Folding oval table for the kitchen

The modern variety of furniture for the kitchen and dining room allows you to create original interior solutions, and as the main object we consider the folding oval table for the kitchen.

Folding oval table has the ability to increase the area up to 60%, depending on the additional plate, which traditionally "hides" under the main tabletop.

Interesting form

Gone are the days when the furniture in each apartment was similar to each other, like two drops of water; Today the variety and original solutions for the kitchen interior dominate. The advantages of such non-standard furniture as an oval kitchen table with a sliding mechanism are:

  • The oval table has no sharp corners and will become a safe piece of furniture in a small apartment and house filled with children;
  • The laconic rounded shape makes the furniture sophisticated, and depending on the basic material - ideal for a particular kitchen;
  • To create an oval-shaped tabletop simply from any material: wood, glass, metal, ceramic tile in the decoration of the upper part of the table;
  • Oval table top made of solid wood will be appropriate in a classic interior, strict "English", country, romantic "Provence", in modern like "minimalism", "high-tech", "techno", it is only important to determine the appropriate material.
  • The oval shape allows you to place a greater number of guests in comparison with a rectangular counterpart due to the absence of corners; In the unfolded form, the dining room furniture will place from 6 to 10 people, of course, depending on the original size and size of the additional plate.
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The classic material for the production of large countertops is wood - an array of pine, beech, oak or compressed wood shavings (from this point basically the price of the final product). Wooden folding models are in great demand among practical buyers, the oval shape attracts them due to its elegance and lightness.

MDF and chipboard - more cost-effective materials for the production of an oval-shaped kitchen table, while the quality of materials differs even among themselves.Among the advantages of materials can be considered the presence of the appearance of natural wood with preservation of the wood pattern and its texture; Modern models are made from high quality raw materials and do not have toxic processing.

Durable plastic with a glossy finish is often used to create an oval table top and blends well with the modern design direction of the kitchen. The glossy oval table looks advantageous in a spacious kitchen area and is equally well suited for small spaces.

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Glass is often used for the production of dining room furniture, and a table top made of durable tempered glass is an excellent choice for the kitchen. Caring for a glossy glass worktop comes down to rubbing it with a damp sponge in the same way as caring for a tree or chipboard. You should not be afraid of glass at the base of the furniture - modern factories produce extremely durable models made of hardened material that, when broken, forms small, non-sharp fragments.

The tabletop of a wooden table or a model of chipboard is often decorated with ceramic tiles with a pattern - such an oval-shaped table will decorate the "rustic" or classic kitchen,and a strong surface will not force the hostess to take care of herself and be afraid to damage during an awkward movement. The artificial stone at the base of the kitchen worktop is reliable and practical, inferior in cost to natural materials; The verzalit in the tabletop resembles an artificial stone, however, it consists of pressed wood and resinous filler, which gives the furniture surface a beautiful glossy shine.

The advantages of a folding table

  1. Folding furniture is used for a small kitchen space, when it is important not to “load” a room and bring the most functional pieces of furniture into it;
  2. Kitchen table with decomposition mechanism - compact and stylish in the shape of an oval; when unfolded, furniture becomes possible to receive guests and hold a home celebration;
  3. Folding furniture is usually easy to use, since every self-respecting manufacturer tries to please the consumer and gain his confidence in choosing the rest of the furniture for an apartment or house due to the ease of use of its products.

How to choose

  • The oval shape of the table is equally suitable for a kitchen with dimensions of 8-9 squares and from 15 square meters.meters; To leave space, place the furniture close to the wall and move away when guests arrive.
  • The table on steel legs-balusters of wooden curved and carved is suitable for creating a classic interior, "country", "English", "Provence". Straight slender legs of the table will be appropriate in modern interiors with a minimalist design.
  • A small oval table can have one massive leg, often carved and decorated with additional decor, its choice will be appropriate for a romantic interior in French style or in the good old "classics."


Standard oval table height 75-76 cm; the length of the models varies from 120 cm to 150 cm when assembled and up to 2 meters in unfolded.

For 4 persons, furniture with the parameters of 120x70 cm will be suitable, when decomposing which 6-8 people can fit behind it. For two, it will be appropriate to choose a small round dining table with a diameter of 110 cm and a height of 75-76 cm.

Traditionally, the folding table for the kitchen is increased by 30-60 cm when disassembling due to the sliding method: the edges of the tabletop move away and the space unfolds with the plate lowered, which rises and forms an additional place in the tabletop.

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