Designer Kitchen Tables

The table is the centerpiece of the kitchen. It is there that families gather for dinners and lunches, and it is the guests who see it first. Therefore, the design of the table should successfully combine such qualities as convenience and attractiveness.

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Selection rules

If you are looking for something truly unique for the interior of your kitchen, then you definitely should pay attention to designer furniture. You can choose ready-made furniture and order something suitable for you.

The range of kitchen tables is quite large. They differ in form, material, and other details. Let's sort out all the parameters separately to know what to look for.

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The traditional option is a solid wooden table. It is suitable for large families and can become a real relic. The only drawback of a wooden tabletop is its unnecessarily high cost.As a rule, hardwood is used for its production: oak, apple, birch.

A massive table made of natural wood will perfectly fit into a room made in a classic style. And the surface of light wood organically complement the kitchen in a light French style "Provence".

A room made in a modern style usually complements a variety of glass and metal parts. Therefore, in this style will be useful and concise glass table. It looks elegant and unusual. You can find models not only from transparent glass, but also from opaque and color. There are also tables with patterns applied on top of clear glass or even original stained glass windows. Such furniture just will not remain without attention of your guests.

Do not be afraid that it is very quickly broken or covered with small scratches. Glass for them is processed in a special way, as a result, it becomes resistant to mechanical damage. Many buyers are repelled by the fact that the smallest pollution is clearly visible on the clear glass. But this is not a problem at all, because it is simple to care for tables with a glass surface - simply wipeher damp rag. The kitchen table of their durable glass can be put in the room in the style of "loft" or "hi-tech".

Another example of modern design is a table made of stone. If you have a kitchen in Mediterranean or Provencal style, then it will suit you. Stone countertops serve for a long time, as well as wood. But for this they need to provide favorable conditions. They are recommended to be installed only in kitchens combined with the living room or dining room, because the stone is a material that is sensitive to temperature changes.

The most budget option is a concise table with a plastic tabletop. Designer plastic furniture complement the kitchen in modern style. You can find different colors and shapes of the table top. There are even plastic tabletops, stylized as a stone or wood. These tables are suitable for those who do not want to buy too expensive furniture in the kitchen. They will look quite good, but at the same time, if the work situation in the kitchen leads to defects on the worktop, you will not be so sorry for the money spent.

The form

Another, no less important parameter that you have to pay attention to when choosing is the shape of the tabletop.It is important that it fits into the parameters of your room and is comfortable enough to accommodate all members of your family.

Since ancient times, the traditional round shape is most known to us. Such furniture was made during the Middle Ages. Such tables are recommended to be installed only in the middle of the room in order to use space efficiently. Round tables can be installed either on a wide basis, or on three or four legs. They are as safe as possible for children, because the rounded edges make it impossible to get hurt about them.

Another practical option is an oval-shaped functional table. It is ideal for small-sized kitchen of a narrow format. In addition, you can choose a sliding design, which is much more convenient. Having chosen such table, you can use a small table for daily dinners and breakfasts, and a sliding design - for those moments when guests come to you. This option is also good for rooms combined with a living room.

The rectangular table will also save space. It can be substituted directly under the wall.In this case, every free meter will be involved. Such tables can also have a practical sliding design. The same can be said about the square tables.

Design tables of original forms are also on sale. For example, an unusual specimen in the form of a triangle will look gracefully in the kitchen in a modern style. And to save space, it can be put in the corner. For large families, on the contrary, pentagonal or hexagonal models will do. Around his edges fit a lot of people, and the form itself looks unusual.

Tables to order

If you decide to order yourself a designer table, then you need first of all, decide where you will install it. Based on this, you can choose the right shape. The choice of material also depends on the location of the table. If you set the table next to the sink or stove, then you should opt out of the wooden version. Under the influence of water and high temperature, the wooden tabletop will very quickly deteriorate.

It is also worth considering how many people usually gather at the table. The more you have a family, the more massive and wider it should be. All members of your family should be comfortable at dinner.If the parameters of the room do not allow, pick up a table-transformer. This design will not cost too much, and is definitely much cheaper than two separate ones.

Finally, decide on the design and colors. The selected option can match the color under the shade of the headset, or vice versa, stand out against its background, adding a few bright accents to the room style.

In a room made in Provencal style, for example, a light wood table will look great. If it looks good, then you don’t even have to think about how to choose textiles for the table. And in modern kitchen there will be a wide rectangular table made of frosted glass.

Designer tables are the perfect complement for both the family kitchen and the bachelor's cloister. Choose stylish and interesting furniture to make your room look less patterned, and the decor of the kitchen will please both family members and guests.

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