Round extendable table in the kitchen

A round table in the kitchen makes the interior of the room noble and sophisticated; rounded shapes look equally good in the classic restrained, rustic or interior of modern format, the main thing is to choose the appropriate material and style of the product. There are standard countertops and sliding models. The latter allow you to increase the useful area of ​​the table, for example, when the long-awaited guests descend.

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Exquisite and romantic round table top becomes the ultimate dream of most housewives, we will tell about the advantages and features of such furniture in the interior of the kitchen.

  1. The original and laconic form of the round table attracts above all with its design; there are tabletops made of metal, wood, MDF, chipboard, plastic, glass and combined elements.
  2. The absence of sharp corners will be a guarantee of safety from bruises due to awkward or fast movement.Especially the round table will be appropriate in a large family where there are active children.
  3. Round tables accommodate more people than rectangular or square ones.
  4. The shape of the tabletop allows you to place the dishes in equal distance from each family member or guest.
  5. Round or oval shapes themselves are more comfortable and cozy for a feast or tea drinking due to the lack of sharp right angles.
  6. A sliding structure will become a multifunctional model: it tends to increase in area up to two times depending on the available stock.


  • Particularly organically looks round tabletop, made of wood and its derivatives. These include veneered MDF and chipboard materials, modern practical and wear-resistant components.

The quality of wood used is an array of oak, beech, ash - the most durable and expensive breeds that demonstrate amazing properties: resistance to temperature changes, or the touch of warm, hot, cold dishes. It is worth knowing that almost every model of a wooden table has an additional coating that protects the surface from deformation (swelling, swelling).

  • The bosom looks like a tree with a smooth texture. Bubbles are created by mixing wood chips and polymer resin, due to which it has a smooth surface and light glossy shine. By its properties, it is close to a non-natural stone - durable, inexpensive, resistant to mechanical and temperature effects.
  • The round glass table top looks airy in the interior of modern kitchens, so it is chosen for small rooms: transparent glass has the ability to reflect light and visually expand the space.
  • Laminated chipboard and MDF should be attributed to a separate group of materials in spite of the fact that wood, or rather, its chips, was used as the basis. Externally, these countertops are unlike wood, rather resemble artificial stone or practical plastic with a glossy surface. The low-cost version will be chipboard material - lightweight, durable, with a long service life, but requiring tablecloth flooring.
  • To create an original round tabletop, natural stone is often used - an eco-friendly and durable material, often marble.Despite its strength and power, marble is capricious for kitchen circumstances - it easily absorbs dirt and is difficult to clean from stubborn stains (coffee, wine, fruit and berry juices, vegetables).
  • An alternative to natural will be artificial stone - light, inexpensive, practical and safe.
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At the choice of the size of a round sliding table for kitchen it is worth considering room dimensions. A diameter of 90 cm on the tabletop is suitable for the free positioning of two persons, and more people will fit behind it if the rest are pressed together or if the furniture model has a folding character.

  • For landing 3-4 people will be appropriate round table top with a diameter of 110 cm; if it tends to increase, then it can “play into the hands” of the guests and use the additional area for landing guests. The size of a 100 cm table is common and is chosen in the kitchen of a small square, but the smallest table top has a format of 70 cm in diameter and is considered the most compact and functional model of the kitchen table.
  • A tabletop with a diameter of 130 cm can fit up to 6 people, 150 cm - up to 8 people, 170 cm - up to a dozen people.It is important to take into account the fact that each person should have at least 60-70 cm width, and by simple calculations it is possible to calculate in advance which table is necessary for you.
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The shape and design of the legs

This parameter is important when choosing a kitchen table and placing it in an already finished interior. If you select a table and a working set, then it is important to choose a single style for their design.

For the most romantic direction in the interior - the French “Provence”, choose the legs in the form of thin and curved balusters made of metal, wood or rattan, the same rule applies to “light” classics. For a classic interior, “English”, “Provence”, “Country” it will be appropriate to have a round table on one leg - elegant, thick, with elements of thread or ornament. It is good, if the table-top and chairs will go a set in one color and with identical decorative elements.

One leg of the table can be used for the tabletop in the modern interior, if it is made of metal with a mirror shine.

Four legs at the tabletop round shape - the standard and the most familiar combination of elements. Wooden tables on four pillars look stable, which means they will become a harmonious piece of furniture in a classic or close to it interior.

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Separation mechanism

A round sliding table has one important advantage - its area can be increased due to simple movement.

  1. The round tabletop can be moved apart due to the fact that its two halves are moved apart, an additional wooden plate unfolds, and an oval table for dinner is formed. This type of mechanism is the most popular transformer in wooden tabletops (this includes MDF, chipboard, chipboard), it is found in glass variations.
  2. The table-book is a model when the tabletop consists of two round plates, and if necessary, one (hidden part) unfolds, forming two mirrored circular surfaces.
  3. The third type of round sliding table is a compact square or rectangular model, traditionally of small width, with the sliding parts lowered. These are the lowered elements of the kitchen table, if necessary, are laid out - mounted on additional legs or fastened thanks to the accessories.

Design solutions

The circle-table is especially often used by designers in creating a sophisticated, refined, attractive interior in various directions.

Dark shades of the tabletop are organically combined with light walls in the kitchen or dining room, creating a contrasting space.

Dark colors and wood look more appropriate in a strict English style or provenance with elements of luxury and chic. Equally well dark furniture is suitable for creating classics familiar to us with natural wood in the main decoration of furniture, and to save on the purchase, you can choose veneered MDF as a table top - it will become its basis.

A white round table top made of plastic or chipboard (MDF) will be appropriate in a spacious bright dining room with panoramic or large windows; chairs it is important to choose in the format of furniture - light, geometrically correct and elegant.

If we talk about a practical wooden tabletop in white on four massive pillars, then it will be a question of Provence or delicate classics and a cozy atmosphere. The white color of the furniture fronts will complement the charm of the space and allow you to create a home interior, especially a concisely white round-shaped table would be appropriate in the spacious kitchen.

So that white furniture and white walls do not merge into one, it is important to properly decorate the kitchen and dining room,add bright accents and colors thanks to textiles and other elements for decor: carpets, framed wall posters, curtains, upholstery of chairs, a chandelier and wall sconces.

The light dining table in the interior design is well combined with chairs with rich textile upholstery; The fact is that due to the lack of four pillars, the space under the table becomes larger, and upholstered dining furniture will become relevant and practical to use. At the same time, the color of the textile seats can be selected based on the concept of the room: for the Provence format, any muted tones like lavender, powdery, soft blue will do.

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