Wall design in the kitchen

The kitchen is quite a popular place in the apartment, especially for women. It is here that the hostess spends a lot of time, prepares food, does the cleaning, feeds the household, etc. And, accordingly, it should be not only functional, but also comfortable and beautiful. Design, design play a huge role in preparing the kitchen for its immediate comfortable use.


Initially, it is important to decide how it will be made out. To do this, you need to assess the size of the kitchen room, the whole apartment, as well as the design of the room as a whole. The material used for registration must be of high quality and durable. Properly chosen design of the walls in the kitchen is, above all, the correctly chosen shades of wallpaper in accordance with the overall design of the apartment.

Right choice

Wallpaper should be chosen very carefully. And it's not even in the coloring of the wallpaper, but in quality. Of course, the best here is suitable waterproof wallpaper.In addition, the choice can also fall on fiberglass wallpaper and wallpaper designed for painting. A very important tip, which you should definitely pay attention to, is that the wallpaper should be glued far from the sink area (for example, above the dining table). In the washing area, it is better to design with stone, tile or fresco. It will look great and will fit well into the overall design of the kitchen room.

Modern ideas

Fashionable and modern wall design ideas in the kitchen room include metallic wallpaper. They are made on the basis of aluminum foil. Such wallpapers are perfect for small kitchens, as they visually expand and increase the space. They can be both smooth and textured. They look very modern.

One of the already proven innovations is cork wallpaper. They are selected individually and create a very interesting and exclusive look.

Wall mural

Wall murals were relevant at all times. And now quite often the owners choose this type of finish for their kitchens. Wall mural can give a very romantic look to the kitchen room.But they should be chosen very carefully, paying attention to the overall design of the room, the colors, the character of the household and other nuances. The picture may look very inappropriate in one or another shade, or, conversely, become a bright addition that blends harmoniously into the overall picture and atmosphere of the room.

When choosing a wallpaper should take into account the size of the kitchen room, especially if the kitchen is small. In this case, not all will work. Wallpaper should be chosen carefully. And, in this case, mostly wallpaper with a small pattern. Big details will only make it visually even smaller.

In the kitchen, covered with wallpaper, all kinds of interior decorations, such as vases with flowers and without, pictures, family photos in beautiful frames, especially hand-made to the overall design of the room, will look very harmonious, especially creating house. With a TV of this style of kitchen will also look good.

Ceramic tile

One of the current decisions in the design of the kitchen room, especially if the kitchen with a gas boiler - is, of course, tile. Because it is beautiful, and at the same time comfortable.It is easy to clean, not afraid of fat and other contaminants, it is very practical, which is very important for this type of room.

In the case when the kitchen is completely plastered with tiles, designers recommend using additional details as decoration. It can be beautiful vases, decorative jars, beautifully laid out fruits, etc.

Plaster walls

Decorative plaster gives the opportunity to make the design unique and individual, reflecting the taste and preferences of the owner of the apartment. This type of lining is very popular and popular, because it makes it possible to create something unique and unlike anything else, to express your own flight of fancy. In addition, on the plaster coating can be painted. To do this, it is better to invite the artist or make a painting yourself. Also with protrusions on the walls with beautiful plaster will look great panels, made with your own hands or purchased in the store.


A big plus of such a material as drywall is that when it is used, absolutely straight and smooth walls are preserved. This design is suitable for creative people.Drywall allows you to translate virtually any creative ideas, using fabric or draping openings where necessary, if necessary.

With this type of design, various design ideas are also provided, which can be addressed when choosing this option.


The panels are used in the design also quite often. And this is no coincidence, since the panels have many advantages. First, it is reliability and durability, as well as the possibility of combining different types (glass, polymer) panels. And secondly, this is a beautiful and modern design solution that will be appropriate to look at any kitchen.

Painted walls

An excellent solution for those who want to save money and at the same time create a beautiful design with their own hands - this, of course, is painting walls. Painted kitchen walls look very stylish, bright and will harmoniously look in any design. But you need to understand that only decorative paint will be suitable for this purpose. By combining and mixing paint with elements such as sand, starch, sawdust, etc., you can end up with a very interesting and unusual surface.

In this case, any additional design ideas are relevant.You can decorate this kitchen with decorative elements (vases, frames). Wall shelves will also look very harmonious, especially if they are perfectly matched to the color of the walls.


Often the choice falls on the brick when it comes to choosing the material for the design of the kitchen room. Brick walls in the kitchen give a special charm to the room. If you choose the right color and shade of this material, then such a kitchen will look especially harmonious, while cozy and homely sincere.

White brick will look very noble and is more suitable for refined and romantic natures. With gray bricks, you can also achieve a similar effect. The unusual color of the brick, for example, yellow or orange, will give the room some playfulness and brightness. Such colors in the interior should be chosen by those households who have children.

Making an apron

For finishing the working area (the so-called "apron") it is recommended to use materials such as stone (natural or artificial), panels made of metal, tiles and other materials. They are expensive, but they can and should be used selectively, on a separate site, and not on the whole wall.

In fact, there are two types of this kitchen area:

  1. Style "casual", or otherwise neutral style. It does not require any additional details. The main thing here is functionality.
  2. If the goal is to draw attention to any part of the kitchen interior, or directly to the work area, then in this case it is made bright and contrast. There it is possible to make additional elements.

Thus, at present there are a lot of options and ideas for decorating the walls in the kitchen. Various materials, design ideas, decorative details, all of this as a whole will help create and embody the unique and individual image of a particular kitchen. It is especially important that with such a wide variety of materials and other necessary details, their prices are completely different.

You can easily embody all the ideas and fantasies without a special blow to the wallet, or on the contrary, to invest a sufficiently large amount, and create a special and exclusive look of your kitchen, decorated with very expensive and high-quality materials that can serve for a long time. In any case, no matter what you conceive and what goals you set, it’s important that, in the end, you will definitely achieve the full realization of your ideas.

And your kitchen will become not only a beautiful and stylish place in your home, but also cozy and emotional, where, undoubtedly, all family members will want to gather and spend time in a special and comfortable family atmosphere, forgetting about all the daily hassles left over this day. .

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