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In the kitchen with an area of ​​14 square meters, you can easily embody quite bold design solutions - put a bar counter and focus on it or arrange a comfortable sofa, put a large dining table. There are many options. There are, of course, some limitations. For example, an island fireplace and table at the same time will not work.

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The choice of interior design style

When choosing a style for the interior of the kitchen, you must start from the layout. It can be linear, U-shaped, two-row, L-shaped, peninsular, island - the options are many.

14 square meters of kitchen can accommodate another room. The kitchen-living room will give more room for imagination and design decisions. To make such a room more comfortable and more spacious, cool calm shades and brilliant surfaces will help. For the interior of the kitchen-living room fit Provence style. For it you need to choose furniture in pastel colors, natural materials or styling for them.

For the floor is better to choose a light beige parquet or structured linoleum. The walls and ceiling just trim in white, Provencal style does not tolerate piles and excesses. The dining table and chairs should also be as simple and functional as possible. The rest of the furniture should be in natural design, calm brown. Corner sofa can make a color accent, any shade of turquoise is perfect.

L-shaped layout

When the L-shaped layout in the work involved both walls. This kitchen allows for the right distance from each other to arrange the sink, stove and refrigerator. When choosing dark furniture should pay special attention to proper lighting. In order to have more light in the room, and the space seemed light and airy, more light tones can be added to the interior. Place the kitchen set along one wall and the dining table along the other.

If instead of chairs to put a comfortable compact sofa, then this kitchen will combine the living room in itself. To add even more light, push the space and hide the external flaws, it is better to leave the window open, do not curtain it with dark and heavy fabrics.This is especially important if you want to make the kitchen-living room in a modern minimalist style, hi-tech or cozy Provence.

For a minimalist style in the 14-meter room, you can choose a red and white design. Prefer brilliant and transparent surfaces. In the decoration of the walls can be combined as glossy and matte materials in white and dark red. To create freedom of space, install additional lamps and floor lamps. A glass metal table and simple white chairs are perfect for a minimalist room.

Furniture selection

Furniture in the kitchen-living room should be at a minimum, otherwise the room will look cluttered and tasteless. It is necessary to clearly define what furniture cannot be dispensed with and only put it. With the sofa the question is solved, he will definitely be needed. Pick up a small rectangular or corner model. The sofa must stand near the wall in the corner or opposite the headset.

Embed appliances and kitchen set placed in one part of the room. Furniture is better to order on an individual drawing, do not be afraid to use shiny parts and glass.This will add light and air to the kitchen-living room. Required elements are also a dining table and chairs. On the walls you can hang pictures, photos, TV, shelves.

An excellent stylish solution for the kitchen-living room will be beige-orange color combination. Bright orange set will add richness and joy to the interior. This activity will dilute the light beige corner sofa, a small brown table and curtains in pastel colors. For the walls, you can choose a wallpaper of light sand color. For the floor is better to use the floorboard of natural color.

Ideas for a rectangular room

Kitchen-living area of ​​14 m2 is very important functionally furnish. For a rectangular room, a bright interior will suit; it will move apart the space. Place the white glossy kitchen set in the corner by the window. In this case, the sofa is better to put on the opposite wall in the far corner. So the dining area and recreation area as far as possible from each other.

The sofa can be both angular and straight. The opposite wall is worth to take to the TV. In this part of the room a small coffee table will still fit.For the floor is suitable laminate white or beige shade. For the walls, you can choose several textures (mosaic, small pattern) and colors (dark beige and light).

To separate part of the living room from the kitchen will help and a small carpet on the sofa. For shelves and cute trinkets on them, you can take a niche in the wall. So it will save space. Color emphasis will help arrange the curtains, pillows, a dining table, a picture on the sofa. Turquoise color will successfully fit into the interior of a pastel shade.

On one chandelier you can not stop. LED lamps and pendant lights built into the ceiling add light and space.

Examples of competent designs

Classic style is perfect for a small kitchen-living room. To make the interior fresh and original, you can use a combination of several shades of green and white. The sofa does not have to be from the kitchen set against the opposite wall. They can be placed on one line. Then between them should put a high nightstand, folding table or bar counter.

The dining area can be made very compact and position it in front of the headset.This will require a corner table and a pair of chairs with clear geometric lines. Upholstery for the sofa, you can pick up a rich dark green color. Then take the curtains a couple tones lighter. Lime can be used for shelves.

Floor and walls

Divide the space in the combined room will help different material for the floor. You can combine tile, laminate at the same time. Choose a calm color scheme, it is better to use a pastel palette. Walls with a ceiling can even be of one color.

So that the kitchen set does not look very massive and does not hide precious square meters, select the color of the furniture to match the walls. Bright color or an interesting print can be used on one of the walls, not cluttered with furniture.

The ceiling should be smooth, without projections and levels. White glossy or matte is best. Make a ceiling of white drywall or stretch. Immediately consider the location of the lighting.

Light colors will be organic in the kitchen-living room, made in ecostyle. The furniture is used from a natural tree. The table top can be selected from glass. Walls are easy to decorate with family photos.In such a room there must be a lot of flowers, all kinds of plants.

Few secrets

Glossy and glass surfaces will add extra lightness to the space. For the kitchen-living room is ideal tabletop made of glass, chairs made of transparent plastic. Such furniture will perfectly fit into the high-tech style. It is better to use natural materials for it - wood, stone. Modern technology will organically fit into such a room.

The advantage of minimalism is the absence of unnecessary items and details. This is exactly what the kitchen-living room of 14 square meters requires. The decor is as simple as possible, but at the same time elegant and fashionable. Strict geometric shapes, correct lines, the lack of extra furniture - features of furniture in the style of minimalism. For walls, ordinary plaster or wallpaper without textured frills.

Correctly divide the kitchen-living room and highlight the dining area and working light in it. For this it is worth using several different lighting methods in each zone. Built-in lights can be used above the dining table, and a small chandelier or a pair of lightweight hanging structures above the sofa. Illumination can be used for shelves and racks.Light in interior design is never superfluous.

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