Kitchen-studio in "Khrushchev"

On a cozy nest, you can change the old "Khrushchev". How? Transform it into a comfortable, stylish and comfortable kitchen-studio.

From apartment to studio

A distinctive feature of the apartments of the 60s are small rooms, a narrow corridor and disastrously tiny kitchens. But this is not a sentence! If desired, and a good design such an apartment can be a real exclusive.

Kitchen-studio in "Khrushchev" will become a place not only for cooking and eating. Now this is a great place to meet with guests, family vacations and even work. This will help properly chosen interior, a good choice of colors and, of course, a successful redevelopment.


The best way to expand a close space is redevelopment, when every centimeter becomes a usable area. For this, the wall between the kitchen and the room is completely or partially demolished. Or between two rooms.Or a small room is combined with a corridor and a loggia.

So it turns out the total space and quite spacious. If desired, partitions are installed anywhere. The benefit is their great variety.

When creating a studio should take into account the features of the apartment. For example, one design is suitable for a one-room kitchen studio, and for a two-room studio it is completely different. The kitchen-studio, unlike the usual kitchen, cannot be in its special design, but must be combined with the rest of the room.

Studio instead of one-room apartment

A studio from a one-room apartment is a combined kitchen and a room. Who is this kitchen studio for? More often for a creative bachelor who needs a compact kitchen, bedroom, and workshop at the same time.

Different partitions

The kitchen area is better to separate from the rest of the apartment space.. If the partition was not carrying, then you can completely say goodbye to it. In another case, the alteration of the wall in the arch at the site of the kitchen door is suitable.

Separate the kitchen space by placing a high rack. Practical and convenient. Or a small plasterboard wall. Often, partitions choose translucent.Or completely transparent from safety glass.

Another option is to install a sliding and sliding screen.

Excellent solution - bar counter. This is two in one - and the dividing wall, and a table for dinner at the same time.

The most economical option - curtain. It looks also quite nice.

Or so - to raise the room on a low podium. It will be very unusual.


An interesting way to distinguish between zones of eating and relaxing with a different coating on the floor. Suppose the kitchen is decorated with tiles, and the rest of the floor is covered with laminate. Of course, they must be matched in color.

Floor covering can be made general, but in this case, the separation function should be carried by something else. For example, the color of the walls. They can be pasted in wallpaper of different colors, but in the same style. If you want to play on the color contrast, the main thing is not to overdo it. Otherwise, different rooms will look in disharmony with each other.

And to use every corner, it is necessary to combine a room and a balcony. But preliminarily it is necessary to warm the balcony.

Special furniture

The interior should not occupy a lot of square meters. The best option - corner furniture. In the kitchen area along the two walls we have an oven, a worktop, a stove and a refrigerator. In this case, the kitchen set should not be voluminous. It is better if it is built, and the table is sliding. A wide window sill can be turned into a table.

In the one-room kitchen studios, lonely people usually live more often. Therefore, a stove for cooking is better to buy a smaller one - with two rings.

Furniture in a place to stay should also be as compact as possible. Sofa transformer - just a godsend. There are models in which literally everything is removed and rolled up. You can purchase a cabinet-transformer. During the day, this is an ordinary wardrobe, and at night, with a flick of the wrist, it turns into a full bed.

For the TV does not necessarily install the cabinet. The plasma screen can be mounted directly on the wall. And opposite it, in a free space to place comfortable chairs and a coffee table.

One-bedroom studio apartment

From the two-room "Khrushchev" studio others are obtained. The little “dvushka” is usually inhabited by family people. This must be taken into account in order to convert it into a kitchen-studio.

2-room apartment should keep a place for privacy. For example, a children's room.After all, the child needs to sleep and go to bed early, and the lessons to be done in silence. The combination of kitchen and hall is especially popular here. At the same time the bedroom remains in its original form.

On the territory of the combined kitchen you can chat with friends, watch TV. Meanwhile, in the bedroom, personal space is preserved.


In the studio, you can select a corner for the home office using a transparent partition. And there is a place for work, and complete isolation is avoided as in ordinary apartments. It will be interesting if the division is approached creatively. For example, put the partition at an angle of 45 degrees.

You can also separate zones using the wardrobe. And even better - two closets, facing back to each other. But in this case it is better to choose not a standard wide compartment, but two narrow cabinets with shelves inside. Or a sliding wardrobe with a wide transforming bed. Very profitable and winning choice.

You can separate the kitchen area with the help of an arch, or a table will play the role of a room divider. Let it be an oval table for family and holiday dinners.

Another non-broken way to divide space is by lighting.The backlight should be of different shades and intensity. For example, highlight the kitchen area brighter than the rest.

Special furniture

In families, especially with children, household utensils are much more. Therefore, in the kitchen it is good to use a double-row set.

The refrigerator does not need to allocate a good part of square meters. It can become part of the kitchen unit, and in some cases even hide in it. A bedroom to give the most secluded place in the apartment.

Another combination option is to make one of the two rooms. You will get a spacious living room, in which you can place a comfortable sofa with numerous pillows right in the center. The TV is comfortable with a swivel mechanism - you can deploy to any desired direction.

Choosing colors

Alteration of "Khrushchev" of any size in the kitchen-studio - it is always an increase in space. But this can be achieved not only through redevelopment. Some design tricks will help.

For example, in the design prefer light colors. They make the room spacious and light. Dark patches are welcome, but they should not be the vast majority.After all, if the home is “dressed” in black, brown or dark blue, visually it will become smaller.

And the studio interior is often beige, cream, white and pastel. These colors are perfectly combined with bright cheerful details - orange, light green, yellow, blue. Kitchen set in such colors always looks great. It is worth paying attention to light wood shades. It is better to imitate natural pine, oak, hazel on the table top and parts of the headset.

The ceiling seems taller if it is white. In general, the white color in the interior always gives a feeling of lightness, freshness, besides, it reflects light. Therefore, it is good to choose a white table, partitions. Let it be present in the tile and on the curtains. Next to other colors, white gives them a contrast.


Wall-paper can be both monophonic, and with drawings. Golden curls or shimmering patterns on a beige background. The perfect choice is 3D wallpaper. An interesting 3D drawing or photo seems to extend the studio another few meters.

A great reflector of light - a mirror. Mirror surfaces visually increase the space, lighten it. Large mirror can be placed separately or order a wardrobe with mirrored doors.

Curtains better to choose synthetic, which dries quickly and do not require ironing.In the kitchen area of ​​the studio, it is worthwhile to prefer short veils, bamboo curtains or roller blinds. A good choice - color blinds to match the overall interior.

On the floor of the kitchen area is optimal linoleum or tile. But it is necessary to take into account that if on the floor there is a drawing from a multitude of small and bright details, then visually this “creates” space. But the laminate is better to send to the recreation area. For the kitchen is an impractical option.

Useful tips

  • Before you demolish the wall, you need to get a written permission from the civil services. Otherwise, you can destroy the bearing wall, which will create an emergency situation.
  • Thinking through the kitchen-studio will help create a schematic plan at the preparatory stage. Here you can plan the location of partitions, furniture and household appliances.
  • Choosing a style, you need to follow the principles for creating the interior of small rooms.
  • Studio furniture must be purchased mobile, transforming, folding, on wheels. After all, if you even break all the partitions, but furnish the entire area with bulky furniture, nothing will change.
  • Do not neglect good ventilation. Otherwise, the kitchen-studio will be saturated with smells from cooking.Whereas ventilation will provide clean air and a pleasant microclimate in a comfortable home.
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