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A special place in the house is the kitchen. Thanks to modern types of planning, here you can not only prepare food, but also meet guests. Therefore, it should always be cozy and comfortable. In the interior of the kitchen plays a huge role in the style of its design, as well as the furniture that fills it. The key element in the design of the kitchen is the correctly chosen table, it gives the room an original look, fills it with an unusual atmosphere.

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A good kitchen table can be a large kitchen table. It occupies a minimum of space and allows you to comfortably seat a sufficient number of guests. Models from the massif of a tree, with the sliding mechanism use huge popularity. They not only have a stylish, beautiful look, but also are multifunctional.

Choosing this type of furniture for the kitchen, it is also necessary to determine its location. If there is enough space in the room, then it can be installed in the middle, in this case it is desirable to choose round or oval models of furniture.These tables will be suitable for a family dinner or a gala dinner for 10 or more people. Wood products look good when designing a kitchen in country style. Usually, the edges of their tabletops are decorated with curly carving, and the legs are made of metal.

Choosing large kitchen tables in modern style, you can easily make a paradise from the kitchen. They are characterized by a glass tabletop, decorating with various elements, as well as massive wooden legs. Such options are considered the most modern and stylish. In addition, the original combination of wood and glass helps to complement the interior of the kitchen with an unusual look.


To date, the furniture market is represented by a chic selection of kitchen tables, and models of various colors from artificial stone deserve special attention. They are considered not only the exclusive option of kitchen furniture, but also are characterized by durability and practicality. Countertops made of artificial stone are energetic solid material, have a different density and thickness. The huge popularity of stone models due to their versatility and the ability to perfectlyto complement the style of the kitchen interior.

The main advantages of such modern furniture include:

  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Long service life. Furniture made of artificial stone is well resistant to mechanical stress, "not afraid" of cracks and scratches.
  • Practicality. Due to the difficult structure of the material, tabletops emit nothing and do not absorb.
  • Increased resistance to bacterial and fungal formations.
  • Easy to care.
  • Solid and exclusive look.

A good option for a large family is also considered to be kitchen tables made of laminated chipboard. They are inexpensive and are made in different colors. Attractive appearance and durability are characteristic of furniture made from MDF. Products made of MDF are resistant to external influences, as a rule, their tabletops are additionally plastered with a special film, using the method of vacuum pressing for this. Some furniture models can be decorated with mosaic or ceramic tiles.

Recently, most designers prefer to place in the kitchen tables decorated with leather. They are easy to maintain and care, look unusual.The surface of such furniture is made of laminated chipboard, and glass elements are installed on top. They not only look original, but are also great for the classic style and high-tech style. As the main finishing material for modern kitchen countertops, ecological leather is used.

The unusual combination of materials allows the furniture to have a spectacular and expensive look, and the drawings under the glass become visually voluminous. The only thing that such models of tables will require special care, as spilled liquid can get under the glass and remove it will be difficult.

For a harmonious combination of kitchen furniture with a common interior, it is recommended to select large tables with tiles. They are practical, durable, well suited for any color tiles kitchen apron. In addition, all models of tables with ceramic tiles are eco-friendly, quickly cleaned.

In a fashion also tables with a mosaic.

In the event that the choice was made in favor of furniture with a glass table top, you need to pay attention to the quality of the edge processing and the thickness of the glass. Unclean glass under mechanical influences quickly breaks and does not withstand enormous loads.In order for this type of table to be stable, it is advisable to acquire models in which there are legs with adjusting screws.

The undisputed sales leader is considered to be kitchen furniture made of wood, as it has a special positive energy. At the same time, it is necessary to choose furniture from high-quality materials, because during operation a defective tree often cracks. To distinguish the life of wooden tables, the surface should be restored periodically.

The form

A huge role when choosing a table in the kitchen is its shape. Today, dining tables are made in a variety of forms. The most practical option are rectangular structures, since they can accommodate more people. In addition, such models occupy a minimum of space, compared with round or oval tables. The traditional size of such tables is 90 * 50, behind them you can comfortably seat up to 8 people.

Square tables, as a rule, are complemented by sliding elements. They are great for small kitchens, they take up a bit of space, and, if necessary, quickly decompose.Choosing a kitchen model of a round shape, you need to worry about the availability of space in the kitchen. This type of furniture can be placed only in the middle of the room or in the corner if there is a window next to it. The minimum diameter of the table tops is no more than 90 cm.

Oval tables look unusual in the kitchen. They are convenient, safe in operation, as they lack sharp corners. In addition, the oval shape allows you to originally decorate the kitchen.

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