Design corner kitchens of different sizes with a refrigerator

The design of corner kitchens of various sizes with a refrigerator helps to organize the furniture arrangement in the most ergonomic way, to create a thoughtful and cozy interior. It is suitable for both small and spacious rooms.

Advantages and disadvantages

Corner kitchen sets in the finished form are presented in many furniture stores. This indicates that this method of planning is claimed and has its own merits. Similar cabinet furniture can be made to order at its own discretion. The advantages of corner kitchen units with a built-in fridge are as follows:

  • rational use of every free meter of space even in the corner of the room;
  • convenient access to all furniture household appliances and kitchen accessories;
  • free space economy in the center of the room remains an open free zone;
  • the ability to add new modules and home appliances;
  • effective kitchen zoning, the division into a place for cooking, storage of food and utensils, a dining area;
  • with high-quality furniture and competent interior layout an impressive view of the kitchen room.

But do not forget about the shortcomings of the corner sets for the kitchen:

  • drawers and doors on adjacent sides will interfere with each other when opened;
  • under the sinkinstalled in the corner, little free space is involved;
  • access to the space under the sink is complicated;
  • in a small kitchen, a solid view of an angular headset will look very cumbersome.

Features of design with a minimum area

But all these problems are easy to solve if you carefully plan all the nuances of the interior and purchase suitable furniture and large household appliances. Some small families built during the Soviet era had a record small kitchen area - 4 square meters. m This is even less than in the standard "Khrushchev", for which the minimum figure was 5.5 square meters. m But even for such tiny rooms, you can plan a full-fledged working area with a geyser, a fridge and a sink.There will be a place for lockers, and for drawers, and for the dining table. The most important thing in such tiny kitchens is to use the maximum height of the room, it should be at least 2.4 m even according to Soviet GOST. It is due to the height can be compensated for the lack of space. This is especially helpful with hanging lockers and high stacked shelving.

Since traditionally in our country typical flats with a small area were built, then domestic furniture manufacturers try to produce sets of such dimensions to fit into modest apartments, because there is a demand for them. You can mark brands such as "Maria", "CALL", "Announcement", "Yavid", "Forema" and others. Many of the local manufacturers make custom-made furniture for a given size. Therefore, it is possible to buy 2-3 floor sections and wall cabinets for them with dimensions of 40-50 cm, an angular cabinet for washing. A tiny kitchen in a small family or studio apartment can be equipped with a corner suite with a fridge at the entrance. The freezer unit should be chosen as small as possible in width and depth, but any height will do. This category of refrigerators belongs to the "European" (as opposed to low and wide "Asian") group A.This means that its width is 45-55 cm, depth is 60-65 cm, and its height can reach 210 cm. Manufacturers that produce compact mass models: Gorenje, Deawoo, "Saratov", "Atlant" and others.

A narrow refrigerator and one section of the headset are placed near the wall adjacent to the entrance door. Then there is an angular bollard under the sink, and on the adjacent wall you can freely place another 2 sections 40-50 cm wide, and behind them a slab. Above the lower cabinets in the entire length of both walls are suspended, so there is room for a worktop and many shelves to accommodate dishes and other items needed in the kitchen. The remaining space in the center is enough to accommodate a small dinner table for 2 people.

Interior in "Khrushchev"

Small-sized kitchen with an area of ​​not more than 7 square meters. m. allow using the corner headset to allocate even more free space in the center. Furniture in the "Khrushchev" with a fridge by the window can be conveniently grouped as follows. First, the freezing unit itself is placed in front of the window opening. As in the previous case, it is necessary to choose it as the most compact - from group A. Then there is a gas stove, but between it and the refrigerator it is necessary to leave a gap of 10-15 cm.

After the slab, one bottom section is placed, then the corner sink and a continuation of the headset on the adjacent wall. All cabinets from the bottom together with the sink can be combined with a common worktop. So the kitchen will get a single harmonious look. On top, everything is complemented by wall cabinets, and the small gap between the refrigerator and stove can also be filled with a narrow section - in furniture stores you can find similar small compartments. A small dining table and 2-3 chairs will completely fit into the remaining area. The only drawback of this layout is that the refrigerator will partially block the window.

In the kitchen area of ​​7-8 square meters. m. You can organize an interior with a refrigerator in the corner. This will allow not to block the window, more natural light will penetrate into the room. But since the water supply and sewage in the apartments are usually located exactly in the corner of the kitchen, additional pipe routing will be required, the sink will need to be moved to another place.

Big kitchen

In the kitchens of residential buildings, which replaced the "Khrushchev"and in many modern houses the area averages 12 sq. m.It allows you to place several lower sections with a massive worktop, with a large fridge, 4-hob stove and even a washing machine. For ease of access, and in order not to carry out additional communications, it is better to leave a sink with a sink and a cabinet under it in the corner.

There are several places for successful placement of a refrigerator: at the door, next to the stove or between kitchen units. It all depends on the preferences of the owners, but it is worth remembering that it can not be placed close to the stove or heating batteries. High temperatures may damage the refrigerator. Although this does not apply to modern hobs, which practically do not give off heat to the external environment.

Before ordering an L-shaped kitchen unit, you should create a detailed plan with dimensions that takes into account all future modules and built-in appliances. Adjacent walls to which the furniture will abut should be as aligned as possible, otherwise installation problems may occur. For greater clarity, it is worthwhile to sketch a sketch on paper, and take into account the dimensions with a small margin so that the headsets fit into a limited space.

Important nuances

Together with the calculation of all sizes, it is worth considering the location of the sockets so that they are in the utmost proximity to the refrigerator, electric or cooking stove and other kitchen appliances. If necessary, conduct additional wiring. It is better to do sockets with a reserve, in the future it can be useful, for example, if you install a neat shelf with a TV or microwave above the worktop.

Before choosing such a headset, you should pay attention to two types of corner cabinets. It can be either beveled or rectangular. The first type is good because it is extremely simple in construction, does not require complex installation. A simple door is most often hung on a sloping pedestal. If it is installed under the sink, you get easy access to the sink siphon, water pipes, hoses from the washing machine. But this kind of cabinets takes a bit of free space in the kitchen.

Rectangular corner cabinet saves maximum space. But the design of the door for her more complicated. Most often use two doors on adjacent sides, which are folded at the opening.With this option, inside can be installed drawers and shelves for storing dishes.

The height of the wall cabinets can be different, but it should be selected so that there is enough space for the working area above the table top. The optimal distance between it and the bottom of the hanging cabinets is 40-60 cm. But it should also leave an empty space to the ceiling, since in most cases there is an exhaust channel to the kitchen vent.


Organization of additional lighting will be a very correct decision in the design of corner kitchens. It is usually made with the help of built-in spotlights above the table top. Small low-power LED, halogen or fluorescent lamps are installed in the lower part of hanging cabinets. Their dignity is a bright and not straining the eyes light with low power consumption. In addition, they serve much longer than incandescent bulbs.

Cabinet furniture corner kitchen can be assembled by yourself, without the help of specialists. Modern standard fasteners are mounted without any problems,for work, it is usually sufficient to have a cross-head screwdriver or a screwdriver and a hexagon on hand. Suspended cabinets are easy to fix to the wall anchors screwed into the wall.


One more important point to which it is worth paying attention when planning corner kitchens - this color range. For small premises, it is better to choose white, light beige and light blue shades. This color visually expands the room. Coloring furniture in such colors is possible by lamination. In addition, smooth laminated surfaces are easy to clean. In a spacious kitchen, a good choice would be to set the suite to the color of the tree: cherry, oak milk, milanese nut, bordeaux. You can choose furniture and a refrigerator of silver color or create a harmonious combination of 2-3 tones, one of which will be dominant. This will be a good solution for planning the kitchen for the house.

With properly planned placement of all items of the corner set and large equipment in the kitchen area of ​​12 square meters. m. there is still a lot of space on which you can put quite a large dining table and decor items, such as a bookcase with flower pots or shelves with souvenirs.

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