Table made of artificial stone in the kitchen

The kitchen table is a special detail of the interior. It can not only occupy a central place in the whole composition of the design, but also serves for cooking and dining. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the table deteriorates much faster than any other furniture. That is why experienced housewives impose great demands on him.

Currently, there are so many options for kitchen tables. They differ in general style, shape, functionality, design. One of the main criteria for choosing a worktop is the technology of its production, as well as the type of material used for this. This is what determines the convenience and resistance to damage. One of the most versatile materials is artificial stone, which is successfully used by many manufacturers of kitchen furniture and will become increasingly important.

Special features

Modern kitchen design trends are very unstable.Often, in order to make a suitable worktop in the kitchen, it is necessary to select a material that can be subjected to complex processing, while having a presentable appearance and of sufficient quality for long-term use.

Of course, if we compare the durability of an artificial stone with a real one, then it is not so great.. However, this material fits well with the general requirements of design and practicality. The appearance of it resembles a natural one, while having a number of its advantages:

  • Countertops made of this material are almost two times lighter than similar options made of natural stone;
  • Buying a table made of artificial stone in the kitchen, you significantly save your money without saving on quality;
  • The composition of such furniture is highly durable;
  • The surface of the tabletop will be more pleasant to the touch and warm. In addition, it is resistant to scratches, acids, and many variants of household chemicals;
  • The structure of the artificial material facilitates the care of the table top. It will generally be much more resistant to difficult conditions in the kitchen. To clean the dirt, a normal wet sponge will be sufficient, and in case of more serious pollution, a small amount of cleaning agent;

We should also mention how simple the tables made of artificial stone are in terms of design concept. They are made in a variety of colors. In addition, the production technique and the structure of the tabletop allows you to add blotches of plastic or granules to them, which often gives very impressive and unusual results.

Also, modern technologies allow the use of a conglomerate to create various patterns and textures, which makes a simple worktop a real masterpiece of the interior. For example, many are attracted by the opportunity to choose a table that in appearance will resemble a marble stone or granite.

Also the plasticity of the material is unique. You can easily find curved versions of countertops, which are often in demand for a bar in the kitchen, or a very thin version of the table, which is becoming increasingly popular. And all this is made whole, without seams and additional connections.

It is also possible to create sufficiently large surfaces, for example, for a dining table. Thanks to the qualities of artificial stone, it will retain its presentable appearance even after years.

Of course, there are also disadvantages. For example, despite the resistance of the material to damage, it should not be subjected to prolonged exposure to excessively aggressive chemistry. Some substances can be absorbed into the structure of an artificial stone and eventually spoil it.

Some countertops of this type do not tolerate too high temperatures, so it is better not to put hot pots and pans on them right from the stove.

Table selection can be made based on a variety of factors. It takes into account the overall design, cost, shape. In addition, there are several options for artificial material, which also determines the characteristics and quality of the kitchen countertop.


Acrylic is a very effective choice. It looks impressive, has a beautiful shiny surface, and is considered completely safe for health. Tables of acrylic material can compete with a full-fledged stone worktop for the kitchen. Despite the fact that they are much cheaper, the variation of the available colors allows you to perfectly fit the new table in almost any interior option.

In addition to the attractive appearance, this countertop has other advantages:

  • Impressive strength and long-lasting quality appearance;
  • Acrylic artificial stone is resistant to high humidity, which is very important for kitchen furniture;
  • Even in the case of deep damage to the surface, it can be easily put in order by grinding;

Among the drawbacks, it is worth noting that the acrylic is sensitive to high temperatures. Also, it should not be cleaned with a brush or any means containing abrasive. As for the price, the purchase of such a tabletop is quite profitable, rather than buying a product made of natural material. However, other types of artificial stone are more affordable.

From liquid stone

Liquid stone, which is also called injection molding, is the most affordable material. Worktops made from it have a solid color, and also have a matte surface.

Among their advantages it is also worth noting the resistance to shock and temperature extremes. A table made of liquid stone in the kitchen can be successfully selected as for a modern hi-tech interior,so for a more classic wood design. Despite the monotony, the variability of colors is quite high.

The properties of cast stone protect furniture from the possible occurrence of mold, add resistance to the influence of cleaning agents. In addition, such a table, in case of damage, is easy enough to repair.

All the disadvantages of such a variant of the table are connected with the peculiarities of its manufacture: a small layer of liquid stone is applied on a substrate made of MDF panel. Unscrupulous manufacturers can save too much on the material, and cracks can form on the table very quickly. That is why buying a table made of artificial stone in the kitchen is recommended only in stores with a good reputation.

From agglomerate

For those who want to maximize the similarity of the material of the table with natural stone, it is best to opt for sinter. Among other materials, this stands out for its external quality. But do not assume that he has no other advantages:

  • Tables made of agglomerate artificial stone have good strength;
  • Resistant to various damaging factors.which include household cleaners, food dyes, hot dishes;
  • Almost perfect resistance to moisture. Sinter tabletops are not at risk of mold;
  • They are an environmentally friendly product;
  • Easy to clean;

Of course, we should not forget about the shortcomings. For example, it is impossible to repair such a tabletop in the event of damage. If something happens to her, the only way to solve the problem is to contact a specialized center or an experienced master. In addition, the acquisition of such an element of the interior is not cheap.

Proper care

Any thing requires proper care. It is especially important to understand this if you still decide to purchase a table in the kitchen of artificial stone. Despite all its advantages and a great guarantee of durability, even such material may not last long if it is handled incorrectly. In order for your new table to please you with its appearance for many years, remember a few simple rules:

  • To clean the table, as a rule, a normal wet sponge or a small amount of soapy water is sufficient;
  • Do not use cleaning products that contain various chemical acids, especially in this case. If your table is made of acrylic artificial stone. Such substances quickly spoil the polished surface, which makes it tarnish;
  • Also, avoid bleaching agents on the table top or any other substances that may contain chlorine. This will quickly lead to discoloration of its surface;
  • If wine, citrus fruit juice, tea are spilled on the table, then it is better to wipe them immediately with a rag, rather than leaving them for several hours.

In general, the care of the tabletop made of artificial material is not a big deal. Just care and careful handling, as well as timely cleaning. This can be attributed to another advantage in favor of such a kitchen table.

In conclusion, we can note the fact that artificial stone as an interior material is becoming increasingly popular. Reviews of quality products of this type are usually positive, which is not surprising. Such a tabletop for a long time will take place in your kitchen, ideally complementing its design.

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