Folding table to the kitchen

Currently, studio apartments are gaining wide popularity, where the kitchen is combined with a room. And in apartments where there is a separate kitchen, very few people can boast of its large size. It is necessary to manage to place all the necessary furniture in a small space. It is clear that saving space in this case is quite a relevant issue.

The kitchen table is if not the main, then very important furniture attribute. No wonder he is called the "heart" of the house, because it is here that the whole family gathers in moments of joy and sorrow. The solution to the problem of lack of space for a full-fledged table can be the decision to purchase a wall folding table.


Folding table attached to the wall. When assembled, it is a thin strip adjacent to it. Disassembled - can easily accommodate all family members. It should be noted that it is rather easy to build such a table on your own.

This option has several advantages:

  • compact size - decorated in a certain way, the folded table may not be visible at all.
  • functionality - depending on the size in unfolded form can accommodate a sufficiently large number of people
  • stylish look - modern modification can blend in with the kitchen interior
  • ease of manufacture and installation.

When choosing this option, you should make a start not only from the area of ​​the room, but also from the number of people you would like to accommodate. And then find the best option for the size and shape of the structure, as well as the design that fits the interior.

Shape selection

  1. rectangular - considered the most popular model. It has a good capacity. Convenient to serve. The best option for the family, often host guests
  2. square suitable for a family of three
  3. round - requires more living space than rectangular and square, 1.5-2 times, although it always blends in well with the interior. Considered safe due to lack of angles
  4. oval - combines the benefits of a round and rectangular table


  • Chipboard and MDF - lightweight materials with relatively low cost.The finish of the look of these materials may resemble wood. However, particleboard is highly toxic compared to MDF. MDF, in turn, is considered to be a material that is highly flammable, and even quickly heated objects, not to mention an open fire, pose a potential risk.
  • Tree - environmentally friendly material. Its weight is big enough. This option is much more durable than MDF and particleboard.
  • Glass also environmentally friendly option. Models of tempered glass are durable, not afraid of scratches and bumps, but rather expensive.

How to make yourself

Quick and easy folding table can be done as follows. To do this, you will need a support - three slats, tightened into a triangle, a table top, a base plate for fixing the table top, a T-shaped base plate for fixing a support, a butterfly loop, wall fasteners.

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As an option - you can attach the tabletop to the window sill, if there is no doubt that the table is likely to be located above the battery. In this case, it will often be overshadowed. So that the air is well circulated, it may be worth making holes in the tabletop. When the table is located above the battery.Use chipboard as a material for its manufacture is not worth it to avoid the evaporation of harmful substances. A more suitable option - MDF or solid wood.

The wall kitchen table can be successfully disguised. So, with a flick of the wrist, he can turn into a mirror or into a picture. And can be successfully combined with a kitchen cabinet.

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