Kitchen table material

The table is an integral part of the interior of any kitchen. This furniture performs not only a functional, but also a decorative role, and therefore the choice of this item should be approached with all responsibility.

Particular attention in the acquisition process should be given to the material from which the product is made. From this directly depends on how long the purchase will last, and how the surface will "react" to various influences.

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How to choose?

The kitchen is the most functional room in the house, and the room arrangement should be approached responsibly and seriously. Particular attention in creating a harmonious design should be given to the choice of furniture, since it not only complements the decor, but also has an important functional significance.

One of the main items in the kitchen is the table. Choosing this product, it is necessary to study the operational properties of the material, focus on the design of the room in which the furniture will stand.

Modern manufacturers offer customers a wide range of kitchen tables, which allows you to determine the appropriate model. Special attention in the acquisition process should be given to the material. The surface must be stable and not be afraid of mechanical effects.

In the process of purchasing furniture, you need to focus on the following criteria:

  • moisture resistance level;
  • features of care for the material;
  • resistance to temperature extremes.

It should be noted that for the manufacture of kitchen tables used a variety of materials. In the process of buying you need to focus not only on your own preferences, but also on the conditions of operation.

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A rock

Recently, stone tables for the kitchen have been particularly popular among buyers. The main advantage of these options is good stability. They have an attractive appearance, are presented in a variety of colors, which allows you to decide on a suitable product for decorating the kitchen.

The peculiarity of the stone is that it is easy to process.Due to this, in the manufacturing process, you can get a product of any shape, and then use it for furnishing the kitchen.

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Plus tables made of stone are also easy to maintain. The surface does not absorb excessive moisture, grease or dirt, which is quite important. After cleaning, no harmful microorganisms remain on the stone and mold does not appear.

The base is not deformed during use, as noted by experts. Even with sharp temperature changes, the surface retains its appearance.

If damage occurs, the stone can be repaired. Tables are perfectly amenable to grinding, and after such work they get their original look.

As for the drawbacks, the only drawback is the large surface weight. Natural stone is quite difficult to install, the overall dimensions of the structure complicate this process. Some tables made of artificial species (acrylic polymer) do not withstand the effects of too high temperatures.


In addition to stone, there are still a large number of materials that are used for the manufacture of kitchen furniture.No less popular are the tables from MDF. The peculiarity of this type is that the whole plate is covered with a laminate with high strength. At the final stage of creation, a special protective layer is applied.

Plus manufacturing technology is that the process does not apply harmful substances. A variety of shades and imitation of expensive structures allows you to choose a model in accordance with the design of the room.

The minus of MDF is that the material has low resistance to aggressive substances, which are often found in household chemicals. During use, scratches or other damage may remain on the surface.


No less common are products from chipboard. In the production process, the plate is laminated with a special plastic, which ensures high technical performance. The advantages of the material include ease of installation, a wide range of choices and reasonable cost.

In comparison with the previous versions, chipboard has a large number of disadvantages. During use, the surface is able to deform,possesses low rates of heat resistance, loses its color during long-term operation. The main disadvantage is the presence of harmful substances in the base.


One of the most interesting options is the stainless steel table. Kitchen surfaces are resistant to moisture, are not whimsical in care and are durable. In comparison with previous species, stainless steel models have a good level of heat resistance. The main advantage of the material is that it is not amenable to aggressive acids.

As with any kind, stainless steel has small drawbacks. The cost of the product exceeds the average. Surfaces are quite whimsical in care. After washing, there are often stains that are rather difficult to remove. The creation of tables involved in a few manufacturers.

Solid wood

The most beautiful and expensive in appearance are models from solid wood. Surfaces can be easily polished, and even in the presence of damage, you can return them to the original design. This is especially true of options made from pine.

Tips and tricks

In choosing the right table for the kitchen, you can focus on several useful and interestingtips from experts:

  1. Products made of natural stone look best in spacious and large kitchens. In small rooms, such options do not look very appropriate.
  2. On the surface, made of stone, you need to carefully put the dishes. This is due to the fact that the tables are too hard in comparison with other options.
  3. During the selection you need to focus on the style of the kitchen. Stone tables do not look too appropriate against the background of furniture made of chipboard.
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