Kitchen tables with photo printing

The glass table is a fashionable trend of recent years. Glass is not only beautiful and durable material. It gives visual lightness to the interior, it does not look cumbersome. And glass tables with photo printing can transform the interior of the kitchen, bring new accents into it, make it play with new colors. If you are still in doubt, feel free to choose a glass table. It is made of specially tempered glass and is able to stand in the kitchen for many years.

Features and benefits

A transparent glass table is perceived as dull and “naked”. To refresh it, decorate it, use textiles and other decorative elements. But the best way out here is photo printing. Modern technologies allow to put an image on a glass surface even in 3D. Such a table will not need any napkins and tablecloths at all.

Here are just a few of its main advantages:

  • drawing, like the glass table itself, will be durable;
  • photo printing is resistant to external influences: high humidity, temperature difference;
  • high-quality photographic image on the tabletop does not burn out from the sun's rays;
  • the design of the table and the kitchen as a whole will stand out among similar interior solutions. A table with a beautiful and original photo printing is able to attract attention and become the main element of the interior;
  • A table made of glass with a pattern printed on it is easily cleaned of dirt, easy to maintain;
  • Photo printing can be a connecting element in the interior. For example, have a similar pattern with a kitchen apron or a pattern on the walls or ceiling of the kitchen.
  • stains, fingerprints on the table will be invisible due to the printed pattern.

Tables with a variety of prints will fit perfectly in both classic and avant-garde interior. Floral motifs will decorate the bright kitchen in the style of Provence, add color to the vintage interior. The glass table can be folding. This piece of furniture is suitable not only for a small kitchen.

At such a table you can collect large groups of guests.

Popular models

Glass tabletops are usually combined with a basement and legs made of metal, wood. In turn, the metal for the glass table can be used in various variations. Fairly common combination of glass and forged items. Forging retains the impression of zero gravity glass construction, emphasizes the elegance of glass. Not less often the combination of a glass table-top and the chromeplated legs meets. Sometimes brilliant chromed metal frames the edge of the tabletop.

If you have a large kitchen area, pay attention to sliding glass table. If in a narrow family circle you can use it in a folded version, then by inviting guests, you simply push it and get a few extra seats. The kitchen is 6 square meters. m. it will be appropriate to table made of glass with the size of the table top 60 * 90 cm. Choose any shape of the table. Glass can make square, round, oval and rectangular tables.

A round and oval-shaped kitchen table is usually installed in the middle of the kitchen, and square or rectangular, if necessary, will easily fit into a corner or stand against a wall.

Select a photo print on a glass tabletop so that it fits into the surroundings, creates the necessary accent and simply adds unusualness and exclusivity to your interior. Thematic drawings, ornaments will long please the eye of both the hosts and guests.

The most ergonomic kitchen tables with additional shelves. These elements will allow you to place napkins, cutlery, towels or newspapers so that they do not interfere during the meal, but at the same time were always at hand. The shelf can also be decorated with a print made in the same style with a pattern on the tabletop.

We briefly summarize the types of glass tables:

  • in the form of plastic and MDF tables are available in round, rectangular, oval and square;
  • are sliding and not transformed.

You can decorate with photo printing any of the types of glass kitchen tables.

How is the image applied?

Printing on glass has become possible with the advent of special printers. The ink on a glass canvas dries with ultraviolet rays. The quality of the final image, its color palette and durability depends on the characteristics and capabilities of the printer.

You can print any images using a glass printer. These can be photos, various prints, drawings. You have the opportunity to capture your memories in a picture on the table: a trip to the sea, a rest in the mountains or a bright pine forest, as well as fruits, berries or vegetables. Any picture is able to create a printer for photo printing on glass.

Most common stained glass printing method. With this method, a thin film is first glued to the surface. Then, when the film is completely dry, drawing is applied. This type of printing allows you to get the most stable for different effects image. Less commonly used spraying technology images.

Place in the interior

Photo printing on the tables is appropriate in the following styles:

  • If the kitchen interior is made in style provence, chebbie chic, vintage, use floral motifs. Use pictures with the peaceful landscapes of the village or pay attention to the compositions with ornaments, precious stones. For these styles, choose a combination table with forged legs.
  • Style country music suggests to make a choice in favor of a table with wicker legs or a base.Photo printing on the tabletop allows images of domestic animals, vegetable prints. Designers offer to artificially “wear out” the image on the tabletop, add a newspaper or lace print there. Such drawings for photo printing will organically fit into the interior in the style of country.
  • Photo printing pictures from old newspapers, photographs, portraits of past celebrities will complement classic interior. Print frivolous posters with mouth-watering girls in pin-up style on the tabletop, diluting the severity of the classic style.
  • Hi-tech, loft and modern require conciseness. Here you can not use the combination of glass and chromium. Try to put a geometric print, abstract paintings, or limit the stylization of a stone or brick.
  • Styles art deco vintage welcome some pretentiousness, not against gilding and rich ornaments.

How to choose a picture?

There are no limitations on the color solutions of your future photo printing table. Start from the surrounding interior of the room, its style. Sometimes the glass worktop is not decorated with drawings, but filled in with color.For example, in dark kitchens use colors such as champagne, ivory, beige, gray. In bright, pastel kitchens a bright accent will be appropriate.

Use a burgundy, emerald or lime shade. Such a table in any case will attract attention, even if it does not stand appetizing food. Bright colors can cause appetite, improve mood and contribute to a more positive perception of the world.

Pastel shades tune in to calm, do not cause excitement in the brain, are in harmony with any shades in the interior.

The stylized look of the dinner table under the chessboard, the poker table, and the drum of the Field of Miracles rating program looks original. With the help of photo printing technology it is possible to create various textures of the table top. Mirror gloss or rough stone, warm velvet or wood - these and other textures will help to create a unique aura of your home.

As mentioned above, use your favorite family photos as source for photo printing. Important moments in life are worthy of being paid attention to and remembered. Wedding photos, photos of babies or favorite pets look very positive.An excellent motivation for the upcoming difficult working day will be your favorite catch phrase or motivator, charging you with positive energy.

Order photo printing on the table in the form of a composition with your favorite poem or a prosaic passage. Use for pictures on the product scenes from your favorite movies, reproductions of paintings, landscapes of faraway countries, palm trees and the ocean, photos of famous sights.

For drawing on the tabletop it is not necessary to use whole plot pictures. You can restrict ornaments. Geometric ornaments are very popular, especially if the interior uses high-tech and minimalist styles.

If there are children in your family, look for pictures with children's themes, with characters from children's fairy tales, cartoons, or simply place photos of your baby on the table.

In general, nothing should limit your imagination. The main thing, follow the rules of color compatibility, do not overload the interior a large number of bright details and pieces of furniture. It looks very stylish when the drawing on the tabletop repeats the drawing on the kitchen apron or makes up a single ensemble with it, complementing it.It is permissible to combine a drawing on a table with a photo printing and a print on the facades of the kitchen. Floor, ceiling, walls - each of these surfaces can be connected in one ensemble with a dining table.

Tables with a photo printing - a universal subject of kitchen furniture. Reviews of such products are only positive. They will fit into any interior and will faithfully serve you for many years, bringing together a close-knit family and close people.

An overview of several models of glass tables with photo printing offer a look further.

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