Choosing the color of the glass table for the kitchen

The glass table makes the kitchen space airy, visually freeing up additional volume and produces an amazing impression of lightness. His style is quite versatile. Models with a glass tabletop will fit perfectly into any interior in both the classic Provence style and modern or high-tech style. Models of glass with legs of different materials can also act as a link between interior items in different styles.

Glass tabletops are made of transparent, frosted and tinted glass. Frosted glass always has a light green tint, it is a natural color of glass. If you do not plan to resort to green shades in the interior of the kitchen, but at the same time want to reduce transparency, you can pay attention to the models of colored tinted glass.

Selection features

Glass models with a transparent tabletop - this is not quiteThe only option for the kitchen. White models are no less popular with designers and owners of premises. Their versatility makes it easy to fit into any design. White color looks luxurious with any furniture, emphasizing all its advantages. If you want to update the interior, but do not know how to do it, then be sure to pay your attention to the glass options.

Colored glass tables are very popular. With their help, you can create a warm rainbow mood in the kitchen. You can create a bright interior by using orange, crimson, yellow, green and even purple glass models. Red table helps to realize the dream of an extravagant kitchen.

The glass table with black top fits perfectly into a discreet and elegant interior, highlighting all its rigor. Black models with the proper design of the kitchen are associated with the good taste of their owner. It is believed that the black table attracts the eye and takes all the attention itself.


Structurally, glass kitchen models, as a rule, consist of parts of various types of raw materials.Most often, the underframes and legs are forged from metal, chrome-plated, from wood, wicker, from stone or plastic. The same materials can be used for the manufacture of frames framing glass.

When choosing a particular model, you must consider the size and configuration of the kitchen itself. For a large room suitable massive table of any kind. If space permits, you can also choose an oval or round table. The tabletop of such models can be completely made of glass or used in combination with thick wooden.

In a small kitchen behind a small round worktop, only a small family can be accommodated. With a shortage of free space, designers recommend using transformers, which, with an increase in the number of guests, are quickly transformed from small coffee tables to large tables. Transformer can often be seen in the kitchen-dining rooms.

It should be noted that rectangular glass models are very compact. They can lean against the wall, and if necessary, move aside. One option would be sliding rectangular tables that look like square when folded.This design is very functional and practical. Usually a table with straight sides is placed in a corner if a family of two people uses it and leans against a wall if it is in a family of three or more.

Popular and models for the kitchen of glass with a bottom-top shelf. It provides special features for placing decorations and as a neat store of items. The regiment itself is often frosted or decorated with a fancy pattern using sandblasting.

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