Cabinet under the sink in the kitchen

Special features

The cupboard under the kitchen sink occupies an important place in the room and gives the interior a neat appearance. This piece of kitchen equipment will help to create a general impression and maintain the style of the entire furniture set. The standard hanging sink, as a rule, is significantly inferior to a set with a cupboard in beauty and aesthetics. In contrast, the usual model of steel, single or double, will not create a harmonious ensemble with the rest of the furniture in your kitchen.

Designers call the main triangle in the kitchen space a composition consisting of a refrigerator, a cooking stove and a sink with a pedestal. Their location depends on how the room is perceived by the viewer, whether it was possible to achieve a sense of freedom when planning the interior without being too busy.

A sink with a cupboard allows you to save useful space, as inside you can remove kitchen utensils, detergents and household chemicals.In addition, practical furniture design closes the garbage can, not always aesthetically located pipes, opening access to them only for the duration of the repair.

The absence of the back wall of the cabinet makes it extremely roomy. Having equipped additional shelves, you can store there things and ware of rare use. In addition to the shelves, you can use retractable mesh baskets for necessary trifles inside the drawer. For a large cabinet, it would be appropriate to place U-shaped drawers on top.

If the space is left empty, a chopper for domestic waste can be built in if desired. A modern hydration device under the sink will help to clean the water, and a heater to give it the right temperature.

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Cabinets are available in several popular versions, allowing you to respond to the requests of the apartment owners to the maximum. Increasingly, consumers prefer double sinks, and therefore the characteristics of cabinets for different types of sinks are significantly different from each other. Among the stands for washing there are four main types:

  • Traditional straight.It is most often rectangular, and its overall dimensions allow one or two doors to be built into the model. Floor construction, measuring 30-40 cm, is intended for products with one door. Obviously, models with widths from 60 cm to 80 will be able to be mounted at once with two doors in the assembly. You need to acquire the strongest, with the expectation of a heavy and massive sink. This especially applies to products made of artificial stone, with a serious weight.
  • Corner. The design in the form of the letter "G" is obtained by connecting the floor sections at a right angle, hence its simple and convenient form. This is a demanded kitchen fixture on the market, the only disadvantage of which is its small capacity.
  • Trapezoidal type is offered today as the optimal model for modern kitchen facilities. It is a square with doors or one door and sides, placed at an angle of 45 degrees. Aesthetic model fits well in a corner of the kitchen and connects with the adjacent walls of a furniture set. The useful area on which you can place all kinds of shelves with objects, becomes significantly larger.If desired, inside the product can accommodate even a small unit for washing dishes. This roomy type of cabinet is more expensive, but, despite its impressive size, it looks organically in the kitchen space.
  • Radius Curbstone is a type of corner. This model is complemented by a concave part, which allows the cabinet to be built into a compartment of a similar shape.

All designs often do not have a back panel. This is due, as a rule, to the need for water supply to the pipes. Instead of a wall behind them, transverse lags serve as reinforcing elements. Such a design feature is characteristic of both the straight and the corner model of the washing pedestal.

How to choose

On the market of household goods and furniture, today there is an impressive range of vanity units with various parameters. In order for a thing to serve for a long time and retain its appearance, it is necessary to be guided by the recommendations of specialists-masters, who will allow to choose the best and most suitable model, without sacrificing the quality of the product.

The choice of sink and cabinet under it is dictated, first of all, by the size of your kitchen. Usually the stove is placed near the gas pipe, as for the sink and refrigerator, they can be located anywhere in the interior.Structurally, the type of product depends on the configuration of the sink itself.

A round sink with the same shape of the cabinet is ideal for a small kitchen. It can be installed anywhere in your interior, saving as much space as possible. In addition, it is well suited for the installation of such a model unused area by the window. A good way out will be to fill the space near the window opening, if you need to fit a large-sized sink in a small kitchen.

If, in addition to functionality, an attractive and extravagant appearance is important, it is best to order a closet exactly the size of the sink to be purchased.

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How to do it yourself

The cabinet under the sink for the kitchen can be purchased at every furniture store. Some craftsmen do an excellent job with making simple models, trying to assemble a practical cabinet with their own hands. In this case, it is better to stay on a simple rectangular shape without drawers. They are not always needed, and the manufacture of such parts inside the cabinet can complicate your task. The simplest model consists of several standard parts:

  1. Countertops, in which there is a cutout under the sink.
  2. Side walls - 2.
  3. Back wall. This part of the design is often absent if it interferes with the execution of communications.
  4. Facades.
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Size 50 cm is the average standard depth, 85-87 - height. You can only change the width of the product, departing from the accepted value of 60 cm. This size dictates the sink of the shell itself. The choice of height is due to ease of use. If the sink is too low, the mistress of short stature will have to bend over strongly to wash the dishes in it. Masters provide for the assembly and this point to avoid possible discomfort.

If the cabinet is angular, it is necessary to prepare in advance for it a zone within which all the shelves and communications will be placed. When installing holes for the mixer and the sink itself. Installation is performed in the following order:

  1. Connect the sidewall using transverse crossbar.
  2. Fix the bottom of the cabinet, with the help of false panels strengthen and attach to it the legs.
  3. In order to keep the construction firmly, the curbstone with the adjacent furniture panels is produced.
  4. Hang the required number of doors.
  5. The table top is installed at the very end of the work, fixing with special clamps. A beautiful tabletop is made of laminated chipboard. Sheets are issued multi-colored, from 40 to 60 mm thick, dimensions remain 3000 x 60 mm.
  6. In the countertop cut out a place under the sink. It should fit snugly, so the edges of the cutout are coated with sealant.
  7. The shell is inserted into the prepared hole, pressed and finally let dry to the composition. Before this, you need to make sure that the location is within the panel of the table.

Having done all of the above, you can begin to connect communications. First, mount the mixer. Then the hot and cold water pipe is brought to it, preventing any possible leakage. From the bottom, a drain pipe is brought to the sink as part of the sewer system.

If you correctly fix all the structural elements in the final position, the sink with the cabinet will function properly and look organic in the space of your kitchen.


Kitchen refers to places that require constant cleaning. This is a room with high humidity, which is under the influence of high temperatures and hot steam.Therefore, for the manufacture of furniture choose the most moisture-resistant materials and connecting elements with a high degree of waterproofing properties.

Surprisingly, natural wood is not the most suitable for kitchen sets and cabinets, including under the sink. Wood furniture belongs to the premium class. Facades and doors impregnated with varnishes are made of high-quality wood. Despite the protective properties of varnishing, it is still best not to expose such headsets to excessive moisture and unstable temperature conditions.

Materials such as chipboard and MDF have become convenient and in demand for mounting furniture in the kitchen. Chipboard - is a chipboard, an inexpensive material widely used in the furniture industry. The surface of it must be perfectly polished and not have cracks through which moisture can penetrate inside and lead to swelling of the plate.

Fine wood or MDF is impregnated with a special compound that provides excellent protection against water. The properties of this quality material have been tested by long-term use. Polymer coating is used for better protection.Both chipboard and MDF are laminated, then additionally varnished. These methods can not only protect the furniture from the effects, but also give it an attractive and elegant appearance.

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