Wall table for the kitchen

Of course, everyone dreams of a big kitchen, but not everyone can afford it. If your kitchen is tiny, then the wall table for the kitchen is what you need.

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What it is?

This is a small tabletop, with a maximum of two legs. They come in different sizes, shapes and materials. Let's take a closer look at each characteristic.


The size can be very different. When choosing furniture for yourself, pay attention not only to the size of your kitchen, but also to how many people are present at the same time during the meal.

If you are having a big company dinner, and the kitchen dimensions are quite small - the ideal option for you is a folding model.

The form

There are three main forms.

  1. Rectangular
  2. Semi-oval
  3. Semicircular

At the same time, due to the different lengths and widths of the table top, the model may look completely different. It can be a kind of bar counter, located along the wall or protruding.The table can imitate a shelf or completely occupy a small niche allocated to it. It all depends on the size of the kitchen, interior design.

A semicircular folding table is more convenient than a table with corners. Firstly, it is less traumatic, and secondly, it assumes more seating places due to the absence of corners.


  1. Table tranformer - sliding model. Suitable for both small and large companies.
  2. Wall, as the name implies, is mounted on the wall. It can stand on one leg or be attached without legs at all.
  3. A table top or a wide window sill is an option for those who like to look out the window during meals.
  4. Retractable can easily hide right in the kitchen furniture, but without additional support, it will be fragile.
  5. Well, a folding table - an option for the smallest kitchens. It is worth to stay in more detail.

Folding or folding

This is perhaps the most successful model. When folded, it resembles a plank pressed to the kitchen wall. She does not occupy a place at all, but it is enough to fold it onto small sliding legs, and the dining space is ready.


Produce them from various materials.It can be wood, glass, plastic, and even acrylic.

Glass, of course, look elegant and airy, in addition, visually almost does not occupy space. However, glass is a very fragile material, and not everyone will be comfortable in the kitchen.

Plastic wall tables are more durable and lightweight. They come in different colors and will easily fit into any interior. Nevertheless, they must be chosen carefully and carefully. Plastic should be of high quality, non-toxic, it should not remain traces of hot dishes or spilled tea. All this significantly affects the price.

Wooden tables are a classic. Wood is a durable and environmentally friendly material. Coloring can also be any. But do not forget that the tree requires careful care and does not tolerate excessive moisture. If you purchase a wooden model, you should invest in a special water-repellent impregnation.

Laminated table top is a great option. It well maintains the increased humidity and does not spoil from contact with hot ware or chemicals.


If you usually dine in a small company, but sometimes you gather large companies in your home, then your option is a transforming model.This small folded table is moved apart to accommodate more people.

What else is important?

In order for the meal to be light and joyful, the space around us should also be happy. Therefore, properly selected service, cutlery and tablecloth - not a waste of time and money. Surrounding ourselves with objects that bring us pleasure, we make our lives a little better every day.

Wall near the table

Making the dining area, rely on three rules:

  1. The wall must be non-marking or wash off well, because it is unlikely to avoid splashes.
  2. The decor chosen by you should create a cosiness that it was pleasant to take food.
  3. Of course, first of all, the resulting interior should like you personally. Choose those shades and materials that lift your spirits and give pleasure.

You will be surprised how many different ways there are to decorate the dining area, in particular the wall. It can be classic or liquid wallpaper, decorative plaster, ceramic tile. Mirrors, wood panels, wallpaper, decorative brick, paint and stencil drawings. If you are an artist, you can even paint your picture.No restrictions - only your imagination.

Unusually comfortable and cozy, when a wall lamp hangs on the wall near the table. A softer and point-like light during the meal creates a homely atmosphere.

Nevertheless, experts do not recommend the use of plastic panels, in terms of environmental friendliness they are losing heavily to all other options.

How to choose

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention - wall fasteners. It will hold the whole structure, because its strength is a necessary condition.
  2. No less important folding mechanism. It should not stick, work without jerks, squeaks or gnashing. It is best to choose the simplest mechanism possible.
  3. The wall, to which the table will be attached, must also be strong and reliable.

A few more important tips for choosing your model:

  1. It is better to choose light materials, they look easier and do not “eat” space.
  2. The round table is very bulky and can not stand close to the wall. If you do not like the square model, give preference to a semi-circular or semi-oval. If you have always dreamed about a round table, pay attention to the semicircular folding table.It can be easily decomposed into a round when you want a holiday, and on ordinary days it takes a bit of space against the wall.
  3. The smaller legs, the more space, but it is better if the furniture will be fixed against the wall for strength.
  4. Chairs should be completely cleaned under the table. If you have a folding model, the best solution is folding chairs.
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