Kitchen table made of wood with your own hands

An integral attribute of each house is the dining table, at which the whole family gathers. Properly selected furniture allows households to feel comfortable in the kitchen. Undoubtedly, these requirements are met by a wooden kitchen table, which can be quite hand-made.


Before you start making such a design, you should decide what type of product you need. Among all this diversity, there are several types of kitchen tables:

  1. Traditional products. Tables of this type consist of a sub-base to which the legs and table tops are attached. Such a system is quite common, as it is relatively simple in construction and has a good durability. It should be noted that there are several variations of these tables, which suggest the possibility of dismantling the legs or table tops.
  2. Beam construction. They are distinguished by the presence of two supports located on opposite sides of the table top. The width of these elements in most cases equals the smaller size of the upper surface. Making such tables requires a certain amount of experience and well-equipped carpentry.
  3. Constructions without underbody. Such a table consists only of supporting legs, which are attached in a certain way to the table top. The whole system can be both integral and folding.
  4. Wall folding tables consist only of the table top, which is attached to the wall. The design is equipped with special rotary mechanisms that allow you to position the surface parallel to the floor, forming a horizontal surface. Wooden tables of this type are found only in very small kitchens, where there is a need to save work space.

Wood selection

Wood, as a material, is distinguished by plasticity and malleability, but at the same time its different species are characterized by different unique properties. In order to make the kitchen table you can use any type of this product.It should be borne in mind that if you choose too soft a tree, then its surface will scratch and quickly collapse. But it is easy to work with such breeds, therefore it can be used if you are a beginner and solve such a problem for the first time.

In the manufacture of solid wood tables, many experts use the following types of wood:

  1. Pine. The material is one of the softest, so products from it must be protected with several layers of varnish.
  2. Nut. Tables made of walnut boards are of considerable weight and solid structure. It is used in the case when you need to decorate the product openwork carving.
  3. Oak. This breed is one of the most optimal options, since the substance is not only beautiful and durable, but also beautifully processed. Also, oak tables are not susceptible to rotting in humid environments.
  4. Larch. The breed has unique healing properties, but during the construction of the tables it is impossible to distinguish them, since the material is coated with varnish, preventing the release of useful substances into the air.

Worktop making

Do-it-yourself can make a kitchen table made of wood with your own hands if you have the desire, some skills in working with this material and a specific tool.As already mentioned, there are many different designs of this kind, which differ in size and design design. Therefore, if you want to make a beautiful table yourself, then you can use ready-made drawings as a basis, the style of which you can choose for your interior.

The construction process begins with the construction of the table top.

Many recommend using for such purposes solid sheets of chipboard, from which you just need to cut a shield of a certain size. But it is better to do the worktop from a wooden board.

This process can be divided into several successive stages:

  1. Initially, you need to decide on the size of the tabletop and purchase the required number of boards. Their width can be different, the main thing is that they together give the value you need.
  2. When the material is ready, you need to adjust the size of all boards to the required length of the tabletop. Try to cut the ends at an angle of exactly 90 degrees. Then all the elements are carefully aligned and polished with a plane. Please note that the thickness should also be adjusted to a single value, since it depends on how smooth the plane will be.
  3. The interconnection of the boards with each other is carried out using dowels. To do this, on each element through equal segments mark the location of the fastener, and in the end drill holes for it. To get a strong connection, the surface of the dowels or holes can be coated with glue.

There is an alternative method of connection, which involves mounting on the underside of the table top. It is located across all the boards that need to be nailed to it.

Construction assembly

The process of installation of this design involves the preliminary formation of the frame:

  • First of all, previously prepared legs are connected to each other in pairs with short boards. They also need to be polished and give a beautiful appearance. Fastening is also made with the help of dowels, under which you need to drill holes in the legs and the bar.

If it is difficult for you to combine them, then you can use special corners.

  • After that, the two pairs of supports obtained are connected in a similar way by long boards.
  • The process of constructing the product is completed by fastening the table top to the resulting frame. Please note that if you use glue for bonding, then before assembly it is necessary to wait until the composition dries.

When the design is ready, you can begin to cover it with protective compounds.

For such purposes, you can use both ordinary paint and varnish. The latter option is preferable, as it does not spoil the appearance of the surface even after it is repainted.

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