How to adjust the hinges on the doors of the kitchen cabinet

Any new clothes purchased for the home, always brings joy. And so, the new kitchen furniture was brought in, the assembly of its construction was completed, the front door behind the assembler was slammed, and ... a small nuisance - the doors of the cabinets sag and do not want to close tightly.

Can this be considered a reason for frustration or for a complaint to a furniture company that has sold poor quality goods? Not at all. How to adjust the hinges on the doors of the kitchen cabinet? For this you need a desire, a good screwdriver and a little time.

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Height adjustable

Options for adjusting the hinges on the doors of the kitchen cabinet can be several. First you need to visually identify a problem situation - is the door not closing, is one of its corners sagging or is it going beyond one of the edges of the cabinet? If one of these proposals has an affirmative answer, it is necessary to look for the reason in the height adjustment.

In the event that the cabinet door fastening is located inside the cabinet - pay attention to its structure. It will become clear what kind of screwdriver you need - regular or cross-shaped. As a rule, a cross-head screwdriver is needed to adjust the hinges of the external mounting device.

After opening the cabinet door, insert a screwdriver into the adjustment screw in the part of the part that is closer to the furniture body. The screw should be loosened so that the door moves freely, and then tighten the screw so that the original position of the door coincides with the design of the whole structure. If the cabinet is large and the door is heavy, you can support its lower part with your foot and adjust the mount.

In any case, you need to create conditions for a uniform gap between the doors of the kitchen cabinet, so that the corners coincide with each other. The mounting design can be two screws. You need to weaken the one that occupies the second position from the door. In this way, the door can be adjusted back and forth, to achieve the correct installation, and then fasten with a screwdriver.

From the first time it may not work out, such experiments require little experience and knowledge.If the alignment of the desired effect is not achieved, you should loosen the screws again, and, opening and closing the doors of the kitchen cabinet, to achieve the desired location, and then fasten. The final fastening screws must be durable.

Use a screwdriver as carefully as possible. In case of a high-density screw tie, the screwdriver may come off the thread and cause injury. It is advisable to hold it correctly, evenly distributing the load on the screwdriver.

Looking for reasons

It takes just a few minutes to correct the skew, and the result of the work always pleases - I want the new kitchen furniture to look perfect, and skewed cabinet doors do not spoil the look of the updated interior.

But not only new furniture can deliver such trouble. Pay attention to your kitchen cabinets that have been serving for several years now. Do not tightly closed doors, sag, skewed in places? Begin to look for the cause.

One of them most often consists in unevenness of a covering of a floor on which there are kitchen cases. Who among us at least once did not put a tightly twisted shred of a newspaper under the wall of the cabinet, thus “straightening” the desired angle? This practice leads to misalignment of furniture.on the kitchen. First of all, you should exclude such “supports” and then carry out the procedure with screws and a screwdriver.

If the apartment is being renovated, you should immediately think about leveling the floors. Firstly, it is aesthetic, secondly, effective. After all, even small irregularities in the floor will cause damage to the furniture installed in the place where they are located. A flat floor is a pledge of strong furniture that will last for many years.

Distorted cabinet doors can occur after the permutation. Large-scale changes when the kitchen wants to be transformed can affect the state of the cabinets. Suddenly, the doors begin to sag, closing poorly. Again, a visual inspection reveals an uneven gap between the loops. Doors have to be adjusted in height, paying attention to how tightly they fit to the base of the entire cabinet structure.

But sometimes it happens that you want to completely replace the mechanism of attachment. This can happen if the screws and bolts quietly fall out and there is nothing to replace them with. In the furniture store you can pick up any accessories, including a suitable device for fixing the door of the kitchen cabinet.

If such work is considered difficult and time-consuming, you can seek help from furniture salon specialists, where there is a furniture assembly service. For a fee, a master will come to your home and professionally replace the part. You can also use ads with proposals for the assembly of furniture and its repair.

A professional master by appointment will come with his tool and adjust the bolts, securing the kitchen cabinet doors correctly and for a long time.

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