Corner wardrobe in the kitchen

Features and benefits

If you are a fairly small kitchen owner, you need to decide how to efficiently use this space. You can help a simple solution - buy a corner kitchen cabinet. He will help to distribute all kitchen utensils as convenient and rational as possible.

The main advantages of using the corner kitchen cabinet:

  1. if you include an angular kitchen cabinet in the set, the useful area of ​​the room will increase. And you can even place such a closet in the place where the installation of standard furniture will not be possible;
  2. Installing a kitchen corner cabinet will be useful when you need to mask some of the room’s flaws;
  3. At first glance, corner cabinets have small dimensions, but they will fairly well contain all the most necessary things. For this reason, such furniture is considered convenient for storing household appliances and other kitchen utensils;
  4. corner cabinets will make your kitchen interior more harmonious.


One of the most common types of kitchen corner cabinets - L-shaped version. And it is popular because it has a significant advantage over the others - it is equipped with “trolleybus” doors, which, having opened, all of the internal space becomes accessible to you. It is more rational to use such a corner cabinet under the sink, since usually all communications are located in the corner. Agree that it is convenient, because you do not have to spend time and money to move them to a new place.

Direct corner cabinet set not so often, because it has only one door. And that part of the cabinet, which is hidden behind the wall, is usually difficult to access, which is not very convenient. Of course, if you are ready for additional expenses, you can install additional hardware to extract the contents of the cabinet to the outside.

Corner wardrobe in the form of a trapezoid due to its special shape can dock with any kind of furniture. Also, you will not have any problems if you suddenly want to install a sink, and below the rotating "carousel", but on the condition that such a design will not touch the communication.

Suspended corner cabinet should be installed directly above the sink.The design of this cabinet is similar to the design of the floor. It is hanging cabinets that are most suitable for drying dishes.

Corner cabinet-case will be the ideal solution if the area of ​​your kitchen is very small and every centimeter is important. In narrow cupboard cabinets, you can store both dishes and any small-sized equipment, such as a microwave or coffee machine. High cabinet cabinets with a door will help to make an inconspicuous refrigerator, if you do not want it to pay extra attention to itself.

Corner display cabinets with glass and shelves are very convenient to store dishes in them. Especially popular now are models with LED backlighting, which will favorably emphasize the beauty of glass. Properly located lights will create an atmosphere of calm and comfort in your kitchen.

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Most often, the cabinets of kitchen cabinets are made of chipboard, which turns out to be advantageous, since such material is distinguished by its strength and durability and is not difficult to take care of. The chipboard plates, though not very aesthetically pleasing, are almost invisible behind the facades. But for the doors of corner kitchen cabinets it makes sense to choose a beautiful design, for example, glass, wood, metal.

The cabinets made with a combination of materials are particularly spectacular.They will be combined with any of your interior.

Color solutions

Modern materials are famous for a large selection of colors and textures. You can find almost any combination of shades you need.

Quite well in the kitchen will look cabinets, made in different colors. Darker shades are more suitable for floor cabinets, and lighter ones for upper ones. This visually facilitates the space, fills it with light.

If your kitchen is small, it is better to choose cabinets in light pastel shades. This will adjust the kitchen space and visually the room will appear larger.


Fittings are a very important and often undervalued element of a kitchen set. And in vain, because accessories can greatly facilitate the lives of kitchen owners. Installing ordinary shelves and the lack of accessories will lead to the fact that most of the corner cabinet will be in limited access.

The most common type of furniture for corner cabinets are considered "carousel". These are two or more round shelves, turning which we will be able to have free access to all kitchen utensils located on the shelves.Such carousel shelves are made of various materials, which is very important for those who pay attention to small details. You can make the shelf roundabout open. Agree, quite an interesting option.

A simpler and more convenient type of hardware can be called a system with sliding shelves. It provides freer access to all items stored on them. If you are faced with the task of preserving kitchen space, you can opt for sliding spacious baskets. For lovers of functionality, the best option may be to install corner boxes that allow you to use the space of your kitchen to good use.

How to choose

First of all, you need to decide on the material, style, color, approximate dimensions of your future corner furniture. It is very important to choose the right design and color for you so that everything looks harmonious.

Furniture must fit the size of the kitchen. If your kitchen is small, it is especially important to think over all the details in advance. You'd better give up the extra decor of the cabinets, since the complex design only clutters up the space that you absolutely do not need.It would be better to choose simple forms, without complex and massive elements. But on the glass in the doors of the cabinets should pay attention, because it is known that it perfectly expands the space.

How to do it yourself

To assemble a kitchen corner cabinet itself, the first thing you need to design it. For this you need:

  1. determine the purpose of the cabinet (for what purpose is required)
  2. calculate all cabinet sizes
  3. decide on the internal device (choose simple shelves, carousel, baskets)
  4. come up with the color and style of the future cabinet
  5. decide what material the cabinet will be assembled from. It is better to give preference to chipboard or laminated chipboard. This material is ideal for hand-made furniture. Its advantages are obvious - it simply washes, repels water, looks aesthetically pleasing and is inexpensive.

To make it easier, contact a special company that will help you with sawing. To do this at home is quite problematic.

Now to the very process of assembling thumbs. First insert the dowels into the previously prepared holes. Be sure to make sure that the mechanism is level. Pre-lubricate the chopik glue.Next, with the help of screws you need to install cross-shaped attachment for the door of the cabinet.

Attach rail attachment systems to the side walls of the cabinet so that drawers can be pulled out. On the back wall you need to nail a sheet-fiberboard.

If you want to hang a corner cabinet, then you need to attach the accessories to it. With it, it will be attached to the wall.

We proceed to the assembly of boxes. Their walls must be tightened with screws. Put pieces of fiberboard on the bottom. Then secure the facades of the drawers using eccentric stitches. It remains to install the bottom corners - guides for drawers and the details of the cabinet is ready.

Generally, it is not so difficult to assemble the upper or lower corner kitchen cabinet. The most important thing is to do the work carefully and follow accurate measurements.

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Cost of

The simpler the design of your kitchen cabinet, the less will be its cost. The same with the doors. Folding and sliding doors are more expensive than regular swing doors.

Many companies engaged in the production and sale of furniture for the kitchen, offer a free design of cabinets. We advise you to use this to see what your corner cabinet will look like.

You can save money on the manufacture of the cabinet. For example, instead of wood, you can use a patina that will protect against external influences and scratches. But on the accessories you should not save if you do not want the cabinet to fall apart.

Interesting options in interior design

If the size of your kitchen is small, the best solution would be a corner set. So the furniture will be able to arrange the most functional and save space, which is very important.

L-shaped in the headset can be installed along the walls. Cabinets are installed along two converging walls. This option would be appropriate not only for a small kitchen, but also for a larger room.

Another type of corner kitchen is the peninsula. This option is more suitable for owners of spacious premises. Part of the headset is located along the wall, and the other is adjacent to it in the middle of the room at a right angle. Such kitchens increase the working surface and can even serve as a bar counter.

As for the style of kitchen furniture, they often prefer the classics. Cabinets of classic style are made of natural wood, decorated with carving, equipped with beautiful fittings.The colors are predominantly light beige. Corner kitchens, made in the classical style, are more suitable for larger premises, because the carved facade and the abundance of decor reduce the space. Partially correct this situation and make classic furniture more elegant and easier to help inserts on the facades of glass.

If you value functionality and strict lines, the corner kitchen in modern style will suit you. Corner cabinets, made in a modern style, suitable for any room, regardless of the area. The colors are dominated by bright colors - yellow, red, blue.

Lovers of simplicity and straight lines should pay attention to the furniture in the Scandinavian style, made in delicate colors, for example, beige. Scandinavian style is a great option for a small corner kitchen.

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