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The kitchen is considered the most popular place in the house. However, it is also the most difficult in terms of repair, design and arrangement. After all, all the interior items, including upholstered furniture, kitchen, dining table and various household appliances, must be practical, durable and functional.

When choosing furniture for the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account such criteria as heat resistance, hygroscopicity and resistance to temperature extremes.

Despite the fact that all cooking processes take place on the worktop (countertop), all food and kitchen appliances are stored on the shelves and in the drawers of the furniture set, and cooking doesn’t do without cookers and home appliances, the main element of the kitchen is dinner table. Accordingly, it is important that it is distinguished by durability, reliability and stability.

Today, kitchen tables with tiles are in high demand in furniture stores. What do they attract attention to? What are their main advantages? Are there any disadvantages? How to choose a dining table in which design tiles are used?

Features and benefits

The kitchen table with ceramic or tile is the most durable in the domestic aspect. It is characterized by excellent stability and practicality. Thanks to the use of tiles, such products are distinguished by their original stylish design and interestingly complement the interior of the kitchen. There are both standard sizes and are made to order according to individual measurements.

The advantages of kitchen tables with tiles:

  • Durability and durability. If properly care for tiles, then this table will serve more than one decade. At the same time it is resistant to various physical loads.
  • Hygroscopicity. Ceramics do not absorb moisture, so this furniture is not afraid of any spilled water or vapors emanating during the preparation of food.
  • High thermal stability. Ceramic tiles withstand various temperature conditions.On the table, you can safely put a hot kettle or pot.
  • Excellent resistance to mechanical stress. Ceramic and tile can also be used as a cutting board. Also, the surface of the table cannot be scratched or damaged by cutlery and crockery.
  • Simplicity and ease of care. To the table was always well-groomed and clean, it is enough from time to time to wipe it with a damp cloth, then wipe dry.
  • Immunity to household chemicals. The use of standard detergents will not cause any harm to the surface of ceramic or tile.
  • Original design and interesting design. A wide range of modern tiles allows you to give the kitchen furniture an original and stylish design. Drawing can be picked up under style of an interior of the room.

Disadvantages of dining tables with tiles:

  • Weight. Ceramic / tile is quite heavy. The frame is most often made of solid wood or metal, which also significantly weights the product. Such furniture structures are stable, but at the same time they are very inconvenient when re-planning or moving.
  • Interglacial stitches are not hygienic.The seams between the tiles are often contaminated, and therefore requires careful maintenance.
  • High price. Unfortunately, tile products are a costly pleasure that every person cannot afford.


The size of the kitchen, its layout, as well as the furnishings affect the size and shape of the dining table. So, for apartments-Khrushchev, where the kitchen is no more than 5-6 square meters, a kitchen table of a sliding type or a folding table-book will be suitable. For the kitchen-dining room, which is often combined with the living room, you can keep an eye on the island-table with tiled or ceramic tiles. Today, green color and its shades are considered a fashionable accent. Sales consultants in furniture stores note the high interest of buyers in models with pistachio ceramic tiles.

The dining table comes in various shapes and options. There are oval, round, square, rectangular, hexagonal and even octagonal dining tables. All of them are divided into two categories: stationary and transformers (folding).


Tile of ceramic or tile is quite dense, so it has a lot of weight. The base of the table must be made of such materialsthat can withstand heavy tiles. The best options is a frame made of metal or solid wood.

Wooden products are well in tune with the set, made in classical, traditional or rustic style. But the metal models perfectly complement the modern interior, which is decorated in the style of hi-tech, modern, art deco or functionalism.

Choosing a dining table, the surface of which is covered with ceramic / tile, you should immediately abandon the products from wood-based panels (MDF, chipboard).

Colors and patterns

The kitchen is the place where a special atmosphere reigns. Such harmony is achieved thanks to the unity of style. When you design the kitchen, it is desirable to adhere to one stylistic direction, so the room will be more cozy, comfortable and visually attractive.

The metal legs of the dining table can be painted in accordance with the colors of the facades of the kitchen unit. But the wooden version perfectly harmonizes with wooden furniture. Interesting and elegant look kitchen set fashionable in recent colors of wenge.

The colors of the tiles can be the same color with the facades of the kitchen.In addition, designers recommend using methods of contrast or gradient. It looks interesting surface with a pattern in the form of an ornament. Today ethnostyle has gained wide popularity as a type of decorative design.

Among the most common patterns for dining tables with tiles called the following options: images on the marine theme, flower arrangements, still lifes, oriental motifs, abstract drawings. The kitchen attribute with a pistachio surface will look original. After all, pistachio color is considered a fashion trend of the past few years.

How to choose

In connection with a huge selection of dining tables, which are presented in furniture stores, as well as in the catalogs of online stores, you must consider the following characteristics of choice:

  • options;
  • construction (stationary or sliding);
  • the form;
  • number of legs-supports;
  • used materials for the manufacture of the table base in the kitchen;
  • tile type for surface;
  • coloring of the base of the table and tile;
  • exterior design;
  • strength and stability;
  • quality assurance of the manufacturer;
  • value for money.
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How to do it yourself

Unfortunately, a dining table with tiles is a very expensive treat that a person with an average income cannot afford. However, this is not so complicated piece of furniture, so as not to try to make it with your own hands or update the old one. For this, quite a few tools, a special glue for ceramic or tiles, a table made of metal or wood and a great desire. Most often, craftsmen take old accessories of standard sizes (200x110, 150x90, 110x90, 90x70 cm) and update their exterior finish - the result is a stylish and original table. At the same time, the thing will be unique, because there is no other such table found all over the world.

Review of the best models

The range of dining tables with tiles is so diverse and original that almost every buyer will be able to choose the most successful model for the interior of their kitchen. Having carefully studied the offers of various companies in the furniture market, it becomes clear that the leader in sales is a table called Domino-1.

This model is produced by the Russian furniture company “Lixin”, which is engaged in the manufacture of high-quality products, but at the same time their cost cannot be called extremely high.

Also in high demand are dining tables from Malaysia, France and Italy.


Users of tables with tiles mark good practicality and reliability of such furniture. However, many alarmingly prohibitively high cost of such original furniture for the kitchen. If we talk about originality, the dining table with tiles causes a lot of positive emotions. Stylish design, interesting options for decoration and decor will not leave indifferent any buyer.

Interesting solutions in interior design

Looking for an original and interesting model of furniture, for which it is pleasant and convenient to cook and eat? Do you want the kitchen furniture to be not only practical, but also with an unusual design? Dining table with tiles - the piece of furniture that will become the universal favorite and center of attention in any home.

Depending on the decorative decoration and design of the kitchen, the appropriate style of the table is chosen. Unusual and stylish model will look metal from one leg with ornate patterns. The surface of such a product is better to decorate with tiles with a bright ornament. If the colors of the kitchen set are dominated by bright colors,then the surface of the table should be combined with the facades of furniture, and the basis is better to choose calm classical shades.

A kitchen table made of solid dark wood and tiled or ceramic tiles will make the room more elegant. Originality interior will add a version with contrasting black and white tiles, laid out in a checkerboard pattern.

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