Oval Kitchen Table

The oval kitchen table has great advantages compared to other forms, which we will discuss in this article.


  • The main advantage of the oval model of the kitchen table is the presence of a larger number of seats due to the absence of sharp corners, so practical people prefer the oval shape and often gather guests in their house.
  • Safety is an important criterion when choosing a tabletop model. The safety of the oval-shaped table for the kitchen comes down to the absence of sharp corners, and this will be relevant for a family with an active child or several children.
  • The oval table takes about the same place as the round one, however it can hold more people due to its elongated shape. Small oval models with a length of up to 1 meter are also found and will become an indispensable part of the kitchen interior.
  • Folding oval tables combine stylish design and additional functionality due to the folding design: the layout area has parameters from 30-60 cm to double the table top (tables, books or transformers).
  • Models with rounded edges are attractive from the point of view of their external laconic look, which allows you to combine furniture with almost any kitchen interior.
  • The oval tables look especially good in “classics”, “Provence”, “English style”, “Country”, “Modern”.
  • Ultramodern materials allow you to create original solutions for an oval table top and use them in minimalist or futuristic interiors.
  • The dimensions of the rounded table tops vary: from 90x90 cm to 110x90 cm (up to 4 people), from 110x90 cm to 135x90 cm (up to 6 people), from 140 cm to 210 cm and up to one and a half meters wide, from 8 to 12 person.

Selection rules

The choice of a piece of furniture for the kitchen begins with the determination of its size, which are selected based on the area of ​​the room, its layout and the number of people living in an apartment or house.

  • The standard parameters of the oval-shaped kitchen table are 120x90 cm, then for 2-4 people depending on the location. If you place the table close to the wall, then 2-3 people can fit behind it freely, if the table is 1 meter closer to the center of the kitchen, it can accommodate from 4 to 6-8 guests.
  • The choice of the size of the kitchen element is reduced to the rule - for each person sitting there must be at least 60 cm of space (meaning width).
  • Designers recommend choosing dining tables with a width of 90 cm for the convenience of the location of dishes and kitchen accessories, including decor.
  • To visualize the location of the future table is recommended to spread in its place a tablecloth or canvas of the same size.
  • For a small kitchen, a semi-oval side table will be appropriate, which is installed close to the wall and places around itself up to 3-4 persons.
  • When choosing a table, you can determine whether the tabletop will be used as a dining area only or will serve as an additional cooking zone; in the second case, it is important to choose a heat resistant and not prone to mechanical damage tabletop. The most resistant to various kinds of damage is considered modern plastic or ceramic tiles in the decoration of the tabletop.
  • Semi-oval table in the kitchen will be appropriate with a small room space; folding model will be a real find thanks to the possibility of increasing the area up to two times.The semi-oval type of the table top is fixed to the wall with one side, the second is held by a pair of legs, the folding element of this model is called a “book”.

A small square of the kitchen is not a reason for abandoning the oval-shaped worktop: choose a narrow and long piece of furniture and arrange it so that there is room for free access to the cooking zone and to the exit from the room.

  • To save space, the table can be placed in a corner; This technique will allow you to purchase a large model or one that has a decomposition mechanism, and install it close to the wall, if necessary, you can move the tabletop and place guests behind it.


The most noble and environmentally friendly material is recognized as a tree - a rare and valuable breed or more affordable, like pine, ash, and any other massif. Connoisseurs of luxury and original approach to the interior design of the kitchen can choose a paliasander, hevea or ebony - valuable and expensive components of the tabletop. Those who prefer natural materials and are not ready to spend too large a sum to purchase furniture will use oak or beech - the quality and heavy components of the table base.

The most common materials - MDF, chipboard and classic chipboard - durable, low cost, varied in colors and texture. These materials make it possible not only to copy the image of natural wood in texture, but also to create fundamentally new approaches to the design of an oval table top: in the form of stone and tile, an array of any wood, gloss, metal. Among other advantages, it is worth noting the high quality, long service life, wear resistance, pleasant appearance and design.

Combined materials in the composition of one table will allow you to create a unique interior thanks to only pieces of furniture: choose a wooden tabletop with metal legs as a solid construction and a stylish element of the dining room. Designers' furniture design solutions are diverse: plain glossy panels and combined wood and metal or glass models, black, brown, gray, white countertops on 4, 2 and 1 legs.

Designer Tips

Modern designers distinguish several approaches to the arrangement of the dining area in terms of color solutions: a set of furniture in a single color scheme, chairs and a table of different colors (for example, a white table and blue chairs), a combination of the color of the tabletop with a touch of seat.

Interior trends do not oblige to select the table and seats in the same color, it is important to maintain their overall focus.

With a bold decision to purchase a table and a set of chairs separately, focus on the color of the seat and combine it with the same shade in the decor, for example, with the tone of curtains or carpet, textiles, color facades.

  • A white round table on one leg is different in shape and materials: a massive wooden prototype on a thick support with carved elements is suitable for completing the classic or rustic (country, Provence) image of the kitchen. The table top on a metal elegant support will be a practical choice for a stylish and modern interior of a kitchen or dining room (modern, hi-tech, minimalism).

The oval table on one leg looks concise and expensive, designers advise to combine it with massive classic furniture in the kitchen to complete the image of the room. The advantage of this model will be the space under the table, which will allow family members and their guests to stay as comfortable as possible.

  • An oval or round table takes up more space than a square equivalent, but even with a similar piece of furniture you can save space: put the furniture against the wall and place the seats in a semicircle along it.When guests come, the table can be shifted to the center of the kitchen and get a full and spacious places to hold a meeting.
  • Folding models of oval tables are compact and used as a high-grade piece of kitchen furniture. An interesting and practical choice will be a semi-oval-shaped table: it moves close to the wall and forms a full-fledged place for lunch or dinner for 2-4 persons, or one complete family, and if necessary it is expanded and doubled almost due to the presence of an additional plate.

The wall table will be an alternative to folding and suitable for creating a cozy dining area in a small kitchen. Such a model looks succinctly in the tree, while the material can be painted in a non-natural color like green or dark red.

  • Oval-shaped worktop with ceramic tiles will be appropriate not only for meals, but also for cooking: durable decorative elements are not susceptible to mechanical damage. Designers recommend to combine tiles in the table top with a strict or classic interior, in which natural shades of wood and the structure of the natural array prevail.
  • Table-shop - the return of the classics and a very bold decision in the arrangement of the kitchen interior. The shaped table looks equally good in a chic interior with a predominance of natural wood in materials and dense textile upholstery, while requiring large parameters and massive elements - table tops and legs.

Furniture for the kitchen in the form of a bench made of simple wood or MDF can become a “highlight” of the kitchen space due to its unusual appearance and combination: a wooden tabletop on a metal case or forged legs.

  • The glass at the base of the tabletop looks original and easy, so it is chosen to complete the modern spacious interior of the kitchen-living room. Metal legs give the composition durability and elegance, and a transparent tabletop - sophistication and airiness, ease and accuracy.

Groups of kitchen furniture made of glass will allow you to create a corner for a lunch break in the conditions of even a small kitchen: place the furniture in a distance from the cooking zone, or in the opposite direction from it.

  • The Orion model has an oval shape and a solid wooden tabletop; to complete the image of the dining room in the interior designersIt is advised to use similar models to obtain a calm and measured image.
  • The Mirabel brand is set with exquisite furniture, and among its range there are models of kitchen furniture to complement the look of the dining room in a classic format.
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