drywall or on the mounting rail. To do this, preliminarily make accurate markings and fix the cabinet with special adjustment screws. In some cases, use a more affordable way to install cabinets, using furniture hinges. In this case, the upper limit is initially determined, then a horizontal line is plotted along the length of the cabinet. On the received line, mark the first point and make a hole, then install the fastener itself.

Hitch height

When installing the kitchen unit, first of all, pay attention to the height, as well as the distance between the table and the cabinet.In addition, you need to take into account the characteristics of the kitchen, the average height of which can be 180-200 cm. If the cabinets are set above the norm, then their shelves will be high and inconvenient to use. The maximum height of the wall cabinet within 190 cm is recommended.

It is also important to correctly calculate not only the height of the upper shelves, but also the height of the lower cabinets, which, as a rule, does not exceed 90 cm. The lower shelves of the wall cabinet are characterized by maximum strength. Therefore, they most often place a washing machine and kitchen sink pipes. The lower shelves of the cabinet must be in harmony with the parameters of the table top. After the optimum height of the lower cabinets is established, measure the height of the upper shelves, which are mainly located at a distance of 45 centimeters from the table top.

Between the shelves there can be a different distance, from 30 to 50 cm. The lockers themselves are installed against each other and hung at a height of no more than 190 cm. At the same time, most experts recommend hanging wall cabinets at a height of 150 cm. Thus, not only a comfortable one will be provided. maintenance of furniture, but its harmonious combination with the overall interior of the kitchen.

Installation instructions

Before you begin to fix wall cabinets, you need to make the right measurements, taking into account the particular layout of the kitchen. In addition, the furniture design should be hung in such a way that it is not only convenient for storing all kitchen appliances, but does not interfere with ventilation.

Installation work begins with a preliminary determination of the height of the sample. For this, the upper limit is drawn with the help of the water level. Kitchen cabinets can be hung up by hand, applying the basic rules of installation. Most often for mounting cabinets use special fasteners in the form of loops. The first hole for fasteners is drilled along the marked line with a drill, for which wooden or plastic dowels are most often used. Then the cabinet is hung on metal brackets, in order to avoid horizontal shifts, adjustment is additionally performed.

In this case, all adjacent cabinets must necessarily be located at the same height. After the main body of the cabinet is installed, it is decorated with a special eaves, then the facades with shelves are mounted.There is also a simpler mounting method for which a mounting rail consisting of a hook is used. The rail is attached directly to the base of the wall, after which the cabinet itself is hung.


Making the interior of the kitchen, you should choose the right furniture, especially for wall cabinets. This type of furniture is presented in a chic assortment, so it fits easily into any style of kitchen. Wall cabinets are selected in various shapes, depending on the size of the space. Often, angular models are used to save space.

To give the kitchen an unusual look and fill it with comfort, use cabinets of various shades. Beautifully look composition in beige, white and gray. When choosing a classic style that provides for minimalism, well-fitted white cabinets with open shelves.

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