Glass sliding kitchen table

More recently, a new element of modern kitchen has appeared - a glass sliding kitchen table, which does not clutter up space and is compatible with most of the interior design styles. The oval kitchen tabletop is no longer a difficult to use design element. With the advent of new technological methods of production, glass in tabletops has become safe and convenient.

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Special features

Man spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Nowadays, the kitchen is a place where:

  • food is prepared and taken;
  • You can talk to a guest or family member;
  • pass gatherings and solitude;
  • You can work at night.

The choice of kitchen design depends on how comfortable it will be for households to use it.

An important element of the kitchen is the dining table. There are many options, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. They are made of different materials, but we consider with a glass, sliding table top.

The table can be both lunch, and combined, built in a working zone. In the pros, you can write their rich colors - there are both color and monochromatic, and with photo printing. They are very reliable in operation.

It may seem to many that such tables are dangerous, but this is not entirely true, technologies allow to produce tempered glass tops that are not inferior to wood or metal in their qualities, but try not to drop dishes or kitchen utensils on them.

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Base material

Basics for kitchen furniture are made of glass from various materials: stone, glass, metal, plastic, wood, chipboard, MDF. In the store, each table will look great, but when you bring it home, you may be disappointed and regret buying it. It is important to understand that the purchased piece of furniture should take place in your existing interior, which means that it should be its continuation. Since glass itself is a natural material, it is first necessary to choose the basis of the table. For a kitchen where wood prevails, it must contain wood elements. If cold tones are used in the design, it is made of stone, and the high-tech style will positively take a metal underframe.

Ambiguous choice - working or dining?

Often the space in the kitchen is limited and there is no place to install a dining table, in such cases designers make glass countertops as a continuation of massive work tables, they can be both foldable and fixedly fixed. Such a variant of the dining area makes sense when no more than two people eat at the same time, and the table top itself is turned towards the window or, for example, towards the TV.

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Modest size for a large company

Since the main material for the base is most often metal, its mechanism is very well thought out and reliable, and the tables themselves in the unfolded state almost doubled, which allows a large company to be placed. Structurally, they have a number of advantages over products from solid wood or chipboard, which affects the quality of their operation. There are also works of art with a complex system of transformation, and even with an electric drive to change the dimensions. They are usually copyrighted, exist in limited numbers and are expensive. By unnecessarily expensive products can be attributed, and transparent table tops, on the back of which the ornament is applied sandblasting machine - such products are very difficult to maintain.

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Various color execution

Table tops made of glass are popular due to the fact that they can be used in the interiors of any complexity, they are made in a variety of colors. So, the table is:

  • transparent;
  • milky white;
  • saturated black;
  • with photo printing;
  • with an image;
  • monophonic color.

The choice of color depends on your taste, but there are points to consider:

  1. Your table should not be a bright spot, except when the meal is combined with the kitchen, and the designer focuses on the table.
  2. in the evening, with artificial light, matte surfaces look worse than glossy ones.
  3. the contrast in the environment of monophonic things looks pretentious, with time begins to annoy.
  4. You should not get involved in dark and cold colors: dark blue, purple, lilac, gray - psychologists say that these colors cause depression and negatively affect appetite.
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The main feature is functionality.

Tables with a glass surface are very functional. They are not afraid of hot and cold, do not scratch, they are easy to care for - any detergent will do without the risk of spoiling the surface of the tabletop. They are not afraid of mold or mildew.They do not live parasites, because they do not have hiding places. And due to the fact that polished glass is the main element of the kitchen, it goes well with dishes, hobs and cooker hoods, so there are so many fans.

Black and white kitchen

The contrast of colors is always well perceived by the human eye. For example, white kitchen sets look good with black elements and worktops, and vice versa.

Recently appeared color solution - color graphite. The surfaces of this color always look stylish and do not scream about wealth or luxury, or about stinginess. Black opaque surfaces, imitating volcanic glass and folk rustic design, will liven up. The rich black table top, with a gloss effect, looks good in combination with the high-tech style, in which there are similar elements in the surfaces of household appliances.

To make such a kitchen not look dark, it is necessary to organize artificial lighting in it.

Transparency and layering

Dining tables made of glass with a transparent tabletop - a recent invention, is gaining popularity. Some may not like the fact that you can see the legs,for such owners, products are produced with a shelf under the tabletop, on which, for serving, you can put, for example, fruits, but if this option is not suitable, then you can always choose options from both opaque and translucent or tinted glass.

A riot of colors for a good mood

Recently, saturated colors have appeared in the colors of kitchens: red, yellow, orange, purple, blue, green. Psychologists identify groups of flowers that can diversify the kitchen, they stimulate the appetite and elevate mood. Colored tables for such kitchens - a way to fit the item in the interior, the proposed designer. Primary colors are always on sale. Caution should be taken to objects of tinted white glass or milky-white surfaces, they, as on the transparent, clearly visible dust on the surface.

The unity of the design of the entire space

The interior will look great tables with glass, on which the photo printing applied the same image as on the apron of the kitchen. Someone will be pleased to see the spring forest, and someone will choose a pattern with orchids.Sometimes the "highlight" of the kitchen decor in the unpainted and unpainted walls, they are suitable as images in high-tech style, and transparent or milk-white color options. If the interior contains support elements made of wood, then it is advisable to choose from proposals with a wooden base. Transparent countertops and rustic style look interesting, again you should correctly choose their basis - it should be in harmony with the rest of the interior.

Complex forms

We all want the kitchen to have as much free space as possible; a glass sliding kitchen table is a way to get what you want. If you expand it, from a small table for two you get a complete dining table for the family.

Until now, it was controversial to use round and oval shapes, so a round object, as a rule, is placed on the center of the room, and serves as both a lunch and a workplace. However, the round and oval kitchen countertop is gaining popularity. If you add up its rounded parts, then it becomes either a truncated ellipse, or a rectangle, and you can safely put it against the wall. Round and oval tables have another pole,which is not immediately noticeable - since they have no sharp corners, the probability of injury to a restless child is greatly reduced.

Sizes matter

In the shops you can find a variety of shapes, device and size tables. There are large and miniature butterfly tables, medium, having a size of 80 cm. The choice of the middle variant is obvious for normal kitchens and families in which at least three people. People who are not cramped in spaces can choose for their dining rooms any inconsistent dining groups, which include designer chairs. For small kitchens, respectively, you need to choose among miniature tables, the mechanism of which is designed for a serious increase in surface area during transformation.

The rules for choosing the size are very simple: each person sitting needs about sixty centimeters of space, plus free space for placing dishes and serving. So, a table with standard dimensions of 150x90 cm is quite suitable for a family of 6 people. The length depends on the linear dimensions of the kitchen; for very small kitchens, you should choose from the options with the minimum dimensions and folding frame.

Customer Reviews

Elements of glass in general and kitchen folding tables in particular have a lot of advantages over the more common and familiar materials. Let's take the advantages of glass products:

  • small size when folded;
  • they are easy to clean, and any detergents will do;
  • easy to care for them;
  • repair, most often, is reduced to the lubrication of moving parts;
  • there is no possibility of a fungus or mold;
  • compatible with any chairs and other furniture in the kitchen;
  • have a different shape and design, fit well into the interior;
  • varied in color and style;
  • relatively cheap;
  • large selection for every taste;
  • the possibility of manufacturing to order with the necessary pattern;
  • not afraid of temperature changes;
  • they are durable.

There are drawbacks to glass tables. These include the drawbacks of the tabletop itself. The biggest of them is that fingerprints and wet rags are visible. It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the surface and often polish it. It is performed, albeit from shockproof, but still glass, you need to protect it from impacts. It is also not necessary to fix meat grinders and other kitchen tools.

When operating, it is important to remember about such simple things: your table is not cutting and not a workbench - you shouldn’t beat meat on it, crush nuts, sharpen knives, cut, drill, plane and so on.

When choosing, consider the following:

  • no need to save on the purchase. Glass top is a high-tech product. Failure to comply with the production technology greatly affects its performance. It should not crumble, be fragile, scratch.
  • choose an oval or round version with a wooden frame if you have children under five in your house.
  • meticulously inspect its base and fittings. Try to fold and fold it yourself. It so happens that the ideal-looking option is absolutely not adapted to the performance of its functions. If there are flaws, you will immediately feel them. If the base is made of wood, especially carefully check the joints of its parts. When the base of the metal - critically inspect its frame, it should be qualitatively painted and be stable. Lean on it, it should not be deformed by the application of force, not creak during transformation.
  • Check the quality of the connection of the glass with the base of the table.Most practical, if it is an adhesive compound similar to rubber. Such a connection is not afraid of moisture, heat drops, resistant to mechanical loads. You should be wary of buying a product with a bolted-on countertop. In the gap under the bolts will collect dirt, and she herself will not be qualitatively fixed on the surface of the base.
  • check the quality of the grinding edges, the edges of the tabletop should not be scratched. There is a simple way to check: toilet paper should not be torn when you crumple it up and run it over the end of the table.
  • the base must have non-slip pads on the legs, otherwise the furniture will travel on the floor.
  • consider the size of the kitchen when buying, especially if you have a small kitchen. You should avoid buying an oval or round piece of furniture - such options will organically fit into the middle or large kitchen.
  • if your option is a butterfly table, then it should have clamps for sheer hanging parts. This remark applies to products that have hanging parts in general.

A sliding table with a glass surface for the kitchen is a winning option in every sense.These tables are becoming popular among buyers and take their place in the kitchens of apartments and country houses. Among the offers of shops you can always find the option that suits you directly.

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