Semicircular table for the kitchen

The classic remains eternal, but one should not forget about comfort, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern person and his house. In a small kitchen, there is often a question of choosing between convenience and beauty, but it is not always possible to find a balance between these two important criteria.


Increasing the size of the kitchen with the help of repair and redevelopment is a task sometimes difficult to achieve and not always financially acceptable. However, there is an easier way to increase the space and avoid the stress associated with the repair, as well as save a decent amount. A semicircular table not only can change the space, visually expanding it, but also assumes the function of a full-fledged working surface and carries additional decoration, being a bright detail of the interior. It is also a great alternative to replace the classic round table, which occupies a lot of living space.

There are two options for what exactly can be a semicircular table.

  • In the form of a semicircle, when one of its sides is a straight line. In this embodiment, it is very convenient to put it close to the wall. Such an arrangement saves space, while remaining an excellent option for a convenient location for a friendly company. Lack of corners solves the problem of placing a large number of people.
  • Longitudinal table with a narrow rounded table top. This option is not so widespread as the previous one, but it can be a great solution for a narrow and long kitchen. Perfectly harmonizing with the longitudinal arrangement of the kitchen unit along one wall, it creates the effect of the integrity of the space and unites it into one common ensemble.

As a continuation of the work surface

The first requirement for the kitchen table is practicality. Also, it should harmoniously fit into the general idea of ​​organizing space and complement the headsets. One of the installation options is to install it as a continuation of the working surface. In this case, you can achieve maximum practicality and efficient use of space.This table combines several tasks and becomes a truly multifunctional interior detail. This allows you to use it not only for cooking, in this embodiment, it serves as an additional surface for placing household appliances and kitchen utensils.

Also this table can be used:

  • as a place for cooking (cutting boards, tacks and other accessories),
  • for small household appliances (toaster, blender, scales),
  • the trash can is conveniently placed under the surface of the tabletop, which facilitates the cooking process and prevents the possibility of accidentally knocking it over with your foot,
  • as a stand for knives and kitchen sets,
  • like a sink. Its installation in this case is a very original solution with practical benefits. This can be done both independently and by turning to professionals.


The design of such a table is completely devoid of legs and is attached to the wall. With seeming unreliability and fragility, you should pay attention to the fact that the table is rigidly fixed to the wall surface, which allows you to fully use it.One of its varieties is a console wall console, which not only attaches to the wall, but also has the ability to fully fold when not in use. This allows you to significantly increase the useful area of ​​the kitchen in the process of cooking and makes it possible to expand it if necessary.

There is a misconception that this option may be suitable for no more than two people, but it is not. Provided that the supporting elements are powerful enough and the wall mount was made according to the rules, then such a table can replace a full-fledged dining table for a large family. All friends and relatives can get together with him during the holidays, and everyone can find a place.


Probably the most popular model of the dinner table to this day remains the folding table. Its practicality is proven by time and several of our generations. Such a table was once a dream for our mothers and grandmothers, because of its practicality and convenience. Of course, what could be better than a small table at which the family dines every evening, and if necessary can turn into a full-fledged dinner table for a family celebration.

Semicircular bar counter

Having a bar counter at home is a dream of many, but how to combine such an original element of the interior with the convenience and practical side of using it.

An excellent option in this case would be furniture that resembles a barn stand, but at the same time carry the function of a full-fledged table.

This solution allows not only to get an original piece of furniture, but also to save space significantly. At the end of the meal, the chairs can be completely retracted, and it turns into a work surface, on which you can comfortably knead the necessary kitchen utensils and even use it as a work surface.

Any version of a semicircular dining table solves several problems at once - it saves space and allows you to place additional furniture, however, installing only one of this element will be more cost-effective than repair and redevelopment of the entire kitchen. And do not forget that not the standard look of the central part, but the dining table, of course, is the center of the whole kitchen;

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