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Attempting to correctly organize the space in a small apartment, especially in the kitchen, does not always succeed. Much depends on the selection of interior elements, and it often happens that you have to sacrifice a harmonious design for the sake of simple convenience and saving space.

Not surprisingly, folding type furniture is very popular. It allows you to easily solve this problem, and modern manufacturers are able to offer a huge variety of design solutions. If we talk about the kitchen, then one of the key elements of the situation in it is the table, which can be dining, or at the same time perform the role of the workplace.

Making the right choice

A folding kitchen table is almost the only solution for owners of small-sized housing or studio apartments. Some are too skeptical of this type of furniture, arguing that the poor quality and scarcity in terms of design.However, a good folding table is the best proof that even a small kitchen can be made very comfortable and cozy.

Before buying, make sure that your choice is correct. First you need to evaluate the overall interior of the kitchen, as well as its free space and the likely most suitable places for the future location of new furniture. In small kitchens, as a rule, the choice is not too large. Almost all the furniture and plumbing are located along the walls, so under the place for eating or cooking it can allocate a plot near the window.

This solution is recommended by many experienced designers. Keep in mind that the distance between the table and other furniture should be not less than 1 meter. Otherwise, sitting behind him will be very crowded and not comfortable. A very popular is the “transforming table”, which easily folds into a very compact form and does not prevent the hostess from moving around the room. For some of them, in the unfolded version, you can accommodate 10-12 people. So if there are often guests in your house, it can be a very valuable acquisition.

Not the last role is played by the form.As in the case of the classic version of the kitchen table, it can be completely different. In this case, you should focus on your personal taste and the overall style of the kitchen. The best option is considered a round or oval table. They have no particular advantages, but the absence of corners makes them more comfortable and safe.

Types and modifications

If you have never been faced with the need to choose a folding table for the kitchen, then a variety of models can amaze you. Speech Of course, not only about the combination of colors and shapes, with which you can create comfort even in a small kitchen, but also about modification options:

  • Folding table attached to a special base on the wall. Such a design can often be seen on the train, and now it can with great success move to the kitchen;
  • Hinged with support. This is another wall option, which partially resembles a bar counter;
  • Folding table on a prop, which is a continuation of an independent thumbs. This option takes a little more space, although it can turn into a fairly compact nightstand, if you remove the working area.On the other hand, it is great for a family of four, or for those who often have guests;
  • Transforming table that rises above the stand. Currently, there are quite a lot of models that stand out against the general background of increased practicality. For example, the basis of such a table can be located on the wall and play the role of shelves for storing dishes or other utensils. In the unfolded version of the table has additional pockets for small things.
  • The most economical for the space is a retractable table option. It is mounted inside any suitable element of the interior, for example, into a cabinet, and, if necessary, is “thrown out” outside. The disadvantage is the relatively low resistance and quality;
  • Stationary folding table. This is usually fastened directly to the wall, in which you will have to equip a niche into which it will deepen when folded. This is a fairly practical and convenient option, the only disadvantage of which is certain difficulties with installation;
  • The so-called "table-book" is known to many. It is a narrow part of the tabletop, on the sides of which "hang" wider surfaces.This option is popular due to the fact that it maintains compactness in the folded version, and even a large company can be seated for it. You can use both, and one surface. To do this, it is enough to lift it and install it on a retractable support. In addition, such tables are often equipped with wheels, since they have a relatively large weight;


For large connoisseurs of grace and lightness in design, options for folding kitchen tables made of glass may be interesting. They look very modern and easily fit into any style of interior, thanks to which they have gained popularity among real aesthetes. But perhaps you should not rush into buying such furniture.

At the heart of the design of such furniture is a frame assembled from mechanical guide lines. They are located directly under the tabletop, so to expand such a table, just pull it along the guide lines. It can double its area, while being light enough and its disassembly does not present any difficulties.

Of course, it is worth considering the disadvantages of such models:

  • In comparison with the classic versions of folding tables, have less strength. Despite the use of various manufacturing techniques, glass is still a very fragile material;
  • For greater smoothness, the guide profiles are made of a special soft alloy. As a result, they are not as strong as knocked down frames of a regular table;
  • The glass can withstand badly both blows and simple exercise, so you need to be as careful as possible with it;
  • Table top needs an additional central base. The glass table loses noticeably in compactness to other options;

Of course, the glass tables "butterflies" very well fit into the overall interior. In the folded version, they are a convenient coffee table, and if necessary, turn into a full-fledged dining table. Another disadvantage is to calculate the price. If you want to buy a truly reliable and high-quality glass tabletop, then get ready for serious financial costs.

Choosing a folding table should pay attention, first of all, to practicality and ergonomics, and not to design.Moreover, many models allow you to combine these qualities well and in front of you there will be a huge range.

How many people live in an apartment? How often do guests come to you? How much space do you need to free up in the kitchen for comfortable work on it? Perhaps you need extra storage space for dishes? All these nuances should be considered before making the final choice.

Also, do not forget that this element of the interior can be used not only for eating food, but also for its preparation. Be sure to pay attention to the quality of the material from which the working surface.

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