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The glass table for the kitchen is an original and stylish solution. This table top looks elegant, but requires appropriate furnishings in the room. The dining table must comply with safety requirements, create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. A glass model is becoming increasingly popular and is gradually replacing structures from wood. If the kitchen or dining room is made in the style of minimalism, the glass will only emphasize the elegant and clear lines, the volume of space.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Dining table made of glass for the kitchen - a modern version of the arrangement of the dining area. Glass is an exquisite material that requires special care. It is comfortable, moisture-resistant, durable, stable, roomy, it is easy to remove greasy stains and dust from its surface. Glass surfaces have their pros and cons. The advantages of the tables include:

  • Ease of care for the surface.It is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Stability and strength of the material, due to the large weight.
  • Tables made of this material are visually less bulky than wood tops. In a small kitchen, they look harmonious and weightless.
  • The skeleton of the structure can be made of any material (aluminum, wood, glass, rattan).
  • Countertop manufacturers make of impact-resistant, fire-resistant glass, which is difficult to break. If the surface is damaged, it will fall apart into fragments with rounded edges.
  • Glass is an environmentally friendly material.
  • The tabletop does not lose shine with time.
  • The material withstands high temperatures and significant drops.
  • The surface of the tabletop is scratch resistant.
  • Maintains heavy objects, dishes, cutlery.
  • The glass surface does not require additional decoration. Practical materials look stylish and aesthetic.
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Despite the large number of advantages, the glass table top has drawbacks.

  • On the surface are fingerprints, fatty foods.
  • Behind her requires constant care. Due to the fact that it is very clearly visible settled dust, wipe the table several times a day.
  • Dishes placed with a loud sound. If you cover the surface with a tablecloth, the problem is quickly solved.
  • Over time, scratches appear on the glass as you move massive dishes. If you want to extend the presentable appearance, give preference to popular brands. Italian, Chinese, Polish glass countertops are among the highest quality. Famous factories (Poland, Italy, Russia, China) produce reliable glass tables, bar counters and other furniture.


The glass construction does not clutter the space due to its transparency. In terms of functionality, it is also not inferior to the classic version. For its production is used red-hot triplex. This material is durable, able to withstand strong blows, and if damaged, it will not hurt. Glass tops can be either completely transparent or opaque. Original coating is often applied to them: drawing or photo printing; Some manufacturers paint the surface in any color.

A round glass model on the central leg is an excellent option for a small room. Dimensions must comply with the parameters of the room. Even in a very large kitchen or dining room to place a large table is not recommended.Glass construction should be safe. This is the main requirement when choosing furniture from such material.

Prefer models with rounded corners. They take up less space and are safer and more practical. A quality glass table should have polished edges that are additionally framed with plastic or wood. The legs must be stable with seals.

Nuances when choosing

The glass table looks great in any interior, but the choice should be made consciously. If the apartment is small and the kitchen table is used not only for taking, but also for cooking, a glass model is not the best solution. In this case, a small table with a tabletop made of wood, stone or high-quality plastic will do. Glass is fastidious stuff. It looks beautiful and elegant, but only if absolutely clean.

It is not recommended to buy a glass model if there are small children in the house or the room is on the sunny side. In these two cases, the tabletop will often have to be washed or covered with a tablecloth. When choosing, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Quality.On the tabletop should not be scratches, chips, and inside the material - air bubbles.
  • Price. A quality product can not be cheap. Service life depends on cost.
  • Manufacturer. Focus on well-known brands.
  • Certificate. The model must have a certificate of conformity.

When choosing, consider the color, size, build quality, design. Imagine how the table fits into the interior of the kitchen, whether it will look appropriate. Remember that a glass tabletop is an expensive pleasure if you want to purchase a quality construction. In addition, glass is a cold material. Consider this when choosing a particular model.

Types of countertops

Modern glass tabletops are notable for their high durability, original appearance, and a large selection of models. Tempered glass on one leg is elegant and neat. They perfectly maintains a modest interior, and become the center of the kitchen. A table top made of tempered frosted glass is a great option if you don't want the table to be completely transparent. A narrow glass table will harmoniously fit into a small kitchen, it can also be used as a bar counter.

A tabletop that combines two materials - glass and MDF, eco-friendly and safe. Such kitchen tables are not scratched, not erased, heat-resistant, durable, resistant to high humidity, harmless, are relatively inexpensive. Recycled glass worktops are becoming popular. This material is new, distinguished by durability and strength. Get it in the process of recycling bottles, showcase glass.

Recycled glass is environmentally friendly. It produces interesting designer worktops of two styles. In the first case, the glass is connected to acrylic, as a result we get a surface that looks like the surface of a lake. The advantages of such surfaces - they do not scratch, do not crumble, are easy to wash, do not burn, the color does not fade over time. Disadvantages - the glass can crack at the corners, if you put something heavy on top, a high price.

Colored glass countertops look original. On the surface of the glass, many manufacturers mimic abstract patterns, the starry sky, a space galaxy, the watery surface. Color is given to glass using special technology.Black, red, purple, blue glass tops are very popular. Plexiglas with a matte finish, glass with wood (wooden legs, bottom shelf or design of edges around the perimeter) looks interesting.

The tempered glass worktop transforms the kitchen space thanks to its exquisite appearance and lightness. Such a surface beautifully refracts the rays of sunlight. Worktops are made of frosted, transparent, colored, tinted glass, and also faceted with facet, with a pattern, with a pattern. Used for surface decoration unique photo printing technique.

For kitchen countertops thick glass from 10 to 19 mm is used. If the surface is wooden, it can be protected with glass, with a thickness of 5 to 8 mm. Tables, with a surface of 1100x70 mm - large and designed for spacious kitchens, dining rooms or living rooms. Size 100x60x75 - will not fit in a small kitchen. For such rooms, the ideal option is a transformer table, a kitchen corner or a folding small table.

The size of a harmonious table in a small kitchen is 80 by 60. These parameters allow you to place a design of any shape.Beautiful square, oval, rectangular glass tables and kitchen groups from a well-known manufacturer IKEA are in great demand for their beautiful design and affordable price.

The most popular won curly and bar countertops, which are processed by facet, grinding and polishing. Glass is a modern material that has useful and unique properties. It is used not only to create worktops, but also kitchen aprons. For the manufacture of countertops is also used non-tempered glass. It is less durable than tempered.

Tabletops can be made of whole glass, combined with other materials, have a metal edging, a wooden frame made of chipboard or MDF. The frame can be covered with thin glass. The glass worktop is often treated with a decorative coating, a special coating that provides the glass with color, making it gray, dark or translucent. Transparency of glass depends on sputtering.

Designer Tips for Choosing

Designers advise when choosing a glass table to pay attention to the decor, strength, ease of maintenance, durability.The table from glass will ideally fit into an interior of modern kitchen. It should be placed in such a way that the whole family is accommodated behind it, as well as a place for free movement. The ideal construction should have a width of 80 cm, the length is chosen for the characteristics of the room. A table with a width of more than 100 cm is not recommended by designers to choose, since it is difficult to communicate behind it.

Choose an average width between 80 and 100 cm. The size of the table depends on its shape. A rectangular glass table (150x90 cm) is suitable for a family of four to six people. Model 200x110 cm is suitable for a large family. At a round table with a diameter of 110 cm, 4 people can easily fit. The larger the diameter of the table, the more free space behind it. Modern tables for dining and kitchen can be purchased rectangular, square, oval, round shape.

Designers recommend choosing models that combine two or more materials. Glass and natural wood - a noble and expensive combination. Rare wood of wenge harmoniously combined with a glass tabletop. A table with wooden legs and a glass surface is a weightless design that fits perfectly into the minimalist interior.

If the base of the table is wooden, its color should match the furniture in the kitchen.The most popular is beige, gray, black, white. The trendy solution is wooden legs with eco-leather. If the table is large, the surface should be covered. Original lace rugs on the table, a transparent tablecloth will look unusual and weightless on the glass.

We decorate stylish glass table-tops with delicate fabrics, decorate with beautiful vases with fresh flowers. On the surface of the table, designers are advised to lay handmade tablecloths. They should be of exclusive design and emphasize the configuration of the table. Another fashion trend is acrylic kitchen. Beautiful acrylic sets, tabletops, panels look modern, stylish, easy to care for them. We assemble the interior of a stylish kitchen on our own, if the budget is limited and you want to bring a touch of individuality to the kitchen.

Try to choose your own headsets, furniture, appliances, accessories without the help of a designer. Budget kitchen option is an excellent solution if you need to save on the furnishing of the room. Go to the choice of the glass table creatively. Keep in mind that it becomes the center of the room, so its design must be literate and original.

Designers advise to pay attention to the transparent model with a double top. Another interesting option is the tabletop, which has a built-in transparent wardrobe. Place a vase with flowers, fruit or figurines there. For a creative and trendy kitchen, a tabletop with LED lighting, which can be made independently, is suitable.

Caring for the coating

Glass coating requires special care. Care means regular cleaning of the surface with the help of special tools or solutions. If you want to save time on the cleaning procedure, simply cover the tabletop with a beautiful tablecloth. But in this case, the beauty of the design is hidden. First, it is necessary to shake off the dust and crumbs from the surface, then wipe it with a damp glass cloth. Apply a special tool on the countertop and wipe with a soft cloth or a dry cloth.

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You should not lay a tablecloth during meals, it is better to use a separate napkin for each device. Carefully ensure that the surface is not scraped with forks, knives. Quality worktops are protected from mechanical damage,but will extend the presentable appearance of the surface elementary accuracy. If small cracks appear on the tabletop, they should be fixed by yourself. Experts advise the use of automotive tools for glass. They restore the surface and protect it.

Glass kitchen table can not be used for other purposes. It is not recommended to iron clothes, cook food, cut vegetables, beat meat on such tabletops. Reviews of those who chose a glass table for the kitchen can help in terms of coating care. Use a special soft glass cloth for cleaning. If you are afraid to use cleaning products and detergents, prepare your own homemade solution: water - 500 ml, 1 tablespoon of 5% vinegar, pour everything in a spray bottle and use it for its intended purpose.

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