Underframe for kitchen table

A traditional kitchen table consists of a tabletop and an underholding that holds it to itself. Let's see what types of table supports exist today.

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What it is?

The underframe is the base on which the tabletop is attached. This means that such support should be as strong and stable as possible. But it is impossible to sacrifice the attractive appearance of such furniture.

Underframe should be stylistically combined with the table top. It is especially important to remember this for those who assemble the table on their own. Individually assembled table is an exclusive addition for any modern kitchen.

Most often, modern kitchen tables complements the wooden or metal base. At the bottom of the frame can be supplemented by a sheet of stand or practical and convenient crosspiece.


Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of a sub-base made of various materials.


A stable and durable option is a metal base.They, in turn, are divided into steel, chrome and cast iron. The main advantage of the metal base is that it is very durable. So, it will be able to withstand not only a large load, but also light mechanical damage.

A table with such a lower part looks interesting and aesthetically appealing. At the same time, the underframe can be either made of the same material with the table top, or it can be different. Often, tables with an underframe of chromed metal complement the glass tabletop. This furniture looks extremely modern and fits perfectly into the modern style or high-tech.

Metal stands can be not only stationary, but also folding. The second option is preferable in small kitchens, where not so much space. If you need to remove the table and free up space, then you do not have to think about where you can take it. A table with a folding base simply fold and remove. In such tables, the support on which the table-top rests is well bent to a position flush with the leg. In this form, the folded table can be easily removed to the balcony or to any other place.

As for the design, the metal base should not necessarily be presented in the form of a smooth monochromatic tube. There are interesting design models with original bent legs. Such a table will become not only a functional addition to the kitchen space, but also its full-fledged decoration.


Another common material for the manufacture of underframes is wood. The most stable are wooden underframes consisting of four legs. Such a support is able to withstand the weight of the tabletop from any material, whether it is a wood panel, glass or metal.

The advantages of a wooden base can also be attributed to their appearance. And it’s not just that, the tree itself is aesthetically appealing. Exquisite carvings can be applied to the legs of the under-frame. It looks elegant and spectacular.

The disadvantages of tables with a wooden underframe include high cost and instability. If you buy a table with a support from a natural tree, then it will cost you nothing at all cheap. And if, instead of wood, some cheaper counterparts were used, the construction would not be the most durable.Over time, such a table may loosen and break from the slightest pressure.

To create a wooden base can be used several types of materials. The main one is, of course, quality wood. But a table with a support from a wooden array is quite an expensive pleasure. Especially if rare and expensive woods are used.

It is cheaper, and, accordingly, the MFD stove is more often used. Less common bases of chipboard. If you do not know what to choose, try to choose a table with a combined base. In this case, the wood sash belt is mounted on tubular legs made of durable metal.

To store your belongings, you can choose a table with built-in drawers. In this case, they are located directly under the table top, due to which, the table seems to be higher. The guide parts of the retractable mechanism are fixed inside the sash belt.

The form

In addition to the materials from which the sub-worksheets are created, they are also distinguished by their form. This parameter is selected individually depending on the wishes of the owner. The underframe can consist of three or four legs, or from one strong support.It can be supplemented with a dense lower layer made of metal or wood. The lower base also varies: round, triangular or square. From its external stability table does not depend.

If for you the most important parameter is practicality and stability - choose a model with a sub-base consisting of four legs. If you use the table for the most part, as a place for light snacks or storage, then you can limit yourself to one supporting stand.

How to choose

There are several main requirements, which should not be forgotten when choosing a table, or rather, a sub-table. First of all, be sure to pay attention to how stable it is. The table must not only withstand the weight of the dishes. If you lean on him, he must calmly endure it without breaking.

Secondly, the finished table should fit organically into the interior of the kitchen. If all your room is designed in the classic English style, then a glass table with a base of chromed metal is unlikely to be there. Pick up all the details of your furniture so that they look organically together and do not disturb the balance.

Also do not forget about the existence of folding worktops, which significantly save space in small apartments. By choosing this design, you can place it in the standard kitchen and on the balcony, converted into a dining room or cooking zone. At the same time, the transformer underframe should also be strong enough so that the mechanism does not break due to too frequent use.

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