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When we are planning a kitchen design, I want the whole space to be organized economically, at the same time harmoniously and stylishly. The case case for kitchen will help with this question. This narrow, compact furniture makes it possible to save space, to effectively store all the necessary accessories and objects important for working in the kitchen. What is more remarkable cabinet case? Read about this and much more in the article.

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Features and benefits

Despite any design of your kitchen, the case cabinet will always look stylish and profitable there. This is what is called the classic version. Each hostess will appreciate the practicality and functionality of a convenient wardrobe. The main advantages of this furniture:

  1. Functionality. This cupboard will accommodate a wide variety of kitchen items. There you can put pots, pans, keep plates, cups, etc. there. A variety of spices will fit perfectly there, as well as your kitchen appliances.
  2. The optimal organization of space. Pleasantly surprised buyers ergonomic model. Thanks to this furniture you will be able to organize the kitchen space as comfortably and easily as possible.
  3. This model will take a little place. Thanks to its optimal elongated shape, you can put the product in a certain place in your kitchen. This model is optimal for storing utensils, and for various kitchen utensils.
  4. An opportunity to make a case by the individual order. You can make the necessary parameters yourself. The case case can possess standard sizes, and also correspond to your preferences and your kitchen. At the same time keep in mind that an individual order will have a higher price. However, this way you can increase the functionality of your room, make your stay in the kitchen more comfortable and relaxed.
  5. Versatility. The case case will successfully fit into any your interior. It will decorate any kitchen, increase its functionality. Thus, you will get a stylish model that will become indispensable in the kitchen.
  6. Small dimensions. The sliding wardrobe has small dimensions. It will look beneficial even in a small kitchen.You can use such furniture when planning a non-standard room.
  7. Affordable cost. This furniture can be purchased at an affordable cost. This cabinet will not cause damage to your family budget.


Before buying a kitchen cabinet, it is necessary to determine its location, as well as the dimensions you need. It is necessary to immediately determine the design of furniture, so that everything corresponds to a single style. If you place hanging cabinets next to such a cabinet, then you can choose the height of the product either up to the ceiling or to the level of suspended sets.

Remember that the height and depth of the model must be level with the elements of the kitchen unit next door. The depth of the closet-case can be equal to the depth of the tabletop, and in some cases, to protrude beyond its limits.

Cabinet case has many varieties. So, now it is fashionable to use this furniture for embedding various household appliances. For example, it will be convenient to take one compartment under the oven, which will be successfully built in there. Look at the height of the cabinet. It should be convenient for cooking and observing the whole process.

Often a refrigerator is built into the cabinet. Thus, an important technique will be hidden behind the case door. This will give your interior a fresh look. For those who want to see the refrigerator as an independent element, you can put it separately. In the closet you can build and any other furniture. The microwave, the coffee machine, a toaster and other household objects necessary for kitchen perfectly will fit there.

This furniture can function as a regular cupboard with shelves, without using additional built-in equipment. Here you can place the necessary items for cooking various dishes. There are special cabinets with drawers. They will help to simplify your stay in the kitchen, make it more convenient and comfortable, and the wardrobe will become more functional.

You can buy this wardrobe, which will become a separate element of the kitchen. Design it in a different style, but so that it is an organic addition to your furniture. Let it be the highlight in your original concept. You can purchase a wardrobe and complete with the rest of the furniture.

Furniture may have different facades.The facade of the cabinet can be painted in any color, apply a film, polish. Thanks to the interesting decoration of the facade, you will give your furniture an original look. This cabinet will perfectly decorate your kitchen. If you cover the front of the cabinet with a special film, it will be easier and more convenient to care for the furniture.

Colors of a case can be various also. Choose an option that will be suitable for your kitchen. Do not be afraid to experiment with the color scheme, to combine seemingly incompatible colors. Make your wardrobe a highlight of your kitchen interior. For example, you can purchase a cabinet with the color "Lemon". It will bring freshness to your interior.

Often, especially adherents of minimalist style, choose such cabinets in classic shades. Black or white color will help complement the overall composition. At the same time, remember that bright colors visually expand the space.

The case case can be also with the different number of doors. So, there can be products with one or two doors. No need to have a case between the wall cabinets. Usually put the model on the edges of the furniture structure.

You can put the model in the corner.Such an angular cabinet-case can be found in headsets that occupy two walls. Usually such furniture is used in small rooms to save space. To make operation even more convenient, lattice shelves that will rotate as well as various turning mechanisms can be built into the model. So you can conveniently remove any item.

An excellent idea for planning a corner box will be its trapezoidal shape and a beveled corner. This model is more spacious, looks stylish and compact.

There are models with transparent doors. They may consist of, for example, glass. Such a closet-case will be like a sideboard, beautiful and original. In it you can arrange the service, various trophies, awards, original dishes. There are models with special sliding facade designs.

How to choose

The first thing you need to pay attention to when buying a cabinet is the material from which it is made. It is better if the composition of the furniture will include natural wood. This is the most practical and durable material. Such a model will serve you for a long time. At the same time it will cost such a wardrobe is not cheap.However, in this case, designers are not advised to save.

A cheaper option would be MDF. It is also practical and reliable. With careful use of such a cabinet can serve you for many years. In this case, be sure to check the methods and mechanisms of fastening the doors, whether the shelves are securely attached and whether the whole structure is solid.

As for the furniture made of chipboard, then it will be necessary to consider additional stiffening ribs so that all the shelves can withstand the weight of dishes, appliances and other contents.

To get the right thing, you need to choose the right size. So with the cabinet case. You can choose a size of 50 cm or a size of 40 cm - everything will depend on your needs, on the area of ​​the kitchen and the intended concept.

Give the special look and design of your potential closet to how the doors open / slide. You can find a decent option at an attractive price and make the model a highlight of your kitchen.

Pay attention to the height of the case. It used to be that it was necessary to order models that would fit the kitchen set in size. Now this principle is no longer in trend.Designers advise to increase the size of the room visually, with the help of a long canister to the ceiling, which does not correspond to other furniture in the kitchen.

Of particular importance is the location of the cabinet. So, placing it at the window, you can illusoryly extend the window surface. You can use the cabinet with drawers of different depths. Thus, the more original and unusual the design will be, the more stylish and fashionable your kitchen will be.

You can, by the way, make a model with your own hands. To do this, you need quality materials, a clear plan, the necessary tools, patience and skill. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to immediately entrust this difficult matter to qualified specialists. So you will save both time, and means, and nerves.

Thus, we considered the main advantages of the cabinet-case, its features and methods of application. Choose the model that fits perfectly into your interior, emphasize its originality with the help of an unusual or favorite color. Such a cabinet will not only be a highlight of the kitchen, but also help optimize the space, store a large amount of equipment, important and necessary things for working in the kitchen.

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