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The kitchen at all times was and remains one of the significant places in the house or apartment. They not only prepare delicious food, but also have good gatherings with friends over a cup of tea, family lunches, breakfasts, dinners and just a lot of heart-to-heart talk.

Size matters

In each house the sizes of the kitchen are different, so the hostess always tries to create a special atmosphere of warmth, comfort and, of course, save space. This helps competently selected furniture. Wise center keepers choose a book table with a depth of 650 mm. It has three positions and can be folded, half-folded or fully folded, it all depends on the situation. If there is such a necessary piece of furniture in your home, no number of guests will take you by surprise.


We all remember the Soviet thumbs, which reached out and moved apart when the guests came, but they had a serious drawback - it is the same look and heavy weight.Modern books are much lighter, their range is huge and everyone can easily pick exactly what they need. Today's production also makes drawers right in the table, which allows you to store the necessary things in it, saving space. The hostess can put groceries, dishes or towels in the drawers of the table. Their size can be completely any and fit into the interior. In addition, the boxes can be combined and purchase them of any color and design.

Legs are an important part

The advantage of this type of furniture in the legs. Each apartment owner will choose the most necessary for its interior - the table support is both wooden and metal. And the wheels are screwed to the legs, which allow not to transfer, but to transport furniture from one room to another, or move it when cleaning.

If we talk about the form, the table-book can be rectangular or oval. Oval is chosen by families with children, as it eliminates the risk of injury to children in the kitchen.

The kitchen table book has to conform to modern requirements and to be made of reliable material. This is usually laminated chipboard, durable plastic or metal.The frame can be any, as long as it keeps on metal legs. They provide the stability of the table on any surface. It is very simple to assemble it, therefore, when buying a “book,” usually they don’t call collectors and even movers.

Another advantage of such a kitchen table is that it is easy to clean the surface, and if you want to insure yourself not to scratch, oilcloth or a tablecloth that can be matched to the interior will do.

Which to choose?

Manufacturers provide glass furniture lovers with the choice of tables-books of this material, although glass is already less practical than wood or plastic, it requires more maintenance and comes in handy like stationary furniture that will not often be moved from one place to another.

Metal is more reliable and durable, however, much harder and often more expensive. That is why the housewives choose wood or plastic so that in case of unexpected guests it was possible to independently move the structure from one room to another, the book could be decomposed without any matter from which material the table was made.

It is suitable for owners of private houses,as with the onset of the warm season, it can be easily brought out and you can dine with your family or friends in the open air.

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