Kitchen desk

Features and benefits

In order for the daily cooking process to bring pleasure to the hostess, her kitchen should be properly and conveniently equipped. An important role in this is played by the desktop. It must meet many requirements:

  • be firm and strong;
  • the raw material from which it is made must be environmentally friendly and inert - insensitive to mechanical and chemical influences, high temperatures, and not absorb moisture;
  • the coating should be easily cleaned from dirt;
  • on the surface there should be no gaps and gaps in which water and dirt can accumulate;
  • the appearance should be aesthetic, fitting into the overall interior of the kitchen.


The work table in the kitchen can be made of various materials. The main ones are:

  • Chipboard or MDF. The most common and budget option. As a rule, such tables go complete with all kitchen set;
  • Ceramic tile. Usually glued to a wooden surface. This coating is resistant to damage, but not very comfortable because of the butt joints between the tiles;
  • Metal. Tables with a metal coating are usually installed in public catering kitchens, as they are most hygienic to use - they are easy to wash, bacteria do not multiply on them;
  • Natural stone and solid wood. Rare, expensive coating options. They are usually used only in designer interiors and play a more decorative role, since they are not very practical to use.


Desktops vary in configuration and location. In most cases, they are located in the middle of the kitchen. It can be a two-door cabinet with drawers, in which it is convenient to put the necessary kitchen utensils. A separate cutting table can also be equipped with drawers, or be in the form of a buffet with a desk.

Also, a stand-alone desktop is relevant in a studio apartment when the kitchen is represented by a kitchen island. In this case, it is convenient when the working table is on wheels - then it can be easily moved, pushed in case of uselessness or served on it to the dining table.

How to choose

The desktop in the kitchen should be, first of all, convenient to use.Therefore, his choice should be approached with special attention.

The first thing the choice should depend on is the height of the table top. Its optimal value is determined based on growth. With the growth of a person engaged in cooking, 150-160 cm, the best location of the tabletop at the level of 76-82 cm from the floor. With growth above 180 cm, it is convenient when the working surface is approximately one meter from the floor. Both of these values ​​are non-standard, and they can be applied when making furniture yourself.

The height of a standard kitchen unit is 88-91 cm. It is designed for a person of average height from 160 to 180 cm.

The average dimensions of the table top are 60 +/- 10 cm. If the depth is too large, it may be inconvenient to use the wall cabinets or shelves located above the table top - you will have to reach far for them. It will also be not very convenient to use too deep lower shelves or drawers. TOnly in the case of embedded appliances - a stove or a washing machine - it makes sense to set large values.

The standard width of the tabletop is also equal to 60 cm. This is not always convenient, since the working area of ​​60x60 cm is often not enough.Therefore, in case of independent production, it is better to set the dimensions to 60x70 cm or 70x70 cm, if the kitchen area allows. The thickness is usually associated with the material from which it is made, and can vary from 2 to 6 cm.

How to equip their own hands

It depends on the design of the desktop - whether the cooking process will bring pleasure to the hostess, or it will not cause anything but fatigue and irritation. In order to prevent this from happening, you should take care of the following things when arranging:

  • Backlight. Lighting should be soft, moderately bright and not distorting the color of objects and products. Often, for this purpose, LED pendant lamps or fluorescent lamps are used. Mounted in rails or the bottom surface of a hanging cabinet, such a light source does not occupy precious space on the working surface.
  • Horizontal railing above the table top. It can accommodate the most commonly used items - towels, potholders, vanes, ladles. On the magnetic railing it is convenient to place all the knives. Shelves for spices or a napkin holder can also be hung there.
  • Place under the table is better to take drawers for cutlery or shelves for pots and pans. It is not recommended to store food under the table below, as ventilation is worse there, and the humidity is higher, besides, it is easier for insects and rodents to climb there.
  • It is good to place a rubberized mat on the floor near the working area to avoid falling on a slippery or wet surface. Also, the rubber mat serves as an excellent dielectric and will save from accidental electric shock. Currently, you can often find a special helium kitchen rugs with massage effect, with which the legs do not get tired even from cooking for hours.

Interesting solutions in interior design

The desktop should fit harmoniously into the overall interior of the kitchen. If it is built into the headset, then, as a rule, it is made in the general style with the other elements. But if you buy it separately or make it yourself, then you can choose a non-standard solution.

For example, a “rough” table made of wooden planks laid on trestles will fit well in a country-style kitchen. For lovers of eco-design wicker furniture will do, and the brutal version with thick iron legs and iron edging will look good in a loft-interior.

The working surface looks very stylish in the form of a separate thick board mounted into the wall, without bottom supports. Such a laconic design would be appropriate in a spacious kitchen in the style of minimalism or high-tech.

If you have a small kitchen, it makes sense to consider various folding options. For example lifting or sliding tabletop, retractable into the cabinet or table-book.

Tables with a mosaic or glass surface of various unusual forms - wavy, arc, irregular circle look beautiful. But they are appropriate in large rooms. Otherwise, they will only overload the space.

The main rule, which is worth remembering when choosing and decorating the desktop - its design should not be at the expense of convenience and functionality.

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