Kitchen table in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen table is considered to be a central element in the interior of the kitchen. It is usually installed in the kitchen or in a separate room - the dining room. It is important to organically fit the furniture into the style of the room and combine its convenience with beauty. There is an incredible array of kitchen table designs. They all differ from each other in shape, size, color and material of manufacture.

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Types of construction

Folding table is preferable to set if you have a small kitchen. Its main advantage is compactness and mobility. If necessary, it can always be expanded, thereby creating additional seats for guests.


The size of the dining table for the kitchen must be chosen taking into account how many people will be at the same time. In this case, we should not forget about the size of the kitchen itself. For example, a large heavy table may not fit into a room modest in size.

The width of a convenient rectangular table should be 75 cm wide, and round should have a diameter of at least 90 cm. The optimal size of the table for a small kitchen is 60-80 cm, and for a large one - 120 cm or more.

The form


If the area of ​​your kitchen is large, then you should choose a round table. Round tables are usually located in the center of the room, which allows more people to fit behind it than its square counterpart.

Table support can be of two types - one main or several legs arranged in a convenient manner. The round table has no corners, which makes it safe for children.

Rectangular (square)

Rectangular table is the most traditional option. These tables are convenient to install near the wall, thereby taking up little space. These tables have sliding structures that allow them to be used in small kitchens.

If you prefer to make a table with your own hands, then the rectangular version is the most simple to perform.

Other forms

Of course, triangular or polygonal tables are very interesting and look original. However, if you have to have a lot of people behind him, then certain problems may arise.Therefore, you need to think carefully about everything, because the convenience and practicality of the table should be in the first place.

Selection of materials

Wood is the most common material for the production of tables. The wooden table can be made of oak, maple, pine, etc. The tree will not only give the interior a special comfort and a stylish look, but also will last for many years.

The wooden table will perfectly fit into the classical style, country, or Provence. For the style of Hi-Tech fit a strict rectangular table. Tables made of wood, as a rule, are quite expensive and have a lot of weight.

A less expensive option may be a table made of veneer, which is based on composite materials and wood. This table looks like a real wood, as it is externally pasted over with layers of wood.

Despite the overall reliability of the wooden structure, it requires special care. The tree does not tolerate temperature fluctuations, strong humidity, and there is also the risk of fire.

With metal tables is also not so simple. The most popular option is a stainless steel table. This material is water resistant and fire resistant.These tables are quite common among restaurants and cafes.

A good choice would be tin, which with special processing resembles silver. Tables made of tin are considered particularly beautiful and have a stylish appearance. Copper table perfectly fit into the style of a country house. This material can be black, or cast in different color shades, which gives this table a unique look.

The disadvantage of metal is the fact that in the course of operation it may cause scratches and dents. However, this material does not require special care.

Glass worktop is suitable for most modern kitchen styles. The transparent table looks fresh and modern. Glass is made in a special way, as a result of which the finished material is not afraid of damage. Afraid for the fragility of the structure will not have to. Glass construction will look best in the interior of a bright kitchen.

The stone differs in special reliability and durability. However, stone tables are heavy and not suitable for every home. The disadvantages should also include sensitivity to temperature and to the effects of acids.Black stone table will fit better in the Romanesque or Mediterranean style.

Plastic is gaining its popularity every day. The clear advantage of the plastic table is the low cost, ease, ease of maintenance and the ability to choose almost any color. The service life of plastic is quite long, because modern technologies allow it to be made resistant to heat and water effects. Also for plastic is not scary ultraviolet radiation.

Location and function

Dining table used in the process of eating. This furniture has a great variety of different designs and color combinations. When buying, you should pay special attention to these aspects, because the interior of the whole kitchen room will depend on it. Most often located in the center of the dining room or kitchen.

Cutting table. The purpose of this furniture is to prepare food on it. Therefore, it is important to choose a quality and reliable option. For modern design styles, bright tables with practical shelves may be suitable.And in a more classical style, whole tables made of wood or stone, the doors of which have a sliding design, will perfectly flow. Usually these tables are installed along the walls.

Wall - a transforming table, having small dimensions and located near the wall (or installed instead of a window sill). In the interior, this furniture plays the role of a kind of universal surface, behind which, for example, you can get comfortable and read a newspaper. Wall tables are best suited to modern areas of design: Hi-tech, postmodernism, techno and pop art.

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