Small folding tables for a small kitchen

On the market are small folding tables for small kitchens, which are designed for the interiors of small apartments. However, the choice of such purchases is always fraught with difficulties - either there is no product in the market, or there is one, but for some reason it does not fit.

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Determine what we need

First, you need to understand how much space one person needs for a more or less comfortable meal, given that the generally accepted length of the table top is 60 centimeters per person.

Secondly, you need to count the maximum number of people who will simultaneously eat at the table. It is important to take into account the fact that in most cases the whole family will not gather at the table, for example, they all have breakfast together, and they come from work at different times.

Third, determine the shape and design of the table. A round and oval table top imposes restrictions on use in the interior, while a rectangular one should allow at least one person to take a place from the end.The tabletop should be folded at least twice, it will allow half of the family members to have a comfortable dinner without moving the table apart.

Fourth, determine the size of the available space in the kitchen space. A table in a folded position should be placed in the kitchen so that it occupies a minimum of space, and when unfolded it should be so that you can walk around without stumbling around it.

Possible options

A shelf is a variant of a folding table at which all those sitting will sit next to each other in one row. It can be installed on a blank wall or by a window, in this case you will not put anyone on the ends of the shelf.

Folding table top - There may be many options, as well as the principles of execution. The base is rigidly fixed to the wall and a folding table is already attached to it, with or without folding benches. The disadvantage of this approach is that it will always have to be folded after a meal. If space allows, then it can be kept unfolded or made generally clumsy with legroom, and chairs can be pushed in there when they are not needed.

Extendable tabletop - Another option, not without flaws. It can be pushed into the desktop and hidden under the main tabletop.The option is completely inconvenient, since there is no place to put away the chairs, and the surface of the main working piece of furniture is usually filled with kitchen utensils and dishes.

Folding tables and tables - an option for the kitchen, in which they are used as a separate piece of furniture and can be removed at any time, freeing up space, for example, for several people working simultaneously. It is advisable to add folding chairs. On sale there are offers of different designs and shapes - round, square, oval, even triangular.

Ways of implementation

In the recent past, and for some it is very important now, the owner of a meager kitchen would have collected his thoughts and made such a table with his own hands, as there were no such items on sale. Some craftsmen make wonderful tables, to which it is not a shame to invite guests and which look quite like factory-made, that is, made at a high professional level.

If you do not possess such skills, then it remains to buy the finished product in the store or order in the atelier of furniture. Both that, and other option will look very decently and will flow into your interior quite successfully.

Design features and combination of styles

As a rule, the dining table is purchased last, that is, after installing the headset. It depends on how well designed the headset is, how much space is left in the room. It is important to understand and immediately determine, at least approximately, the ways in which you will move in the room. The remaining space can be allocated for the dining area. In the version with a folding table, you need to take into account the additional space that it requires to manipulate it - otherwise you simply cannot expand it. Today on sale you can find the following options:

  • completely wooden;
  • a table from a steel profile, but with a wooden table-top;
  • stationary metal with a glass surface;
  • plastic.

Each has its pros and cons. So, the first and last are the most mobile, that is, to fold it and move it to another room, for example, to the bedroom, is not difficult - it is both folding and lightweight.

However, plastic is short-lived and as an inefficient material, it stabs, turns yellow, scratches, and is afraid of temperature changes, sunlight. The tree also has a number of complaints - the same problems with hot, low wear resistance of the surface.Recently, protective coatings based on epoxy resins and other plastic polymers began to appear. Products covered in this way are more durable and less prone to scratches and dents.

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However, the fact that the mechanism is made of wood, imposes certain restrictions. A more acceptable option - the design of metal and wood. In this case, the product becomes not so light, but it acquires a number of properties that cannot be achieved on a fully wooden product. So, they are expanding, already increasing at times. As a rule, their coating is lacquer or polymer, through which the structure of the tree is visible. Simple, concise, practical and most importantly, a beautiful option. In case there are multi-colored elements in the interior of the kitchen, then the table can have any color.

Qualitatively another way - a folding table with a glass tabletop. He already has many advantages:

  • he is not afraid of temperature changes;
  • he is not afraid of the fungus;
  • not scratching;
  • various color scale;
  • thoughtful version of the design;
  • possibility of transformation with an increase in area by half;
  • wide selection in stores;
  • easy to care for him.

By the way, in the variant with such tables it is advisable to consider buying a round or oval piece of furniture. In contrast to the awkward, such a table can be put to the wall, after folding its sidewall and getting a truncated cone. They are formed along the greater or lesser side, the main thing is for you to decide and choose what you need.

A separate case can be considered tables-books, they are butterflies. When folded, it turns into a cabinet, taking up very little space, while always having the opportunity to use it for its intended purpose. With a minimum surface area, two people will fit behind it.

We use a window sill

Very interesting in the interior look tables, window sills. The main part is mounted to the window sill and is its continuation. The folding part is almost always removable or not used continuously, or used from time to time as a work surface. Removable this part is done in order to maintain access to the radiator, for its repair or maintenance.

To mount such a table after the purchase on its own does not pose any difficulty and any person who knows how to hold a screwdriver and use a drill will cope with it. Its advantage is that it, along with the window sill, is rigidly attached to the wall - the supporting structure. Finishing is done, as a rule, in the color of the kitchen, but it can be done with lacquer, polymers, and even natural stone. In this case, the folding part will become heavy.

Special features

There are elements whose presence is not critical, and they are not necessary when choosing furniture, but in a small kitchen you will definitely feel the lack of them:

  • The presence of locks of moving parts in the folded and unfolded position.
  • In the folded position, the table should at least minimally, but still perform its functions.
  • If it is not intended to be moved, then it is desirable that he has the possibility of fastening to the wall.

Tables and children: the secret of friendship

It’s not news that the relationship between children and this piece of furniture is not easy: children strive to climb on the table, they constantly fall off the chairs when they sit behind him, beat about the corners when they walk past. We cannot do anything with corners, we can only exclude them by choosing an oval or round table, only in this case the child will not beat them. Behind such a piece of interior is much more convenient and control how your child is sitting; you can easily move it to yourself or, say, move it away.

Minimum space and maximum options

Let us dwell on the option of buying a table. In our case, it is uniquely folding, the selection criteria for which are as follows:

  • if his place is not finally determined, then he must be easy;
  • ovals and rectangles are not for us, our version is round or square. These forms allow you to maximize the use of space. Experiencing that it will be inconvenient to serve is not worth it, since “at hand” you have the main desktop, you can put everything you need on it - just reach out and take it.
  • since the table is folding, you need to show maximum attention and meticulously inspect its mechanism.
  • in the store, any table will look good, and the consultant will tell you everything and show it - be sure to try it yourself, fold and spread it out, lean on it, apply strength and ceiling it - it should be steady and not loose.
  • Check that the table legs have non-slip pads. You have so little space, if he also begins to slide on the floor, you risk getting hurt.
  • make sure that the worktop is properly secured on the base. If it is made of glass, exclude bolts from the mounting options.
  • Pay attention that the surface is resistant to abrasion, the mechanism that will be constantly used will cause the loss of the attractive appearance of the tabletop.
  • it should not creak, knock, swing, deform during transformation.

In the interior, small folding tables for a small kitchen are functional elements that can be used both for their intended purpose, and as auxiliary tables in a normal sized kitchen. Today in the stores presented their wide choice. Following our advice, you will definitely choose your high-quality table that will be convenient to use, and it will not take up too much space in a small kitchen.

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