Desk with drawers for the student

Desk with drawers for the student is an important student furniture necessary for the organization of the workplace in the development of science. If earlier children often did their homework at the kitchen table, today a wide selection of furniture offers specialized options for learning and creative work. In this case, you can choose a product with the most accurate dimensions for a particular room. And thanks to the variety of material, it’s easy to choose a budget option.

For proper formation of posture, such furniture must be functional and provide convenience during operation.

Selection features

When buying furniture for a child, parents pay attention to two factors: size and cost. This approach does not take into account other nuances. The first priority should be convenience and support for correct posture. An important point is the functionality: internal volume, dimensions of the table top, as well as the organic combination with the interior of the room. The choice of a desk should be approached responsibly.

Choosing a particular model, you must consider the creative preferences of the child. Furniture will serve him more than one year, so it should be as comfortable as possible.

It is important to determine the functions of the table, the location of the computer, laptop, in which place it is better to store notebooks, textbooks and school office. For convenience, you can measure the necessary parameters.

The workplace of the student should be convenient and comfortable. It is good if the child likes it. A favorable atmosphere will promote good and productive learning. The child should not be distracted in the search for textbooks or other supplies.

Prolonged sitting posture can harm the health of the child. In order to avoid a negative impact on the body, you need to choose a table with a depth of at least 60 - 80 cm, a width of 1 m.

In order to optimally choose the height of the table, you need to take into account the height of the student. Buying furniture, it is better to take the child with you. In this case, it is possible to sit at the table and assess the correctness of the height and height of the furniture. When properly positioned at the table, elbows are free to sit on the tabletop, the edge of the table is at chest level.In this case, the legs are bent at a right angle and touch the floor.

A large range of specialized furniture for children allows you to purchase a model in which you can change the height of the legs.

Types of designs

The cost of any table depends on the material, model, functionality and design. The most environmentally friendly raw material is wood. Such a table is subject to restoration and will last long enough. Often in the manufacture of furniture used chipboard. It is inferior in environmental properties to wood, so when buying a chipboard table it is worth looking at the certificate of compliance with safety standards.

A standard table is a regular rectangular shape with a table top and several drawers. Outwardly, he looks like a school desk. The model may vary in size and location of the boxes. Often, models have a convenient layout of drawers and shelves at the bottom of the tabletop. This design allows you to organize a workplace even for two children.

The standard model is considered the most budgetary option for a student’s desk. The furniture of this group is made of wood.

Computer desk is considered the most convenient option. Today, without a computer, the learning process is impossible. The model usually has a sliding panel for the keyboard, a specific place for a monitor, a shelf for a printer, disks, drawers for school supplies.

In order for the child to easily position the necessary items at hand, a distance of 60 to 80 cm is necessary. At least 40 cm there must be a distance from the eyes to the monitor. Therefore, the best choice is considered a model with a tabletop 80 - 100 cm.

Materials for the construction of such a table are wood, chipboard and glass.

When purchasing such a table, you need to consider the free space, which should remain after the placement of computer equipment. The minus of the table parents consider the constant presence of the child in front of the monitor screen. Therefore, more often the priority choice of a desk for the student becomes the corner options.

Functional and practical is a g-shaped desk with drawers and shelves. It is very popular in small spaces. Occupying an unused angle, it practically does not reduce the usable area, perfectly combining a computer and a desk.

Corner models make it possible to divide the workspace into two parts: to place a computer on one, and to study lessons and any creative processes on the second. This table is more convenient and different price, slightly higher than the usual options. The price can vary from the availability of the sliding bollard, the complexity of the design and materials involved in the assembly.

If you plan to buy, which will last long enough, you can purchase a transforming table that fits perfectly into small rooms. He has the ability to adjust the height of the table, adapting to the growth of the child at different stages of his growth. The more features the table has, the higher its price. Variants of this group can not only regulate height and inclination, but be orthopedic, as well as take shape, creating space savings in small spaces. In order for the product to last a long time, it is better to choose a model from wood or other durable materials.

A desk for the home, combined with a bed, is considered the best choice of furniture for a room with small dimensions. It is a complex two-story structure.On the ground floor there is the table itself with drawers and shelves, and the bed on the second. Such a model can expand the play area of ​​the children's room.

Important points

Do not buy an expensive model. Often the workplace may have traces of the creative activity of the child. The table can be written with a ballpoint pen, felt-tip pens and have stains from paints or gouache. It will not be possible to avoid scratches from a compass, a clerical knife on the tabletop.

Not suitable for children tables with cheap plastic trim. It can be toxic and cause allergic reactions. Cheap versions of models often fall into disrepair from the most elementary contacts. They quickly scratch, break, unstuck.

In the choice of functional furniture there is no need to overpay for functions that the child does not need. The product must be of high quality. Too bulky and complex design will only distract the student. Therefore, you must first clearly define each section of the working area, and only then buy a table.

An important factor is the capacity of the desk in the dimensions of the children's room and its harmonious combination with other interior items.The best position of the table is the window seat, so that the light falls on the left. In the evening, the child will need a desk lamp or other artificial light source.

It is necessary to choose furniture for children appropriate for their age. There is no need to take the option "for adults", as it will not coincide with the needs of the child. Well, if the edges of the table are rounded, and the surface is smooth, without rough edges. It will save the child from injury.

For two students, you can choose a model with add-ons in the form of shelves for books. This will significantly save the workplace.

Accessories of the model (wheels, door handles, drawers for the drawers) should be of high quality and made of steel alloys. Aluminum parts are unsuitable, as they wear out quickly.

The color of the furniture also matters. Bright aggressive tones can negatively affect children's mood or cause depression. Calm shades will balance the mood and give it the right direction. You should not buy products in light and white color palettes. They are not practical and will quickly lose their presentable appearance. Such furniture requires special care.All traces of pens, pencils and scratches on a white background are most noticeable.

How to organize a workplace?

In order for the child to not get tired, and the necessary thing was always at hand, you need to adhere to a certain order in the arrangement of accessories. It is important to create a positive attitude. You can arrange things in boxes on school subjects or make stickers with signatures on the boxes themselves. It is better to place the books in height on the shelves so that the child can see the names.

Do not clutter up the desk with piles of books or notebooks. It distracts from homework. Sharp objects better to clean inside after work, so as not to get hurt.

The boxes can be divided according to the areas of activity of the child. For example, decompose separate books on reading, drawing supplies, or in one box study subjects with an unfulfilled task, and in the other - finished homework.

If there are two students in a family, with a small living space and one writing desk, sometimes a window sill is used to increase the working area.

For two children, it is better to purchase a table with a tabletop width of 1.5 - 1.6 m.This will give the opportunity to place students in front of each other with the same workplace. With such a task will cope and a large g-shaped table, clearly demarcating the zone into two halves. It is important to properly establish sources of artificial lighting so that the light does not hit the eyes of children.

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