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When installing cabinets in the kitchen is very important that the furniture was of high quality. This is especially true when installing suspended storage systems. Otherwise, the shelves, together with a considerable weight of all that lies in them, can fall right on your head.

What is a

In Soviet times, cabinets were hung in the kitchen with hooks. They simply hung on the nails or screws that were sticking out of the wall. This design was not reliable, and often hanging cabinet fell with all the kitchen utensils. In addition, with the help of this design it was very difficult to align the series of cabinets in a single line, we get steps that spoil the whole look of the kitchen.

These suspensions were of several kinds.

Simple suspension with top mount. The hole for the screw is located in the upper part of the product and is attached to the cabinet with two self-tapping screws. The main disadvantage was the protruding part of the mounting on top of the boxes, violating the design aesthetics.

A simple hanger with a mount in the middle is the same simple hanger, the hole for a screw on it was located between two others, with which it was attached to the cabinet. It, unlike the previous one, is not visible, but it is very problematic to visit such a suspension for a screw in the wall.

The suspension is angular, unregulated. It is mounted on the top wall of the cabinet. At the same time, using an oval mounting hole, it is possible to adjust the distance of the drawers to the wall. But a significant drawback lies in its visibility not only from above the cabinet, but also when opening the doors inside.

The suspension is P-shaped (right and left). It is attached simultaneously to the side and top wall of the cabinet, thereby performing the additional function of the screed. Its large hole does not require precise marking for a screw on the wall, but its drawbacks are the same as for a simple suspension. Modern fastenings for wall cabinets are a plastic or metal box with several openings.

Two through holes attach the canopy itself to the cabinet box. Two adjustment holes with large bolts, with the help of which the horizontal position of the cabinet is adjusted, as well as its position relative to the wall.

The hanger for kitchen cabinets has a special mount that is mounted on the mounting rail. Fastening on such a bar greatly facilitates the process of hanging kitchen cabinets.


Modern suspension has many advantages over the usual loop.

  1. Easy installation process. No need to grope a screw, in order to visit him a loop. The mount is easy to install on a special rail attached to the wall.
  2. The ability to adjust the position of the cabinet. It can be adjusted in two directions, which is necessary on condition of uneven walls and ceiling. You do not need to remove the cabinet. You can even level the cabinet on the wall using the appropriate hole in the shed.
  3. The hanging system of the upper cabinet becomes more reliable. The mounting of the shelves is carried out with the help of one fastening strip and, provided that several screws are loosened, it will remain reliable.
  4. Adjustable hanger allows you to install cabinets directly on the apron, as a retractable mount allows you to set the boxes to a distance of two centimeters.
  5. Even a person without experience will be able to install cabinets with this fastening system.
  6. The mount does not protrude above the cabinets. Inside it looks neat.

The disadvantage of this mount is only the price. But its advantages do not give regret about the cost.

Mounting instructions

It is not difficult to hang the closet with the help of euronaves, but it is worth knowing about all the features of working with it.

First you need to prepare all the necessary tools:

  • pencil;
  • roulette wheel;
  • building level;
  • screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • drill.

Initially, it is necessary to carry out a number of preliminary works.

And at the beginning, assess the condition of the wall on which the cabinets will be installed. If you are just planning to repair, and the wall where the drawers will hang, is made of plasterboard or plastic panels, then it is better to provide a wooden bar at the level of fixing cabinets so that the cabinets hold well. If the repair has already been made, and you do not know if the bar is installed there, when installing the fixing rail on the wall, it is necessary to use more frequent placement of the screws, while using dowels butterflies.

All wiring to connect the equipment should also be carried out in advance, so as not to have to remove and hang the cabinets twice.

Alignment of the walls is not necessary.It is necessary to align if only the angle, so that the process of hanging kitchen cabinets is much easier, and the corner cabinet is not warped, and there are no unnecessary gaps.

Next, install the canopy on the box

To do this, initially we make a hole in the back wall, push the foot into it. After that, having pressed it against the upper wall of the cabinet, fasten the fasteners to the side of the drawer. There is a small nuance here. If the back wall of the cabinet is made of laminated chipboard or MDF, then the hole must be made entirely under the suspension box and fixed flush with the outer side of the plate, otherwise the fastening loop will not block the back wall of the drawer and it cannot be hung.

Now you need to install the mounting rail.

For this you need to carry out a simple calculation. It consists of the following:

H = h1 + h2 + h3-45mm,


H - the height at which you want to place the rail;

h1 - height of the lower cabinets;

h2 - the height of the planned apron (usually it is 60 cm)

h3 is the height of the upper cabinets;

45mm is the size of the possible shrinkage of the mount.

Having calculated this size, we draw a horizontal line with the help of the construction level and fasten the bar to it.In the mounting plate there are holes every 2 cm. So often the tire is not required to be fixed. For a concrete wall or a wall with a wooden block provided, it is sufficient to install two screws on each cabinet, in the absence of a wooden bar and on the condition of a plasterboard wall, the number of screws is recommended to be increased one and a half times.

Now you can hang the cabinet itself

To do this, completely loosen the foot so that it moves easily, and use it to hang cabinets on the rail.

After that, it is necessary to adjust all the hanging boxes of the headset. When the horizontal line is completely aligned, it is necessary to fasten all the headset cabinets with each other with an inter-sectional tie. Check whether all the legs have fallen into place, otherwise there will be a high probability of collapse of all cabinets.

  • A canopy with the help of simple hangers is very difficult for one to perform.
  • To begin with, we draw a horizontal line for drilling holes in the wall.
  • We check the correctness of the markup at the construction level.

Install suspensions on the cabinet

With the help of a drill or perforator install the first screw in the wall. Then temporarily hang the closet and mark up the second hole, then we drill through.Install the dowel with a screw and hang the closet. Next, we preliminarily raise the next box, mark up the drilling site and do all the procedures described above, in order.

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When all cabinets are installed, proceed to connecting them with furniture screws. In the end we install a decorative plinth on the set. With the help of it you can hide the ugly look of sticking mounts.

This completes the installation. It remains only to install the shelves and place the kitchen utensils.

In conclusion, we note that when choosing hangers for kitchen cabinets, we do not forget about the quality of materials, it is not worth saving, otherwise it is easy to buy them of inadequate quality. Check all the work done so that the structure does not collapse, and enjoy using the kitchen unit day by day. And if suddenly your cabinets, installed with the help of euronaves, sagged, adjust them again.

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