Glass for kitchen cabinets


Cabinets with glass doors look elegant and airy due to the transparency of the material. They have a number of advantages over kitchen fronts that do not have glass inserts:

  • Security. Glass is an eco-friendly material and cannot harm human health.
  • Resistance to temperature changes. The increased humidity and temperature fluctuations that accompany the kitchen will not adversely affect the condition of the glass elements of the cabinet.
  • Wide range. Modern furniture manufacturers offer their customers an abundance of kitchen cabinets, allowing you to create a kitchen in a modern style. You can opt for full glass doors or with glass inserts.
  • A variety of decor. Glasses for kitchen cabinets can be opaque, transparent, with a pattern.

Decor options

Modern technology allows you to create amazing decormaking the glass cabinet a bright accent of the whole room.

  • Dullness A cupboard with frosted glass will never lose its relevance. This is a permanent classic. Achieved effect by applying sand or a special composition. This glass is easy to clean. It partially hides the contents of kitchen cabinets from prying eyes.
  • Fusing This technology allows you to get an extraordinary beauty of colored glass. The basis is the sintering process. Multi-colored pieces of colored glass are laid out on the transparent. After placing the whole structure in the furnace, a monolith is formed, which has a unique texture and color range. Stained glass in fusing technique looks very beautiful. Cabinets with such doors are quite expensive, since special glass is used for fusing.
  • Stained glass windows. Stained glass windows adorned the Middle Ages. Currently, stained glass technology is widely used in the manufacture of glass kitchen facades. New technologies have made their adjustments, and now the stained glass windows are not the ones that were in the early Christian churches.

There are many stained glass techniques that give glass surfaces a sophisticated look:

  • The Tiffany technique uses tinted, matte, mirror, colored pieces of glass.
  • Film stained glass technique imitates a real stained glass window.
  • The facet equipment of a stained-glass window looks volume.
  • When filler technology applied contour, which is filled with colored glass.
  • Sandblasting equipment. The technology combines transparency and opacity in one product. Usually a matte pattern is applied on a transparent surface. It looks beautiful and does not overload the design.
  • Tinted. In the process of producing such glass, a special dye of gray, brown, blue or black is added. The result is an interesting effect. Tinted glass does not allow you to see the contents of the shelves of the locker, but interior items with such decor look stylish. Plus, the dye will not be washed off and will keep its perfect appearance for a long time.
  • Engraving. When engraving with a laser, the top layer of glass is removed. In this way, patterns, ornaments or just the contours of the pattern are created. This glass looks very gently.
  • Color print. Color printing on glass is a technology that allows to revive any kitchen interior.Drawing is applied on a glass surface with special ceramic paints. Further, it is affected by ultraviolet rays, which leads to "baking". The final stage is the application of varnish. The doors of such a locker are very strong, there are no scratches on them.
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  • Molded glass. Glass inserts of kitchen cabinets can be curved due to bending technology. Such glass is often used in corner models. Pictures and ornaments are also applied to it, which gives a special chic to such a closet.
  • Colored glass. Colored facades radically change the interior of the kitchen. If the kitchen is not located on the sunny side, then the use of orange-colored glass will add positive and mood.

Interesting design solutions

The kitchen with a glass facade will fit into any interior. The main advantage of glass is that it is perfectly combined with other materials: aluminum, wood, MDF.

  • Kitchen in modern style. If you are the owner of a small kitchen, the modern style will help to cope with this problem. Purchase cabinets with glossy white facades. They will visually expand the space.Minimalism, neutral tones, the alternation of sharp corners with smooth curves - all this will make the kitchen modern.

So that the white color in the kitchen does not become predominant and does not turn it into a room devoid of warmth and comfort, add other colors and bright accents. The fronts of frosted glass stand out against the blue headset cabinets. Adding a soft blue textile, we get a very cozy and lovely kitchen.

  • High-tech kitchen. Glass facades are ideal for creating high-tech kitchens. Bright colors, contrast, glossy surfaces create an atmosphere of modernity. Cabinets with clear glass will be very appropriate against the background of wine-colored furniture and will fit perfectly into the interior.
  • Kitchen in a minimalist style. For such a kitchen is characterized by conciseness of colors, elegance, a minimum of decor.

Glass cabinets, inserted into a black frame, effectively stands out against a white background. The decorative red stripe, tiled along the sleeve, became a bright color accent.

Photo printing can also be a great way to add extra décor to a minimalist kitchen. The lockers at the top with a photo of an orchid perfectly complement the purple kitchen set.

  • Provence style kitchen. Glass facades of the kitchen in the style of Provence must have a frame. The metal mesh superimposed on the glass looks very nice.

Often the doors of the cabinets resemble a window consisting of several glass inserts.

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