Dining tables and chairs for the kitchen

The choice of dining tables and chairs for the kitchen is quite wide. There are various color schemes, various forms and sizes. For a small kitchen, there are options for transforming tables that can save space.

It is worth to get a table for kitchen after other working furniture is established. In this case, you can estimate the amount of free space and easily fit the dining group in the interior of the room. Pay special attention to such moments:

  • Is it functional enough?
  • Does the chosen set match in style with the rest of the room's furniture?
  • Does the shape and color of the furniture match the overall atmosphere of the kitchen?
  • proper division into working and dining areas.

Geometry of dining room furniture

The rectangular table is a classic model. Fits into any interior and style. As a rule, placed near the wall, and with a large number of guests becomes in the middle of the dining area.Depending on the design of the room, you can choose a classic dark, fashionable bright color for a modern bright kitchen, or glass on metal legs for a high-tech kitchen.

The advantage of such models is that they can accommodate a sufficient amount of dishes and cutlery. The lack of a rectangular product can be attributed to the presence of sharp corners, which can be traumatic with a lack of free space in the kitchen.

A round table will add comfort to your kitchen. It is combined with different styles in the interior, gives lightness and has no sharp corners. Behind him can easily accommodate more than four people, while no one will be pushed to the corner of the table. It is wrong to place it in the corner of the kitchen, because it will not be used all the useful space of the table and it can accommodate a maximum of 3 people. However, such a table would not be a good solution for a small kitchen, because you will constantly have to move it from place to place or bypass it.

The oval model has the advantages of both round and rectangular tables. It can accommodate a lot of dishes and appliances, it can accommodate a large company, has no sharp corners and looks elegant in any interior.As a rule, oval products can be transformed into a round table, which takes up less space. Countertops of this form are also made from different materials, whether wood, plastic, rattan or glass.

A square table will be indispensable in a small apartment. Behind him without any problems will be able to accommodate a family of four. It takes up relatively little space, if necessary it can be attached to a wall or pushed into a corner, and it fits into a practical, modern design, where there is nothing superfluous.

Custom Tables

There are similar products and less traditional forms. They can be made in the form of a hexagon, a triangle, a crescent, a drop and other individual forms. If you choose such a table, it is worth remembering that it requires more free space. However, if the design of your kitchen is made in one of the modern directions, then this piece of furniture will emphasize your individuality.


If you like to gather big companies, but the kitchen area is small, a transforming table would be the best option. There is a variety of forms and models of transformations.

The sliding table is a design, due to which it increases due to the fact that the edges go to the sides, and inside the tabletop increases due to the liner. Such a model turns a square product into a rectangular, and a round - into an oval.

The folding model increases due to the fact that its side parts are put forward. In the assembled position, these elements are hidden under the table top.

Table-book - one of the most popular models of transformers. The effective area increases due to the fact that the table is expanded as an open book. An additional advantage is that you can only fold one half for a small company. With a large number of guests, the structure is fully folded and turns into a full-fledged table.

The folding table solves problems with a dining place even in the tiniest rooms. This model assumes that part of the product is mounted in the wall, and the other unfolds, if necessary, and has remote legs. It can accommodate up to three people freely. There are also square, semicircular and rectangular shapes.


Wood is the most traditional solution.It will fit well into the interior, where the finish of the same or similar material was used. Ideal complements the kitchen of any style, from the fancy antique to the practical modern.

Rattan is suitable for the kitchen, the design of which uses a combination of textiles with metal. Wicker furniture will add comfort to the atmosphere of the kitchen and looks really home-like. Despite the visible airiness, the material is quite durable. However, such furniture requires additional care: you must carefully wipe the chairs from falling dust and crumbs.

Choosing a model with a glass tabletop, you get a feeling of airiness of the table. Modern technologies allow to make the glass surface heat-resistant, moisture-proof and shock-resistant. This model is suitable for the kitchen on a par with the traditional wooden table, but will not visually load the space.

Glass tops have a lot of variations in colors. They can be transparent, mirror, matte white, colored, with photo printing. Combined with chrome or plastic chairs. When choosing pay special attention to the thickness of the tabletop - it should not be less than 10 mm.

Selection of chairs

If you don’t know how many chairs you need, then it’s worth considering that for a comfortable seat each person needs 60-65 cm. Based on this, for a table 120 cm long there will be 4 chairs optimally, and for longer ones 5-6 chairs should be purchased.

For a small kitchen to pick up chairs is very difficult. All family members should get a place, but it is impossible to place all this furniture in a small room. The solution can be folding chairs or those that can be stacked on top of each other. If there is no need to use all the chairs, they can be hidden on the balcony, in the closet or in another room.

Plastic chairs look harmonious in a modern interior. Such elements give lightness and transparency. They have a relatively small weight and can be performed in a wide range of colors.

For the classic table fit wooden chairs with textile upholstery. To protect such furniture from heavy wear, fabric covers for chairs can be used. This will help the chairs to maintain a decent look longer, and the colors of the seats can be changed with the same ease as simply replacing the curtains.

If your apartment has a large table, but the number of people behind it is irregular, then purchase two or three chairs with a back. For the remaining seats you can use compact stools or folding chairs. They are easy to clean under the table or closet.

A soft corner is one of the popular solutions for the kitchen of any size. Such seats are quite comfortable and save space due to the location along the wall. Under the seats, as a rule, there are drawers for storing kitchen utensils and other trifles. Mini-sofa can be used as an extra place to relax.

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