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Oval sliding table for the kitchen - it is an indispensable thing for those who like to spend time at dinner as part of the whole family or often invite their friends to visit. What exactly the table will be is an important question, and you should be responsible for choosing it. Such a piece of furniture should not just fit into the overall interior, it should be the highlight of the whole decor. And the most important in this sense is precisely its form.

After all, the form is responsible for the overall harmony of the situation in the whole room. Today, the most popular are oval-shaped tables that can give the kitchen a touch of refinement, beauty and unique style.

Oval sliding table for the kitchen has a tab, due to which it is increased. When there is no need to enlarge the tabletop, the tab is under it. There are some models where the tab is automatically extended with the help of special parts.

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First of all, the fact that such a piece of furniture can be safely used in a cramped room, without fear that the small child will not “fit” in the rotation and cut his head on the sharp edge or just someone will not bruise himself if in such a kitchen a big company will meet.

Be that as it may, the rounded edges of the tabletops have always been considered the opportunity to create an original interior in a house that doesn’t take away elegance and attractiveness.

The meal will always take place with complete convenience for all those sitting at the table, because all the dishes will be at the same distance from each of them. And if we talk about the psychological aspect, there are also solid advantages here, because the round surface is what has to comfort in communication.

There is a huge variety of proposals for decorating on the market, according to the choice of material, so there simply cannot arise any problems with the option that would be appropriate in the style of your interior.

An oval extendable table will make it possible to seat a fairly decent number of people in a cramped kitchen room, and the space that is usually free in the kitchen will remain so in this case.An oval piece of furniture in the kitchen, as a rule, looks very original and makes new, pleasant looking notes into its decor.

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For the manufacture of sliding oval table today are used a variety of materials. Kitchen table of what materials is considered the most popular these days?

From glass

A dining piece of glass furniture will not absorb any odors and will be resistant to environmental influences, but it will require double care, because any stains will be very noticeable on it. But such a disadvantage will not be an obstacle for someone who wants to eat in an environment of harmony and aesthetics.

Not only does the oval glass table have such a wonderful view, it also visually makes the kitchen more voluminous.

Of wood

If the table is wooden, then most likely it is beech or oak. Such a product will fit into any interior and decorate it with itself. In operation, a table made of natural wood does not have any limitations, although one drawback is still there - the tree wears out over time, and therefore manufacturers in the manufacture of wooden tables always cover the wood with a protective compound.

The cost of such products is not small, but still they have many admirers who prefer this particular material.

From ShDSP and MDF

An oval sliding table made of these common materials is a practical and original thing. The cost of the product is relatively small, and the tabletop in appearance is almost the same as a tabletop made of natural wood.

From laminated chipboard and MDF

It is an inexpensive material and its main advantage in this and in a wide variety of colors and designs. This tabletop must be protected with a tablecloth or coasters that fit into the overall interior. MDF is the leader in durability and strength, and for this reason its cost is higher than that of chipboard.

Of stone

Stone table is made of natural breeds or from artificial materials. In the first embodiment, the tables are very original and have an aesthetic appearance, only because of the high prices they cannot be bought by everyone who likes them. And as a good alternative to such an expensive product, you can choose a beautiful oval sliding table for the kitchen, which is made of artificial stone.

This material is much lighter than natural stone, is much more affordable, and will serve no less than a product made from natural material.

A person who has decided to purchase an oval sliding table in his kitchen can be recommended first of all to pay attention to its cost and the material from which it is made.

How to choose

A sliding oval table in the kitchen should harmoniously fit into the overall interior of this room. The table should be selected in the same style as the rest of the furniture, and in the same color scheme. You need to pay attention to the design of the table legs, because their quality and style will largely influence how the kitchen will look in general.

For example, a kitchen designed in the “classic” style will suit an oval sliding table with curved legs, and for modern furnishings in the kitchen the most suitable table with legs made of metal or simple wooden legs.

Kitchen oval table is recommended to decorate with a tablecloth. There may be several of them - for every day, for holidays, for different seasons of the year, with children's drawings - each hostess will choose them at her own discretion.Due to this diversity, the kitchen will constantly change and will always be able to change its white appearance to any rich color.

About capacity

It will look great oval version in a rectangular kitchen. It will be for her a compact and practical solution with the necessary functionality. Even if it is a small piece of oval-shaped furniture, anyway, a person 5 or 6 behind him will be able to accommodate. And if you push it further, the number of seats will be even greater.

Oval sliding transforming table - a model that is popular today all over the world

The main thing for such a design is its frame, because it will bear the main load when folded and unfolded. The best choice would be a metal frame, although there are models with a reliable wooden frame. But the frame made of plastic is a bad choice, such a product is short-lived and very quickly will become unusable.

The legs should be in shape, in accordance with the loads that will fall on them. If you have an oval transforming glass table in the kitchen, the legs should be metal. It is more reliable and durable than other materials.

The main thing for an oval transformer kitchen table is to fit into the ambience of the room. This means that the kitchen should have some more interior items with smooth shapes.

If the kitchen is small

Is the oval sliding table relevant in such a room? It turns out that not just relevant, but will be the best option in this case. Especially practical it will be an oval piece of furniture, behind which, if necessary, even 8 people can be accommodated, so that for a large family with a small kitchen it will become a real “magic wand”.

Psychological factor

In the kitchen, women spend most of their free time. And for the rest of the family members, the kitchen is associated with something pleasant, with the opportunity to have a tasty meal, chat with each other, or, for example, invite someone for a cup of tea. So there must be a psychological factor in the decoration of this room.

For example, just the smooth lines of the oval table, as psychologists believe, contribute to pacification and are recommended in such cases:

  1. if any family member has an explosive nature or a reactive psyche;
  2. an interior with many technical innovations;
  3. a family in which there is a small child or elderly.

The danger of injuries due to sharp corners, in fact - the question is quite serious, because you can get to the hospital in serious condition, just by accidentally hitting the corner. This will never happen if you have this piece of oval furniture in your kitchen.

On one leg

This practical solution will appeal to many, because this option has a lot of advantages. Each buyer, looking at a particular model, chooses the one that fits him in all respects and fits into the interior of his kitchen. But how to choose this product according to the number of its legs? It turns out that the professionals in this regard have their own valuable recommendations.

No matter how narrow the room is, the oval table should be located in relation to other objects centimeters 60 meters from them. Thus, when a person with an average weight will sit behind him, then there will be no problems with a free approach to any piece of furniture. Choosing this piece of furniture, you should always push off from the "permeability" of those people who have to sit behind him.

But other nuances are also important, such as, for example, the frequency with which households or guests will gather at the table. If noisy companies are not assumed, then the size of the table 80x145 will be optimal. It is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the kitchen itself, and not try to squeeze the overall model into the small one, because this will create a lot of inconvenience for the normal functioning of the kitchen.

The kitchen oval table happens to one leg, such model looks very attractive. In addition, at such a table there will be no problem in order to sit at the table or leave the table.

The most elegant oval table for a kitchen is a product of white color. If you put it in a kitchen with a small area, it will visually enlarge it and make it lighter, and in a kitchen of sufficiently large size, it will add a touch of luxury to the decor.

The presence in the kitchen of an oval sliding table allows you to make the atmosphere of this room warmer and more comfortable. You can always enlarge the tabletop to sit at the table with the whole family or with friends, which will always make the home environment more harmonious.

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There are a lot of offers from modern manufacturers today, all of them are very interesting and aimed at creating the most comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen, raising the mood of the hostess and realizing her dreams regarding the design, but at the same time maintaining the practicality and functionality of the kitchen.

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